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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   pp. 24-25

Page 24

September 21, 1907,
T    uti , 1 t N i whil i tbi  t-nlit  s
Lives anl observantl Twlisn n great L
tI<potIIity to study iminiind ill ta-t
ul stag S i i til r  and t I)ritnt  ntnit,
Ite follotwIlig ntgs front ti spliial
I  tspiondIt of TiIlE SH-of WORIc 1
i       rntit on iii &liniit ilum G iOtest Shtw-
(Curlth w\ill prove.
, pIraphr as   tit old saw, some are
t It"'lu -lk-I, i at   ite  haVr  "lICk'
"t upon tleim. When Georgeo Conk-
Il    IsXaikii r"  is  not  shii ding  its
Ill-int t A, S  i-iN  th-  1 i)itt t ot  that
lii  ti's  shirt,  tI reitbi   ilul ring  al-
i1                      Soi S sart  i  th iSt ik's  1tilu-
11iv       inl t s  i t   l  iwlitn ri e, it  re-
I  in tit i  t  . s  calINi-tou   rIe`icisitt of
-  s tiouser Itket. lsteniXg from
t  litt cthe r tnig lit  it  R d  n   lit..
I tti  lliefore  tn  tilill  left  town , in  or-
I  1t) restore  peiat  betw  l  tw ; irefue-
zbr  i, a hasty  mo   of Georges
i blilght  ti  di nild  floim-  its  rest-
-ltiiIn vliin ltil he dig ind delve
u the track.aind sn tie Fair. Elusive
ii, - x whitI is supposd to hitnkr
I   si  ssion  of  datilands.   this  rival
il ttlt  o -i-nor"  rI fused  to  give  the
1 i -< glIi t  t N , l>tttil t  ( 1 riiii   loat,
i ti o  trli   ltt lit  ilfi  st l ait nile. and
I] ] wa-1\vy  hcart.  Geo-rge  clml d  ack
ilt  CIr  to  futl into  unaiIs  S olumber 
I  while itiiiod,  of  "rockl si  iroutted
1 toin-A ai uil t himl, Ji king  lls  inef-
 11  t e  floli N(d ~ ;Isk1  n it v e
unI tti  lust o nlit -  itt  t  fitit  -iiia
i  iitj Iis t tiI  oftl iistt ttui ii po uaint
eXiilit'.twalt et  s   told of Illn
orl  n hs r tlurn to the show. One
t  , i  soughl t  his  couch  in  glooit
 t. TIn I    uito a dIteim, and dIe
S l   awi   thle  truan t  still)   (of priet
t~in ill n  a  rake  in  tw  -It nr.  A
itittftI I oi hIt  X Il h i titil   tintt1.  J lu ist  Cx ii
it-it ith~ti~.nittn it 111d   (Im~a   I ~ nt
115  Il  li 1hadI 0a )      il'   t-C
 i - IonII. IntI  imi t ore   is  thie mltiCnagelil
I   tal  il t-  ili li t  light '
Bucked Against State Fair.
W h  i ot te11ll  itl- titil'? W   didn   titnll
Ilwin mt ny t\ l t it  Lincl 1 1 aturdt v Il ighit.
StI. T.  It wis  tht Inst da l of the  stit S
f;air,  ml  at  gr. at  rnlin  ha~d  spreadI'  like
it pull (o\,r  tw  liamle  of  Clinad  WorlIz  and
W illiam  Jenlnings  1rn .
letlirod, late on  another, This   so
ppliis  to  lo n
lilt   i lttt s  dois 1not  g ve  l 1i
Fili  ltI" to  his  herd  fit t  itilty  ull
llit fii  i ll  dlilittll  -  tl   ttt  piik
pilI m pititiI  XXv IS ti i till111iitilat Iis
mv\\  unalpctite.
i s IidI t  1  tt nt Lo i)- h   h
lioilt  on iath left you tleday ight
it  wias  not  til  dust  of il er ftil t ti t  'Is
sh o 1  l  y 1j  lt  rat11 r  :kwhle  ]los
were disapipointed c ircus lovers turned
aLway  frOmu thle big sho0W front1 the east.
F La -lmnt's Carm,11en Troupe have
-igned foor nlext seasonl withl the( Walla(
IShow\v  Thle "fanird oIf Portu" hla, also,
wt. idlieve. engaged tilt Ke nnord Bros. '
mltoloe Hernard is worrying about thle
lfive  Cub  but Sto-ks savs that as
1miul  us  elevenl  trll(  ilnd  loya\'il  men  re-
nlotin  who1,  will emlucb t  that  mlost  excel-
ear s" and it seemls at pity that the order 1
shold hei niabond.
Potoqr lonlin  hals so  filr reco)vered  that
1m,  leaves 11we hospital at1 Blonollmn tonl, Ill.,
ISept. 15 . for  Conecv  Islam1, th , rosidence
of h]is palrenits. WYe hope thle Atinuti-
brooseZ(s  w\ill  ro-store  voteo  to  Is  no-rlmal
gir-th  an d  invlin1  temlporameilnt,
"JDow"Froolman   is aIgainl with  thl-
Gra tonl Earth.  ald  tile  110arts  (of  flw
htossoes  rle  _,laf. for  fi 1 h s extmld d  to
tho'ml  the  Invitation  to  come  hw;Ik  next
Nimrod After Big Game.
T e e is  nIlc H olisi  i   (I t gul
nodS( fouNd  tim , Ne, l  t le  o - illi toapto
sPlukne(. h[iml  t  o  the tws bm l  o bill-lo  w o   el
Totr  in  tn; co nty  u;te i s go  I i t
ciplinatriian withouIt bl~ing  a mirtinlet. The
Twst pro was th" Ilillulsomle diamoncid-
simlle(d Elk pill presenited to hIinTI : short
wieago hy h11, Unys onl the cor.
Mlrs  Charles H. 1110tChinon1 anld daulgh-
tcer returni ealst frn m ()lommu last Smala(by.
Ch1arles AnIdr(SS' annrual mie1o    s
linn inlg  comlpletinl
C. R1. IHutchinson's skating  rink  a t
Bridgeport w\ill agaiin he mulder tim, geniil
mII]ni;] Onwnlt  of  Chmrles  Hernarld.
I )o t I ,o  I  t  1 t,( Ills  fiI th  I I \  I ut Is
liii         " "  oot  i   "iinun  li i i
w ipi nt  iwi  loni  lwtor at cellwil  '
I I  I  I tijilt  X i i  11 111 t  I  ir I' t "'lII I 1
fourte t h it  re t  Ii li l, iuly X   I  i  1
S pt'Imbhcr  10-- Nor fulk,  IN  I).  F or  t It
ifi t tii, the  Noi  thwester n  lnd d  us  1!
tit t. Bu t theyi waitd out il frolit Iul
;IXI(I  tXI .to   ii. tlast -l',p urd d ily   in t  neIal
toil lii ints  and hwa  ithX-e ln in
intiit- thi  a l ift-i  i-and< stands
GreatCSt IIoll into Orand ISlnd tlo nest.
(lit\  ibout  four  houirs  late.  and  againl
tuinl n- t  nt- wa  in tle aft: r en ap.
Funlcy a t Iwo-pole menaligoerie top w ith
tit, (;reatest  onl  EaIrth:,  Aid  yet  that's
hat nwe hll  il Naitska T'itt. the mall-
-st lot of the seisoin  I iats' elphants
:n11th   ciamets rinid led sto Iwere in t
I r ve  fomillng I ki  of ninex.-Ite
juni IgIte-l ikeo-mult ( Shafer 's  mundy stands
wN ,   tia l iult orti
Sitkne s., and ne(cident have been hap-
pily r; rer this sentso. That it may so
contilnuei to tlt, end is the levout plraper
Of all itIi  ieay -dkXriS and-FRANC-TI-
-New M1achine for Circuse,,.
m  fltiu  n al r  bil'n  in  1 r   tote   il( labor
of  man  ar  thle  ma (sof  thlt  nineteenth
(  nltury .  In  this  advan ;I enlient  thl  C irc FU3
hae, been fin no wvay backiward, and posusss
r    In Order to Reach Us Without Injurious or Vexa-
tious Delays, be Sure Your Letter Reads Like This:
Tents and Awnings
59 and 61 West Washington Street, CHICAGO
Poles and Stakes, SEATS, Flags. Etc.
V~~tti  I  ii-i  - \ I i
11- kgit, X tililn  Aoil . i  l  ki
Nl(eI~er,  W illiam  Blalke, D  Rog ''rs.  11.
Iiill ,  . Ray, W illiaml  Ch t  II  '1i-
tol, J. 1. Springer  atind William  Blown,
Advant  Car Nit 2: Aatager, W. Xl
Die, with a crew of 14 ien.l
Owtners-The Amlerien Amusement Co.
General 1atiuger-1. I I. Taimen.
Active Alingi- Frank Tamoinen' .
tilial Agnt and Railroad Contractor
W. iR. 1tsgat.
<j , ip,,n~v (.T Edga n  CT(lifford.
],,t.tul Agent-  11 .. Alassit.
el inl Agents-,(I lltk s Mrt cE-trt y and
Nels Lauste.n. Cliecke~r-up-Ottoi Essinger.
&i A
rn ", ntafathe greatst 1al 'as-
ii s it  " tit e  drit ert   ,  with  the  lman
, :takeiiii   Xiit it   tiiii
lit   ti-us,  a  pi ture  of  ohiih a  earl s
bo  jwit  aloti  - opniitts  the  i iit  in
It s itin.  Til diicults  that  circus  pro-
]oietors  tormn ert  tntnlitered, i  benl  their
wN ormlloen  tooki  iea ve  of theim  for  te  lmor
ptcfitable  haret i il s inst tin  a  grat  mieas-
ure (  ovk-rcom ...I, 1y  this  nwehanical  dev ice,
wi titi  ac piii shes  tilt  Xlii iI X   otit t
a  1  - a e  t  I(r  nao- t  ftw  hlau  a
inig  (1, %iws  of  11-  oe tury .
Next week's issue of THE SHOW
WORLD, dated Sept. 28. will con-
tain a double page of pictures cov'
ering  the  Carl Hagenbeck    and
Great Wallace Combined Shows.
The photographs for this presenta-
tion were made especially for this
publication and have been admir-
ably arranged by our staff artist.
Mr. Z. A. Hendrick. The demand
for this coming issue will be enor-
mous. Place yo-ur orders early to
avoid disappointment.
Roster for Big Shows.
ilTi  -  dtii < tXIttt  i t ti t  t1 titlil i  lullI ic
It li,  .X---ttiii-  stti tut nlid 1d,, Lte  emt-
playe.s  lof'  Rtobilson's  circuls.  thle  Sells-
PIoth  tioru    tts l Pawnee Bill's  Xih I
Robinson Circus.
Propritor--Joiil litF-i Roillsoli
Itneral AIanagr-ohn fl. S Robinosot
Assist-ntt IAilg tr-Edwat Cill ttn-
New Y    k mul FXrlign RtprI e tativ
l Rtinlson,
Strdicil Agent-' li tr Sott.
Rtailroad Conltractor--Geo, rgc TW. Ak
Press Representtik--Do. A1Yaddell.
Locli Agent-YAl;It,.r AlurphyN.
Assistant Locall _Ngent-JaIeIs lami.
Specinl Agent--Al. C. Service.
Advaiie Car No. 1: L. 11. Ifockina:
Stoeward, Hiarvey kell; Poss Hillpost Ier F.11
Smilt   11(t" NP, 1 lain   r  111it  l
postIers. C  C.  n  lit Stiter. John
maV'nivnunnh'it .1. C. TtiSle,. W. W. Ward.
its  ilt t Ioos te t  its   tils I  11111    ( it it
gripliers and Bannermien, lack 11arris
and  XX m. Aoorelwna    iroglai Altin
Fred Wild; iorter, I IIC. lernheim.
AInttie cCar No. 2:  Xianatigir. Fred
l  -toA; ni lpo Bt rs l ter  A.  A d-
muids, C.  urg. J. Aorto . F . Johlis.  '.
Iiurt, J. IL White. F. G., AcNulty. Will
Green.  Frei d  (,oIlbyl v,  J.   Merritt ;  Litho-
grpesand Bonnkernwn. ( C  .amles ,and
till ~       r~ 1l n. ii  'ii  Aloict
Iin u  lil-i  Cilde; Poterou  AlxMiiu
Pawnee Bill.
Propritors--Alijor Utnroni 1\. Lillie.
awile Bill Co.
Active  Aliagers lajor Gordon AW.
Lillie and ilEIward Arlington.
tillerl A'ent-ldwariti Arlington.
Pross Topisnitativc-W. C. Thtompson.
)ikII Radford and Pul liarrell.
Local~ ent-- .I.Ellis.
Spe ial Agents Jow  Riiosenithal and
Peto'r Ba;0r.%
Clitker-t1p-Al Clikson.
ExuIrlstiot At'i t- itt gh L . in 1-l,""si
Thisis the onl and on taldlir -
of the old established lent a
Awning Housesolongandfaor
ably known for the quality mni
distinction of its product anl
reliabilityof itsservice.
The members of the firmi
were and are still responsibl,
that quality. distinction and r
bility, are all here intent oit
ing you better than -er belort
We have in steock largc SuIttiilc oi
Newand Second HaniTirts Seats et
Write for list of same.
. \I i  111n1(i'i I- X N .   It 1.  i   W.
I   ;i   l ousterso  \ nt. II'e tult.  W al -
lt,  ('f)wbrane-, Jas. Judge, N. T. Spicer,
Chits. E. Gannon, Evan Garrison Geo,
Compte, J. Billings. Go. Nelson, W. P.
Cahill, E. Aalloy; Lithographers and Ban-
nermein. Jas. C. A11cCoimlick and Jos. Mc
larty; Program   Alan, A. C. Spencer;
Cook. Fred Burdick.
Advance Car No. 2:     Mlanager Alton
Osborn; Billposter, B. 1V. Fostei, II. J.
Sinken, Pete Dunin, Ftred Kettl, r. I. L.
King, B. Hiannan, .Timny Lyons, 01inas.
Wilson, Dot Ingram   S. lettltberg. Nci
milly  Lithographe ri Leo. Salumon:
l'itu Al-nt 111om Bigngs.
Xtat ot  Car NO. 3:     Maniiager, Joe
Hosenthal; Boss Biliposter, Jas. .1. Stli-
vin Lithogiphers and Bannernwti-, Jas.
\W. i), J. AV. Whalen
Harry Earl of Hagenbeck- Wallace Show
Tells of His Trip.
GItold-l prosperity ill its best, brighest
and most substantial form extends from
one end of the country to the other, ac-
cording toi Harry Earl, general press rep-
restitiveC of the   iagenbeck-Wallacte
Circus and one of the   est kinown nitws-
1p111r mnen iii thnc Tnited States.
Possibly there is no line of uiiintss
that offers greater opportunity fr iudy-
it  coimmercial conditions than that of a
300 to 500' Profit
Oxvdized Skull and
('ross Hone Rings. Nor
Brilliant faceted.
stone set eve-. They it
winners. 1Doz.75c. Se:
for 1907 Catalogue.
R. E. DODGE, 14 State Street, CHICAGO
Pop Corn Goods of all kinds. Privilg itn
Ai  All  ( le
Send  for t T OG.  Mclitionhindlianted
Special Attention Given the Profession
3Western      niform Co.
Suite 609 Rector Bldg., CHICAGO
Supplv all brushes used bvBarntan'&Bailey.
IinTgliig lBros.. Hagenbeck-Wallace Show
JohnobinsonShow.Gentrv Bros.Showsand
all iillposters who prefer the best brush Oil
the market.
NIFORMS              FORTE ASKING........
If Xou  want theim  correct in  tvle. lit, workmanship  and  price. wtrite us.
JAMES H. HIRSCH 0 CO., Chicago, Ill.
m rw " Q           i Iraw -r._Q
THEBOLTE&WEVERCo,223 Michigan Street,
T( T W Y C ,, IL.

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