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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Raymond, Edward
Raymond's gossip,   p. 21

Page 21

ptember 21, 1907.
i1             .
i  .is  is  light  itl st   t utl ,
Ae i  Invil  p olf   in i  fashiiion  that
non    of its gundr toirnts to pass
t d.l  an(I  fashions  nintly  poot  bits
laulglimble  itiidlits.  The  comnedi  till
s fiom a smlall town lad y refioiroi's
e fow likker ariild her hlsbands de-
for it  t miiilicationi  str ereds  comlipli-
['on  uit  A]Ir'.  Fekitat  fainIits.  Re-
tiv  ,  ill it   fori  orf  good  Illd  hour-
ar,  adliiistrrI'd  ntil  Mrs. I" P'ek-
ce:1  te r o,   o d r  the  tl',  oiOthing
enc of Sot' Haimos  Miss Irwit's por-
oal ofIul-like  intoxintim   wls  artis-
ly ann    TIhe supioirting comipany
satirl o   ' ibut notii  more.
Hart's Pantomime Pleasing.
otll I  JI Ioosph Ilrit 's pantomimes,
Prk   s Pets it Sotland. disclosed a
lingso n 1 oi( 1vetitairl atul some 1ret-
tisil,  noniros. I'tunli  Yoting was
ik   and a lot of nondescript aro-
Will <ti, 0 Capably by the diff'rent
ubets of the comnpany,
wkhotii w10looks i  a misanthrope.
1pitno like 'a utir0 -vas weil re-
I l).v thte,, large audience, but Mak-
i Sholrd rultiVat i  smile. His en-
sw,to a cirtc0 wxithi a funeral coat-
eiiift  v t Was. (eot'go Wit-
ari rid-tini oviero of theo iriirs
I    boiith gav o  it ny inonologue
t ii r itlii fi  Mr.t Wilsonr's fun
wasooil irsit and wxit" the aid of
:Iel~i II50111tv, tihe talk becomes
t             denjpdyeboe
lne rom ilr best acts ol the program
ksaork Connopi. styled the Euro-
S:rr it I, %~ipliisttind prestidligitatsar.
0'Cornr' liis a ugreat deal of new
t effrcii o imedy inscortporateid in his
ind some 01 tresults achieved in
shadiow wo01k aire puzzling9 and re-
.:lali I 1  lir Te Sisters iirma also
'ar inl ar trapeze act of high merit.
act is citvened with novel lighting
is  rllo  olIettily  dressed.
tie <Atrellis'gave tir original in-
rwettiii of1 Amesricanii  s ounrs, wbicfs
1ils ''t sinLiiin A<nricai cooi songs
:la(t I'i~gitfi i 'rglisit accer'nt. irum &
piper 1i,, sLyled entertaining comedy
stletsrin t eill,n arl <thei were. Kipp
ar ge5rood comierdian it addition to
lever jutggler, antd the act was very
,11 received.  Dudley, D'Orimond  and
diey .rppeared it a singing and piano
-ity that give Miss D'Orimunl    a
eet dip11  a 0Prrtty stiprarno Voice
igne, Sisters, gave t good singing and
on arct, but used thefr eyes con-
iY oittli v5 poor effect. The sis-
ishoild Ilin to differentiate between
- illsolirI 0t grimarce.
teit rrrirnacll gave a good comedy.
if Bis s Iorses pleased as they did
t wk, aned the Kinodrome presented
e(,1''1re  of Irish  senes.  'I'ir1  Majes-
ioil i rirotlner tire diroetion otf Ed-
.ird Kunz playeI'd one of Gis. Edward's
,ular nieiodis, '"rtioncnce." by Neil
lpret airl Al. Brown's "Georgia Sunset"
Tom Nawn a Favorite.
Mcao'rir trullmin Porter Maids and
iii Xniti crried off the irnirs ofthe
foriillrri1(r  nt  the,  thiio'i'r  tOp ' tiC  iotse
It se,k Ar. Nutit apprrrieel in Iis
tiilli sketrir. ait  and ihe Genii anid
ten  ii,  siio ,  t   griitet',  tititlitr
tgi thiti hoe e1)<ials does. There
sontiling  infectious about Nawn's
Oe and ouiliart style of rolocition that
ket overythinr  1i says seem  funny.
sipport wtas ropable.
lbiris    Ftullman  Porter  Maids
led to b' i very good act. Th only
Ale itll it at present is that the
lhi is toO abrupt leaving the audience
ieeide-d whether to pin ons their hats
wait fori further developments. The
ii, 11inntuneful voices, the costumes
nrioel and pleasing, and the comedy
the twro ri, priotls is  ryellt handled.
hary  I)plrotit ti  T\illiam i Tem le  ap-
red in a sketch that was prlonged to
grealt lengths; (il Brown gave a
eer  ieiig specialty; and tli  Four
lity 1)lrniers, Mr. lond Ms. Eidward
Kenip aillfthe ('ivistie Duel were
1 rn   tr tlin ihos Solumn s
.iiini,, leasoe1 xit ii,iriioiti iayvok,
lotliwrson the till we're Itinry Roeth-
Frierick  lilder.  R or  nd Begar
1 Nelio, 'I'vle  It  Kinodiroie pre-
inted i Tirtuisitive Stranger and The
at Si ters.
'ile hil  t(steh it te Tisinarket
te as   rls  Bert I osli' in his slang
'itet  ilhgco ('lilt:,; Aamrs'o Re'minrgitn
'twek  nli~~ (isEwr*1Sho
lPies and Mr. run ]ts. Beii Aroars.
LA LANTEIN RNIE, Clyde Fithi! To
thi  notherinost dtls wvitt  The
Strailgit Road:  Pity for Blanche
1'l.  e of the foremost of Ainericas
11 who is compelled to wallow in
lilinnd which serves only to tarnish
without affording her a single
ty to display her art' Congrat-
i'  th ninagement of McVicker's
)rthe croiowds which pack the
nightly iiland which  attest by
r applause their appreciation of Miss
i  'tri though tltey disclaim artistic
m    o I of her vehicle, which, probably,
'rest in 11 lher repertoire. That
I'lt ip hlint, there is little
hr v,,rs oore,
ina tisticallyreconle ivellt e oil   oinsti ltedl
not' otil' triort  balrdy  xiriti~  It Iriorvs
that Fitli has reached tilh, iid onf his
rope and that lie is thilistin   the ftig
ends of his worn-out imagination upon
tle public imerely because Ie has the rep-
utation of being the foremost American
dramatist, wheniin truth, he laong htis
been a lack writer who couldn't hold i
job for two weeks on a third-rate weekly
society journal. Every play Fitlh has
turned out in five years has displayed
indisputable evidences of his ielital dio-
o rob nio, and it The Straight Road lie
tro,,os Iitself a iere tyro ti the hand-
ling of a icharacter of whose personrlity
Ite hasn't the slightest conception. It is
unfortunate for Miss 1Valsi's Ii  that
she is forced against her will to the ex-
ploitation of this ennervating iatiration
wiliiit cannot add to her fanie bout which
must seive only to stain it with the fouil
Virus it exudes at every pore.
Fitch has not corineoived tiii real woit-
an tof the sluimis.  Ile las walked upon
gl*oitrisiS Wh'ich exists 0111l ill Ilis ottoi
itiiiginatioi. Ally psol e teorti Oi a
metropolitan newspater will ooucI for
that. In Mary O'Hara ie has given its
'reature of i sims so Iilitll)
l           <egrade  that 1,1fof it aot  tiltri 1 ref-
itmration eio es til at,  coitt  iorn
orivtsn ht' dooai iatihois  of ithe mand
its tisles, h Iatod cf ht whinhk ve l
it the unire it whaic  she   iniocr1 kolt
Icer n re in a setlshe an pIer c rs  onrt
throtgh tie aid if it ciple hu    i n
i snotlomisent siorer nt fi te basis o
the story tf Iie Stiityih  Roano .   litv-
clir to rmake tire story unite attiaiius',
bat lsfc  fails ofits patpone Fiti  its,
Pictre of the Madon    a  athl chil to
keep   M    aary in the straight sah. Jhes
driven to coespaiter  the loss ci fime at
slso loves  who had laught   er aits tis
uarns of a    nothe  she resolven togo ban
to the co life of it1eed ss lit this
stiet Miss Walsh liis petiins the only
opportutity the m1oanlc affcir'srt
do an aristie   li  of  ar z  in  andt
captiates all s its situedtitsa tnitru
TIhe plriyis temintiscient oif TNtosleis :titr
iuows ani iliet, of Nancx Sykes. It ets-
paqsizes the mecessity of v-
Vicle for Miss  asr  oie vi  wlitic s
cas gie her atiditot   a   iiittoiltio,
vortl  of her talents ath  teosi ot tse
capable company    icls supportther. Js-
sic Ralithi as Mbrs. Finsterty. was excel-
lent.  Hibtt Irish hrcgue was rics as oS
inc arid effrse t  e aie e Fift itior-
otishearty latghss. Alma Krutgras Miss
ompsos. a settlement oker. si'assoift
ani  sx'omanlv.  Williams  'iras'es  is
Doutglas Allie.s, ats all rotunid loadi masl
withe ewodi ens  rgit have  otn,  isetir
lth re author gien iiit the opicr
ityil. Herbert  Bstvick in ohae nes el
Bill Hubbel, as, bt keeper wae  is in lo t
with Mary. laoke l force at tigr re t bnt
smil tie w   e w'as  thatiral 's  iti
gernt. Teats Patrirrliit s I rzx 10/z atnd
Moor Brooks as thte siritedi Moss Iol
aceitatn themselis ai  tclesit a
Moore Prove    Hi  Abrity   n
Vitter eoofrec, star by  ver' ortaioa-
toni aupeares in Tela k o  Ne a irk
a  eiatpp, fost  w  epsical e,  it i ('00-
loudl oit tire e'v'cnilg oif Sriosotix  Sr 1,t. S
anol as  ineaty starbleo is te maats
of rpplause  theat swet aloc  te troes
th splashed Over tire foottig tv.  T,
Taik of Nos    York is tt  best tfsisal
condipy Georgo M. Co  an s one. ht
is far better than George W.ashringtont Jr.
atd rshideems  lse ieciocre Fffv  Mis
Frotm Boston.   Tlie( cliilog-otr' seintliito's.
lie Nelies are of R h 0" Waintlig, "listin
kind, anc tre 1lvrir0ps possoss et oSi  t
tuelue taiasooofortginalt. Ibo pu'',
is typially Cohanesciu.
As Kf     Bumrds te rae ie trak ritaud
miti a Ltertlofs I f gestre aeprerrng
sile anS tirteor.  that  is o  ior
pcor soxecd t     rat lie is hal oo tio tal
comsoedian. His slano, is catpit. l hosia'es
tire pthos fromt 'irring iscongritt  at
sings Iins songs In itso ass nonc ma-
isuMttal sort ne fasiotiit giLus just
tbe desired effect. Mr. Moreo's pitlrr
of Kid Burns is alsost tio left a b"
adterization to be wasted tupon a itusi l
Couan's incomparable    stag  tuanage-
nient canes  the entire picee tin    at
w'ths a rash and ssirl that    noever  as
and there is a constant ovisih of ski
ans display of sandsconely gointted ci
soters.  The tsstsical niiters cold  h-
tin fshCone. into hits. but "Mr. Barts
ofhNe  Rochelle'  I Watt You ' ''irinr
\Aithi Toe" ann Whets We Arc MTA oulnri
RTID"U sieserve special me~ntion foir thii
Of the cast Stanley H-. Feorde. Nflii
Berigen, Jack Gardener. Sadlie Harris atsi
Emnsumrs Littlefield (Mis. MNoore) are ]to
table for theirsx'ork. With V,tor Moor
poritrayinsg KiS Burins 'TlheTa~  orf No~
Vrk nsay totoriba in ('bionolgo le log
It desij'es.
McConnell at Lurna Park.
E. W. McConnell wxill nrose't th iiie.5
iac .urlv rtoont Isciroxi taid owitt
Ioa'hrLe'of'ailt 01 hfit' i itMOt'V1 si roi' lb
mionltit Luita Park Ne Ys Vork t'itv. nex
season.  'As   a  010eator iof  exosoositiont
autrtisetrietss\1 loti 000et itseb~otaols Siitii-
outiapsoct Tiexxwitintested it tsxerrt
two0 diff eent conicessios coos liii Pike:i
St. Lotuis, it all iexpositions Is, has beetn
thi e i coinsessionatr' antdi nowt hasi
interests it, about half csf ther showis ois
fteSWar oiiiatJamstiiio. It is tonscer'-
stooid thsat Nit' MtC('otsisbI hirs Iiiie,'0tcr1
soisse oif tire, ledinsg tiriotic'ie's cof Srss
intoni  1). C...  its  aii,  rrtssris'tiro't  Prk iti
I- in,  too h-1s  nit,  ols i 'ir
thJoe  Vhli ,d   h <itti  b  n tkinljm  ilr
o)tipred i soill gaine recently between the
101ks lnd tire boys of tho tEinpire com-
pnliv. Joe gave some close decisions eand
the Eimpire boys won. 9 to  I 1ithink the
boys of the company wiill wtin the pon-
nanit, or at least give the Sox's a run,
if Joseph tnnpiros in mansoiNi of the games.
Otie close, erisiolt Ire, goaxc was siltei
one of the visitors hit theo' ball. The
pitcher inuffed it, WIiit-hliral caught it,
threw it to first and ther blandly an-
nouncedl the batter oat. 'filings arc not
(lnit o ecli'r  to  loo  ve(t.  atri  i. kcnow  surite-
thing iaust be the imatter with himt, for
ie gave me an "ad."
I Met Moay Yoie, a .Tapenese imaid and
sixteen big trunks leaving the Shs'rman
house lIst week. NMiss Yolie was en
ioute to open ont Sullivan and Considine
ircuit  Sept. 16, in  Butte, Mlont.
Taigh & Thomas, have inst finsihced a
successful season  through  the mide
Dixon & Fields 'ailled list week to it-
oiri  i t h Th     rnet ll,   o '0r0lillni  tioir
separatios was'rith~out fondalticon. 'I'c'i
tirie  non   the   pieotin tise  and sil
produe their no riot next spring.
SSpadeir Johnson utilizes a copy of TH'E
SIH)WT VORID in his  lown barer-shop
act, one of the big hits of the Barnum &
Bailey hig show performance. Spador is
a busy booster for the "Now Reliable."
TI it Dnis an   hris wife, no' ens ton
sx'iti tie Its.,,iecc-Sallace shnowis andio
a big felture it the fun line, are to miake
a long trip at the conchlsion of the cir-
cus season. Mr. Davis will write inter-
esting betters of his tiavels for the per-
nisal of SHOW WORL.D roarts till,
Hagenbeck-WoIllace Shows have Nash-
villo, Tenn.. billed to a finish for Sept.
20. iorr' EaLrI has made a great show-
frg in the n1 ewspapers.
John D. Tippett was a oller it 'IHET
SIt15W WORIt offices last Fl idhy on his
wvar froni NwI York City to Kansas City,
Mo. where he is engageed this week in
iook'ing after amiusement business. Mlr.
'I'!pIpett notains lils intrest in Conl cessoions
oon tine Ar Path at tse1 Jamestown Ex-
t10  will  r-11rn oil t  shortle
It's New, Pathetic and Patriotic
Dedicated to thet 1enior of
ibon.iw anf/Uro
and to be introduced every-
where, Monday, September
30th, the occasion of the
dedication at Canton, Ohio.
Professional Copies Free to those enclosing programs. Orches=
trations furnished on request.  Quartette arrangement ready.
Any Firm   Will Furnish Slides
The Continental Music Co.
Room 2, 717 Superior Avenue, N. E.
Hih Class Work     )riginal ideas' Plenty of Action! Roars of Laughter, or
real heart interest. Nothing cheap or vulgar. That is my aim, and I seldom
niiss the mark.
Thirty Bil Successes in London and America. Send me your measure,
I can fit you.
WALTER      BROWNE,          Knickerbocker Theatre Building, New York City
$   000    TAKES                                60ft.IonaInteriorPaddin,Wreck
49        THIS  ELEGANT STEEL          URR    Proof, all Steel but the Doors.
Esi at c st fb ildin,  na.0  u it  a, go anst: ,   aIN:-  ,  . id   rtud   r p-to-
date PInilororan.  Car  ain loo  cenio ni  rohearsals  at Arliinton,  N o  ot. _i  to  js  or address
W. A. Ii I, care of Rees Printing Co., Oiahlia, Neob.

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