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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Moving picture industry is in great uplift movement,   p. 18

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I Y              THE SHOW WORLD
A                    ii. . ci  . .ui.iit
carnest effrit to reach the bettcr and
io lie content with what is just good.
_ ctasiccess call this cccouent be felt
nice aipprliliaIliie ifct that  inli the mli-
ing picture industry. The moviing picture
i Making itself felt today as     a  moral
iee.   It will 1,e Used bY reformers to
what piniciu    iciuiccc  that the iVe
'i'ht heretofore wili iniictual NIsnlili
I  \\ill  Ie  --ic ticc ul  in i utting  the  echian
nA hall mull the-: ndsirable, amuse-
sout at huImess."
N Barlow, of the   Inter Ocean  ]fill!
iil,  it]ih  (,ifi  I,   atrth.  ..  i  t cc-i
I t Ia :  I  ti'ii 1' 11 0  repI rel ntatd,  of
t:ci li  n  it 'li  ;  e 3., I cciis t i'ii'tii
i l-ic   1-. xcx  last I w  k.  The li lter
ili     ci i n o   is  in a i ear  it
half ...bu nder All, Earlow's llficient
-idanice hsadvancei htr in favo'r and
it,  Iu   tod a  amcc ng the represti-i
e xnl'xents of  fi1e  lmtti   iiu t
E  1ettres Fnien.* t Saloi)".1and
in his swivel chai and again ai-
I the itcrvixwer    "ietlative to thc'
- tc picttitr  as arnmoral free r rnoticed
icituiets-tat Acxir lcnIcixccltur t'cccicl'
_(,. ill 1 e DncercolspIondence of THE
cl' WORLD cegarding thii situation in
lwi west: 'After a trip through cc dIozen
'r more tontos in Idclorac n I find that ie-
r   sicoxws are tlei c'nemiies of cheap sa-
 low hilliri anx pool roomxs an
inilar peccxs. In oiery instance where a
I,,r* show  has, openedl up  the  manr ..
in seems to have beec cut fromt soni
iablil  resolt and the bcttec ilus
IcI, xie sIoNN-y II cciiing to clill Ii
(]it xtca   ital l itit xin clottis  t  -
i   pon wI arfar'' bictw1e,1n the sailoon e1`
and the ticeturenn a    i tile Itter
ave at their lnils the law-alidini
cle people oi cite commu   ity  ill
Iake Cheecnne for instance. T1 T    I
run wii'e  acn on Sunday   ili
lre shows are clsc.Result.       ul
,ss l     s ot  racpii off one ccci  i
l     heoc   a  eci'  xu-xi i '  x clili n i  r.
can almlost tie stimlatIi to exaetl
we tic noy t'il'on inl at tie <1van
cice  Whinthc  c     e e xcx  Ill :cix
will sonnc-it  picturi xhow    ill tiik'
cil greater sprilt thanl it iais ill the-
Iiand sucreels nxoIid  will enmuplain that
I,   ar          i nct mony  aiesi 't the present
i       al.  Now,  that  is  ly  iiea  of  it.  an.
liiinugl  I  i icn- t  t l e  defillite  kno e  u-i'-
nr conditions that   'x 'Tr. Buckwattr pl--
sc-se, still a ccreat aunit of ol bliusixs
in  INstorn ta cc n ti fi lcth  n o i's  recix-
'lloplii that  havo  alithoritc   to  sp ei   T  aice
sir  that Mrc Bucwitcrs cr-epintationic o)f
die else is enrrect
('hildren Love Moving Pictures.
"One of te   reatest thinis in favor of
tIh  mini, g cipicci. in i   estimation. ix
Ic  intr'est that the   children  mniaifest.
T    c!I i'c  nw' its Irieseit popularity to
cwl' chIildren. Thc chileIn await ide cnmi-
1    f  tl, t ircus.  ths  talk  xout  it l 1
11cii parents.c andi xc'lcc'n the ciiilix aii~ii
arrives the grn people say, 'Well. I go ,
wIl hcx1    to go to please the chini'i'
lcit  in  realiti  thiii'e  go  to  cl eiSO  tic' I-
sIc-i'. Te' took upon the children as noc
ux'i'ui'i'  Iis  the  sauce  'wais  with tlch  l >
in  ciliures  The children go to a nicti-
noci, aind oct their return wxtwn thecir Iio-
rent inquire about the anality of th   ot-
trcaitins. thc  aire not cle to repeat I1l
nlisix of the sketices and other act .nc
1II  Ncill  they  are  to-  incoIled  for  t    i'
i'hildisht cic-coiciis toi cetclc. buit tice' cal.
<nd  i1.-  ist''ihe  the  fi is  lac t e  troxc
In hie scroon. The interest of the growcc
tItope ix fostered. and thccc' attend   thce
i-'c'ii cci'c'foc'cxxccc' to se, chic picturce thco,
i the, \vitlie i      v'ctii  xith such1 u~sto.  It
co thxis ccccifist itcr-s  itac cic  ,  ildron
c-al in the moingc i'icture that tas coa-
tribut'ci to their present 'vgie.
Demiand Large in Smcll Cilies.
''Ticst: at prcsenit the smaller cities arc'
iit's the nicijorpi t of ncr husicess
;oldth li'ctictxui is lac'gier thcci it hafs been
ll  c    is so faxorciitos   to aaosii s that
it ciiiht r'ally ice term<ed  'film  xc'ather.'
;,nid tic orders come in thick and fast. I
hinik that hie class of filims will te higher
hio yecr than Oe-r before and tle sltra-
owcrcamatic and iisciational will ie ane
a' with to a great 'xtent. Comic su-
.ctc-s are bound to retain their place. There
ar sitme cistniers Onil our bools that do-
siro a tIociuid fet of cimicai subiijcts
ccii cIaclicc  else.  Relicins, slvitcies, too.
i    c thc  o lin  chi  sialer  citii'  xci
assion  le occ sciar subicts nuevr
fail to cesultc in compicimcenctarye'ittec's froca
cur rciteirs. All in all. every condition of
che filmx Itsincss auurs wc11 for a cecori-
Iwreaking siason. aIndi thiouch  it tics bebon
stated  hvb othcr   m-nufcturers and ex-
cliange propri'itorsc until it has growcn w-eari-
snil. I filn coifcnfintlx' state tlat this year
wil tic the most proe'rous in thi history
ccf the Ioving nictur industryx'
thoss'stxing lusiness indgmen t to a cier
flint ho sctrncicc liin so vu('cig ai ..c.  xc *IN,"II
ild   thnll l . comcxnccwrciat and sniiat x'a,.
1cT cd an eager studint of th  hccxt mthods
oi niicicnc 11c fillm, interestx. Mr. Tinwc'o'
silac"s( sieI Io t1hc forc as cute of th rep-
-cnt tf!   flic men  r thle -ccuntry.
New Film Subjects.
For the 1bnefit of Imovince Nicture ex-
hibitors TTTE SETOT TYOiRdD      ipreccicts
Icwrcwithi a lis of ncix' filmt cchlicts:
KATEM COMPANY: Riu's             Caninitur
Pcct- ,   siuinx ' r  snlic-c.  70.5  ft.:  'llo'll
]i i    'TN i n;:.  '  t..  .\ it i A N i i-t
Sltmi, i,  ft.; Th1ce Book Agent, 720 ft.;
'l'ce Sea TWolf, 655 ft.; Fony Express, 880
ft.; Iibo Hero, 760 ft.
Pcrsevcring Lover 030 ft.
KLEINE     OPTICAL    CO.: A    Baffled
Burglar, cocmedy, 414 ft.    x Absxnt A1ind-
edness, comey,  27 ft.; Plniania, scenic
and descriptive, 454 ft.; The Fly, Iciontcdiy' '
147 ft.; Art Student's Fiolities, c'omccccdy
.320 ft. ' Wood Cutter's Daughter, sisa-
timu, 1117 ft.; The Amcatcur Ilunter, cotl-
idi. 454 ft.
AllLiiIAN    MUTlOSCOPE      &    IOi-
CI;I'll CO.: Lenai ando tile Deuux, corni-
ed.1,  1]:  ft.;  Neighbois,  comedy,  1:5  ft.;
11   Tired  I Thior'-  ramiii  601 ft.; 'T'lhe
I uf i 1tiu ' Ball, 7 7 ft.; T H . lci otist's
lIvenge, 1,030 ft.; Exciting Night of thiri
IHoneymoont 292 ft.; The ANl-dol's ALI, 233
ft.; A Caribou Hunt. 725 ft.; ubo Brown
ill Town, 868 ft.; Dolls fin  Drieanlilanid
52 ft.; If Yu Hadi    a W~ife Tike Tits,
69S ft.; opening Ceremonies, Jamestown
Ecxposition. 452 ft.; 'Tilce Fencincg Master,
Is ft.: The TunantS, 638 ft.; Mr. Hurry
i']), 625 ft.
'.A''   FRELtliltS: Tho Romncc or a
Sigeri.  x20  ft.;  Inc  Sville,  574  ft.:  C'c ii-
lodxiicn  Cuistuom ,  2  ft.; At  the  i'cllii]ili
Three years elapse 'cnd the old couple
aire  still alienated (coc  their  langhter.
They are sitting at home thinking sorrow-
fuliy of the past a-hen a vision appears to
thet and once more their dear girl stands
hefoc e thema loixking as site did in days
gone bty . This is too much for the mother's
heart xwho at once ends a message to her
daughter tic return.
The next scene shows the young mother
and father with their child when grand-
macnca's letter is received. The wife bids
her husband adieu and taking the little
child with her makes haste to respond to
the suimcons, and arriving at her old home
sends the baby in to announce her coming.
Here a very pretty scene takes place in
the picture and an exemplification of the
idea that "a little child shall lead them'
results in a gecea   reconciliation.
Ar natural aid niolesome subject clever-
ly w'r-ked ipI and full of dramatic action.
The Tla theater, 888 an 890 Milwaukee
avenue, Cihicago, Ill., reopened Aug. 'i
after lcaving  unde'gione  improvements
that wvill mike it comxpare favorable with
tClii doilntown theaters. The lobby has
beent extcnded to twice its forimer 'idth
aid lowered to the sidewalk level. Tihe
fl1ori has bel'i'n laid With Mosaic tiling.
andxCI a beautiful art glass window placed
in  tite lobxy.  TIIe  Management has
spared no expense in beautif'ing the the-
ater and making it comfortable for their
Moving piturii             1i- us   popular  in
Nome, Alaskac. ici  ini Chi i or Niles,
Mich).  IB.  I;.  1u bs  pr,  idhnt  of  the
A   (Is.11 klliccIti  liglge  illth iilcticocici  pcictr  %Nicici  ic f'hisagc  is iN'. N. Bl owic
of tice hctc-Ocuccc ]c'1i1c H"elitg'.     1s lislissixs fit tics ccl~iictti upilift ofdx   iccIncis-
cr' inc xitiic   lice is icllig .  d cciicic xisxx's ciii tccit tciicic cicae' icc ac incter'xiexv
publixishted ithexx'ithi.
ExIIihiition. 541 ft.; A  During -Maid, 60
ft. The lxo Fows        8 it 'iving Si-
hc'ccciti' .37  ft. Kitcxucig Diigx. 244 Ct.
Englishmcncc  in Harmci. 311 ft.; Children's
Reforniatory, 754 ft.; Fciry of the Black
tocks. 278 ft.; A Case of Arson, 803 ft.
Isivals comedy, TSO ft.; Stage Struck, 7S5
ft.: The Nine Lives of a Cat. 955 ft.
ItCA:  Liquid Electricity, 470    ft.; The
Fountain of Youth, 375 ft.; The Ghost
Story, sensational, 230 ft.; Cast TUp By
the Sea. 415 ft.; The Disintegrated Con-
xvict, 425 ft.
S. IMBIN:     An    Indian's  Friendship,
scenic, 7S5 ft.; John. D. and the Relporter,
550 ft.
All's Vell that Ends Well.
Unider the fanmiliar title "All's N~ell iliac
miwis Well,e the Sell ig Polyscope Coipany
present a   very  strong  dramatic   sub ject
which possesses more than ordinary merit.
A  young couple meet and bicame mnu-
tually attracted. Friendship strengthens un-
til the girl's father intervenes and roughlY
foraids  further friendship  between  cbem.
Love laughs at lockusmiths, and cteo y-ounig
people find wxays and nccans of conncuni-
cating, as a result of which the girl de-
cides to leave her room and elopes with
thc cano of her choice.
Aft e  her  acriage the young woman
and her husiand return home secking her
father's forgivencsc. but the old man is
oidurate, and sternly refusing to receive
thcti,  order  1th  fro  tc  cocus'  whuill,
Ilce nc-tr litte "I linwnt hi trshnisc.
D~ohh1s Alaska Moving Picture Company
Was a Visiii' at ti' genc i koffices ci
'hilLE Shicil \I'iPI)D lcistxveek, find act-
nounced that the people oIf the north are
as enithusiasti  about ilmxs as in the
w'airer climates. Last year Mr. Dobcbs
gave three exhibitions. one a   cmonth,
which lasted two hours and were crowd-
ed to the doors. The charge for reserved
seats was $1.50, and the films shown
were. for the great part, typical scenes
of Alaska which were taken by Mr.
Dobbs.   The performance    w'as  inter-
spersedlwin some l'ate finn> filims anxd
ciclcex  cumxbers. cccnc the local presc
called particular attention to the worth
of the performance. The locale of ThIe
shows was Eagle Hall, which can nc-
conmxodate 1,500 people. and anmong the
subjects thrown on the screen were: Dog
Teamx Parades. ''hxe Alission at Golovin
Bay The W'alrus iHunt. Reindeer Herd at
GTolovin Bay. and Scenes from Nome and
Seward Peninsula. Mr. Dobbs is onx his
way back to Nomie cind contemplates
inore entrtainmients as soon as lie canc
comxxete the films.
The Lia Crosse theater of La Crosse,
Vi .. offir', eich xee  a Silect lrogram
ocf Illcustracedei sonigs ill conxjuncction xxitic
its display of films.
S. G. Campbell, for maix years traxe1-
iug representative of a mill . and ellc'ator
company lias tired of the long 'cnd lonely
trips about t1he country ccnd has gonce
into the moviii  i picture business in Tren-
ton. N. J. He is operating a theater
with  sliccs ,
Girl Ranger Mechanical and Costumin
Effects All of Local Manufacture
The weight of a Chicago judgment up
a u w theatrical production, and thec 
cidence chat theatrical men p0occ-ss if
a favorable verdict will ensure its su
cess in other cities, was evinced recenfi
when The Girl I-taccgers reccived its t-
presentation at the Auditorium. Fr
start to finish the production was mark
1)v   lavishness that ccnctantl crniiK
the audience of the initial -st of t
pici, and which placed Ihe ,icl Rao_
.rs in the class of Babes in Tiand a
The Wizard    of Oz, productions ti
nitisii uniersal comment by reason
Ctheic' clciccc'.
(ce of the most startling eff t, ofcI.
Ii'r'-I'iwers-Davis    and    Linoln
Catir play was a race bet  ii ; train
IWaring the hero, bound frll  hangin
party. ind the inunaculati-c    I ilherl_
fin  hIII has provously vdiclir, to hil
'i  t appiluse of the ipper Irits, that
xic the   cxc" g  tralic cid tlieitit"iccsisi
wxa a gr-thit of realism that redoundi
-l to the credit if Mr. Carter cicd irougli
foith i gale of appause. The inlcici-
cusid in the cae scene was built by ti
cic tle prasn31 &nlieiicon   E L).
tuill secretary and managepi
Antother featur'exxas the noxci speai.-
of a pulI-ritudinxous lot of choriste>
astride high school horses and 1roincl
lonies that wore trained by Albert IL
clcie and selected II  and purchasl
from  M. Nc'wgcsis & Sons, iccnion Stokh
Yards, Chicago.
The- scenery was painted by Chicigo
lrtists and the various handsome set
wire the xxork of Pete Don-ant. Gal,
Pollack, Harry Buhler and the Daniel
Saenic Studio. H. -M. Peitz, 11. TrIipp anl,
olin McClosky wxere the dcft-finger
icrpenters who put up a ranch and coi-
i]  so  realisticallx  that  the  ccddlery of-
is fron the Stcik      s i iniess aIni
'cidlery Company and the c owbo effec
m'aI  the Chicago Costume & Cotilli.
\Viiks, were at perf ct case in their sui-
'lce rich and tasteful garments tlit
I    t haughty ladies of the choius swpt
over the floor of the great Aiditoriiui
were designed by F. Pic Andeirson aull
c-xecuted by Mrc'i . K. Keeler. Tlie mod-
i-rn ancd modishIxI fImeeks that wire Wiin
b)1  th   easteiii rn xii  i cI  visitcix Ier-
planned aind   executed ix  Charles A.
Stcevns & Bros., and that lic- were d -
-iilv chic 'was shown bIcc lvi ''xsps of
iIimiration  that  t1he  femic ini  ]iirtioni i
ITh lo cudieice emitted upon the c-casional
4ac-t i ewx  creationl'c  axpeiaceIcI .
All in ill, The (lirt Rlaligrs was
Ichi'le example of the ilonce that ti-
11tal cmen will pit in a venitiur' to wc,
i1 shkels of the amiustment-seekini
U bdli'  into  the  box-oftice. find if irll'is -
cii they place in the v'dict of Clicigo
tii -;1ter-goers.
The business staff of ty Diixie Gill
Company, which is touring uider thic
diriction of Dodge & Duffici. i. Hud.
'Cxle general rcepresentative Ciil Dea
Iiisiness  i an cer;  Brian  Dailey , still.
niccnaae  ad the cast includes 'lac Al-
ct in  the  title  role, Dixi:  BrianDilir-
.Jack Sherman. Le Roy Vincent. Emt
mic tt Gibbons, Thomas Dolc, 1ichi
I-Carcy. John Cole, Frances '21eek, an
('rrie Orton.
I'   x latest  addition  to  the  Illinois-lowA
iniuit of theaters, the nw Waterloo c t
\Vaterloo. Ja., was opened Aug. 27, w1it
TheTime, the Place aindi the Girl. A.
cclSbY is the manager of the handsom
playhouse, find the hookings for the sea
son include the best road attractioi
Mcany lace oxccicacl cotmecies 'iciicic'ici"ti
dramxatic ioffec'cnc'  xciilibe' xet at t],
thter cincg the 'cmixi trai
T. D. Fisher   manager of the oi<
house at York N'i., xxiwho is spending
vacation inl tin extenisive tourl of thle onv
x'-itsccaic c ili  c  fi x iccxi' geieral  offer lic i
'lE   S1CIK 1'oTWll   ) Iast Nxx k  I'l
1heater it York lois bein iiwlyenil
ciad and decorated, and has a sailx
<apacity of 900. The stage is 3055
60 feet high.
Frederick Knight. the handsome tenll
of The Flower of the iancell, hxas beeii t
<1ifterent ticie  the leading tcnor of T
liostonians, The Chiinee Honeymoon,
Capitan, and a iember of tlw comp
if Fank Denisiin ad cte fall Kisie
Sicilie. This is Mc'. Knigt first westi'
eccn trip, accid lie is imeeting withici
iniing his first western son,I
Days of '49.
A Hot Old Time, the forni r vehiclie
Johnnice ciand Emma Hlaci  opened its <-
son cit Michigan City. Sept' 8. under t]
management of F. B. Carr. ihe piece ii
hooked clear to the coast. ccd is al Oi-
tirely new  production. All the music
numbers are new and ri ice te wiorii
Strnimifir Coney. H. L. Encgstrontis t
musical director of thei organization.
Murran  & Mack fle iccetith' with
comedy. The Sunny Side of Broadinui
Thei piece requires a largoc st andlioru
and the entire production is new.
ii  *  i
Ir. C. 'hitn'y has remiodlid his t-
cticr at Owsso. Iith. ainid ls boe' s
great cnuicixlwrofrstcc-clxsiattractionsfo
1c f ll  lid  wiiti'.

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