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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Bochert, C. G.
Pittsburg enjoys avalance of fine vaudeville,   p. 11

Page 11

*ptember 21, 1907.
buht iii'tIIaIUlt0' We fatileld to re-Q,
nie 1  IIf's tnlIe oI tlie hig ones.
, , are going  to emulate Mr. Heif and
stead of appealing to tile courts of
silO, wxe arie goinig to holier1 we have
,11 cheated hy that Personage in not
ingswiseias tothe ten 'Successes
t1e11year'' ie(, wrote.
Thise and cry about being cheated
ould be done away with. If Mr. Heif
a wise business man, he will instruct
editor of "Echoes From Hitland" to
this direct appealing to an already
rwiroagli Pubhlic. Pei'sonally, I have
1iLer in tile husiness. I have yet to
d the Oe  whoim I thought dishonest
gli to defraud me out of tine modi-
Ieof iyalty cue me. I  elieve them
1o just as honest as men tr'ainsacting
Iness in other walks of life.  Song
erswho have Proof of their ison-
.telciul confer a fax'or onl this little
ild of ours by exposing the culprits
the proper methods,
le take no issue with Mr. Helf as a
apeser. ieisa good tune maker and
ilas meritoriouls stuff. Btut, in all sin-
ity he is doing himself a great deal
harm in xposing his personal griev-
S, iniagiliary or real, to a profession
h call possibly have no interest in
5. :    *  *
T   Witmarks publish   the  musical
ibers of The Yankee Tourist, the best
which ate: "Broadway Means Home
Ie," "Come l1ave a Smile With Me,"
la Yanken Millionaire,' "She Was Not
K Other Maidens," ''Golden Sails," and
lid You Like to Have me for a
Newacquisitions to the ranks of Stern
aormers. and the songs they are sing-
4: Annabelle Whitford with The Fol-
I of 190 Co., "Tine Gibson Bathing
rl,' by Paul West and Alfred Solman;
lorris and company in The Heart
irginia, "Under  the  Rosenbloom,"
n the Gay Luneta," and "June Moon,"
slotor Girls, "With You in Eternity,'
ne Moon," "I'd Like a Little Lovin'
nw ani Then," and "She Was a Grand
id Lady;" Eddie Leonard and his
ne    ],aingWInders, "Who Do You Love?"
ick Jim," "Land of Cottion," and
orida Rag" (instrumental).
* * *
Stern & Co. are said to have secured
nso American rights of the reigning
,Inzin Paris. entitled "Priere du T'zig-
i ("The Gipsy's Prayer"), which is
aid to be a better number even than
lie celebrated "Valse Blue."
eirgeA. Spiik, author and composer
"Bill Sinmnons," has placed a new
n soag, "William  Wilson,' with the
'lilnks, who are Mr. Spink's exclusive
I ladatinexte me pleasure of hearing
liesLaura RothI now  suplporting the
Elliott and L.ang act, sing "While You
jAline'" Kern and Powell's new bal-
A and "Like the Rose You're the Fair-
st Flower, one of Miss Olive L. Frields'
frts. Miss Roth possesses a voice of
Gksuiie quality, powerfil but  sweet,
oirand cfi',cixe 'Ihe act opiened at
IleGrand Ill jelict IllI last Monday,
iland is nwrady to begin several weeks
on the K. & C. circuit.  Miss Roth's
voice should entitle her to take rank with
the best of them, and I have not the
'lightest doubt that within a short time
slIwill be classed as a distinctive draw-
li card and eagerly sought for book-
PrCy Wenrich seems to be a deucedly
oplar young nian  Victor Kremer says
layis working in the east for his firm
tillian McKinley claims Percy is repre-
"din  l the McKinley Music Company in
lieffete section of this land of ours,
llsome kindly disposed person please
teliglen  us,
What shall the purchaser at the music  a
Partment ask for  "The  Songs My    n
fudheSang  or "The Songs That Moth-
I csedis Sing?  Such a confusion of
isawfully aggravating.           Is
* * * P
thica0hasabunchofgoodarrangers, df
s when I say good, the statement car- A
.rth it all that the word implies. 1
rines Krmrs, Bill Peters is again in  s
, turning out from  eight to ten  b
lgements a day. Over on the third
Isof fe Grand Opera house Harry Al- p
rI metimes finds it necessary to work  "
ughne to keep abreast of the work   la
me buitldig. On the fifth floor of the  R
mei ng Anton Nelles (lie of straw  th
tune) is often forced to turn away  o
orsk It tile office of M. Witmark &  N
Ir o Frey runs his fingers through  M
h of and complains of a superabund-  ja
, Br lbor'. And connected with the  ti
a n Company, 67 Clark street. u1
s Sawyer, who is a fiend for     a
I forced to write tie lead with  M
ndand the arrangement with the   I
oaer to make good his promises. a
*atio P      *                     T
dlanl eabody (and he's proud of
ad), Who is acting manager in   C
e40nfornthe Stern Company in Miss  ns
anning's absence, has completed  L.
le0ca coed  Ieitli Otis TrnPAIler as  ise
k       1 beamara   Arthur Gillespie as  di
he Prdcer, entitled New  Har-
aresvealod numbers in New
Mi''le Constable'' a tropical
Darle"lg nuibetr of its kind    st
Pa iy Ll ad'  Waiting,' ScotCh  Bi
NiIu is If Macralax'' Oriental  CI
Yeo  King.' operatic cowliox   St
Geddes o Mv Drecass,'' teiioi r A
'The  i esn'sxol                i
Reta,''i"   F'~-    Will tid :i'I
THE SnOW Wflf"Dltn
aI ic 1  sore n ,, n , aV ke) z
Albiohti Lade, corni4tit. t i  sics
LewvSeilly, Proprietor of the Lake Vici
MeisicPublishing Coipany,
chased a home at Wilmett  llhe  pamig u
thserefor $10,000. The abstract of title
ionsisting of almost foer hundredpags,
towas recorded  last week.  It ae beoii
brutugtrip todate from 1841. Stillit is
clainied there is nos oney in tre pub-
lisliing business,
I asked Evans Lloyd the other day if
le hrd any mews, Tie said there might
a tjustat thatearticalart ime ever y -
ting was caos.   thuos struck ne is
good, neluptoiniuessig himasfori'a,delinii-
tion of tsex-vetrd, Inogilxeiine,,this:''"Chaos
is a biginci offrizei drkis, likeict
to a I     n.Hw of iir i ais iren tank.'
Tack Root, tie ex-pugilist, isnow run-
ning tweo thiociers, oiieat Datvenport and
the. otheroat Rock Island, 111. Jack was
a recent vsitor in  Chicago,  an took
away   miti i  tro sets on''Neat i the
Old Cherry Tree, Svet  arie  slides,
Japk says tie taieotical msiess ieis
the glox'ed aroea g'aiine nunmerous differ-
ent ways,
Frieda P. C. Ill, Nwife of 0. L. Hall,
diannatic critic of tine Chicago Journal,
recogiiz d as  1 builf Cicago's famous
womnein composers through tinemedirnnof
The Voyagers,      u 1Lsical coinard5', pro-
dutled at the La SaIl, theater, fire dancor
l'aiita's mus~ic aist  other mnnritoriouis
comnpositions, deserxestunlinited credit in
.so far as she line built up, wvitin two
years, a music mail order business of
50,000 names from absolutely no basis or
knowledge of this particular business.
Mrs. I-tall saxs her best sellers are
"Keep Your Piomiise, and    Keep) This
Ros," ''Whe the Biand Goes Marching
Oni'" "Social Spider,"  two-step, and
"Philadelphia TVilliam," march
Sue is indebted to many of our prorni-
nent publishers and dealers in creating
v vogue oin these nunbers, as onily the
exchanging with then for their compo-
sitions has imide it possible to create c
cieinan  in l''tain territories. The rest
x-as easy. Reordirs are continually pour-
ing in, and both the publishers with their
new numbers and Mrs. Hall have profited
through this.
James' Brooklyn Military Band (B. L.
James, Director) is still playing Al Fresco
Paki'kPooia, 1Il. tlie banilas ne x-
imig coincerts at tlnis pnoptular resort sic
My 18. arnl willremaii there until Sept.
22, thne oloseof the season.
'When Victor Moore opened at the Co-
loinial last Nveek in Tbne Talkc of New
Yorke, tue  new piece Goorge Colian has
eritten for eli  it  -as noticeable that
Th'le Yainkee Doodle Bsoy had returned
xvithi a veng'ance to real musical comedy
l'he new piece for loore cannot be caled
i play, for it is larg'ly ausical, the press
agent having at different times variously
placed the number of songs at from ten
to fouirteein.
All tie titles to these songs sound very
snucn like Cohnan.  Among  them  are'
'IUnder Any Old Flag at All," "I Want
the Whole world to Know I Love You,"
'When a Girl is On the Level with a
F1ellow  Vhno's oii the Square,' "Follow
Your itUncle Dudley and YoU Won't Go
Vrong." "I Have a Longing for Long-
acre Square." "I Want You," "When We
Burn T-p te Boulevard," and "Mr. Burns
of New Rochelle."'
Published by F. A. Mills,
Notes from Harry L. Newman.
The Three Leightons will open their
Orpheumtinm      c n lt week. They will fea-
ire Newman's new novelty marcd bali  t
After the Clouds Roll My, Jennie;'- Tinea
attleship Four with 'West's Minstrels,
re using "After the Clouds Roll By, Jc'n-
i,  ''Flirty Eyes," "Down in the Old  C
eighborhood," Tand :Mack to ie Moon- a
nins, You are X1,ild: Mis's Bessie WXynn  1
using 'Flirty oe and "Down'in tim   e
Id Neghborhood   Miss Booth, witlKate  t
anon's Tomptation, is <eati    niich  t
emand for "Tlheie is Something- Nice
bout You." and IThose Good old Happy   p
ays;" in the same snow, Miss Ida Rus-
ell is singing "Doxwn in the Old Neigh- t
Shows featuring the Newman Con-
any's numbers: The New Century Girls,
Flirty Eyes:" The Girls From  Happr- r
nd, "Flirty Eyes" and "After the Clouds u
oll By. Jennie:" The Cat and the Mouse,
1e new   musical extravaganza. whichi  t
pened early in September at Elizahbeth, t,
. J., has had interpolated "Moon. Moon,
oon" and "Flirty Eyes;" Tine Cracker-  I
cks Company, "Flirty Eyes," and in
ne olio. Vardon, Wilnur &  Perry are c.
sing "Down in the Old Neighborinal
nd "After the Clouds Roll By, Jenie , ti
arjoric  Hilton, with  the  Imperials  p
There is Something Nice About You"
nd "Down in the Old Neighborhood;,,
he Ideals, "Moon. Moon. Moon." 1       K
New   issues: "The Wedding of the     I
owboy and the Squaw." Indian-cowboy
ovelty. by Olive L. Frields and Harry
Newman. "Flirty Eyes" continues to   F
a lug seller. Harry tells me lie has  c
spos-d of over 70000,                 se
Music Received,       i   t
HT. J. WXood Co., 48 WXV. 'Fxe-eitv-oialntn h(i
root, New York City.--"Shnmrock." by  tli
liv Devere and r awson 'Wond: "Big    R
ief CreeudgqrILeslie iand1 arry      is
one:''~ ~~~11 '~ureteEhhtst Star ofra
I AXix-Dreams:- ''''N liN WaVs, T Tx'sr Borin ha1
m'"I hue,' I"  Wlp'Aith    ti:
pl'l'TS~i'alu, Sept. 14 A week ago
incercusal cf thle local theatrical cc'
uniis showed the unique list as fol
l'x:   "Rellined  Vaudeville"  (at  tih
GraId); .Advancel VXaudcville" (at th
Diuuesne); "Greater Vaudeville' (Audi
torin); and "Vaudeville" (at the Hipl
podroiie). Toidy the "Greater Vaude
'ilie' is missing fron  the ranks, V. I
Braun's new East Libserty house remain
ing open but two weeks. Although wise
cicres shake their hends over the clos
ing  and   say  it is    the  inevitabl'
AM"nager Braun states positively that h
31-ieely closed down to repair the wir
Ing of the entire house on account 0
the theater being struck   by  lightnin;
(uuring a severe storin  here. The per
fomiiers appeared with their baggage th
(lay the shut clown was announced an
they promise to make trouble in collect
Ing their salaries.
Vith the fight between Harry Davi:
and Klaw & Erlanger still hnanging fir
in the courts, and the closing of tint
Auditorium  theater, local followers o
amusements had plenty of gossip out o
bIusiss hours. It is also rumored thal
the business at one of the down towr
houses is such that the operating firn
inust soon see the folly of keeping tis
theater open any longer. At one of th
matinees   this  week  there were   not
enough people in the entire house to fil
tile boxes, and the evenings have seer
the auditoriurn filled with emptiness. I
is reported oi good authority that the
gross receipts have not averaged $50 a
day, while all the other houses are turn-
lug people away,
Other Theaters Make Money.
There is nothing to blamue but the pol-
icy of the imanagenent, for every other
teater in the city is having one of the
host seasons in the history of the local
sli   orll Tne Expositiin, vith So-
sinas adruax'ingu'ard, and thucgreilt 1os-
ick aiminal display is cialing hi r
tbinun oxePr, hot is inot maeing tine slight-
est inpression oin the attendance at oth-
elr places, LEna PaF 1islucidingitsown,
the othuers being s-hosed for the season,
At the Nixon Eddie Foy h delighting
thnrtiucs Nih Tine Orcid. The irrehires-
shale Eddie is a Pittshurger byhbirthnand
has been a prime    favorite  here  ever
silice David Henderson gave him    such
splenudid opportunities in the big extrav-
agaizas for whichi he gained fame. The
Orced is a, splendid vehicle and a mag-
iifictent production,
Local playgoers aro getting their first
glimnpse of Since Nellie Went Axway at
the Bijou., It is an Owen Davis piece,
wiii all the Davis marks of handicraft,
nud seems to be just the material lovers
of the nnelodrame crave.    Harry Clay
Blancy is at his brother's theater in the
Uptown Blaney Theater, giving his char-
icteristic impersonation of The Boy De-
ective. The splendid Bonita is creating
11ite a stir at the Alvin in TVineWoman
ad Song, a reconstructed burlesque, and
t is to see why the production held out
or 30 nights in New York. It is brim-
III of good thuings,
Some Excellent Shows.
The TWorld Beaters at the Gayety and
lie Bowvery Buiricsqelrs at the Academy
reboth exellent in their lines ,and both
have exceptionally strong arrays of tal-
nt for the olios.  Vaudeville  at  the
rand, the Duquesne and the Hippodrome
re playing to capacity, and this is the
ost indication. at least in the instances
f the Grand and the Hippodrome that
he people are still as fond as ever of
hisformofentertainment. ManagerIra
LaMotte announces the opening of a
rotentious Japanese Village in connec-
ion Nith the Hippodrome.    It should
rove popular.
Moving pictures houses all over the
ity are reopening in greater numbers
hun ever and the film offices are doing
ecord business. Most of the managers
ave found that they can nearly double
heir bushiness by changing the pictures
wo  nd three times weekly and a ma-
riey of them are following that policy.
do not know howthe moving picture
abit has taken hold in other cities,
ti it is a fact that here on the street
ars and in public places one can hear
hem  discussed as extensively as   the
lays and musical comedies of the day.
White Opera House at McKeesport. an
utlyiing town, has been turned into a
nudevillc house, and   is playing the
Ilaw & Erlanger attractions of this class.
Good Vaudeville Seen.
Grand-Julius Steger & Co., in     The
ifth Commandment. oue of the rnost
inspiete and most artiste Pieces pre-
nitec in  audeville, and all tie players
lanim'nhhe- suitetd for their parts; a piece
ian compels tears, bui not in tine least
'iced. Bunr X. McIntosh, alecture that
)s culen intorest despite auny prejri-
ce. Rogers & Deely & Co., in Lasky's
obinson Cruso Isle, popular because it
gmill and meitoriouls from a scenic
id stage Nie-point. Thuc Great I-Is-
Innl.nuu  'net  hinat  is, miixstifvNg1-  auild  fall-
;Mi h'Ii-''~  tii mil uOff, lIII,
ed the late Daniel Quilp to erect the
Auditoium in 1889, Col. Camp was the
manager, in fact he wxas the only  aa-
ager the  historic building  ever had.
Duinig tie life of tie Auditorium  the
greatest attractions and stars of the
world appeared here.   Col. Camp en-
tered the ranks of the amusement field
when hue was fifteen years old, as usher,
in Macauley's theater. From  tie time
he entered the employ of the late Bar-
ney Macauloy, he was ambitious to do
1 ig things. As an evidence of his value,
lee was in Mr. Macauley's employ for
eleven years. In 1885 he became general
manager for Daniel Quilp and was asso-
ciated with him  until his death four
years ago.  Col. Camp was for three
years lessee and manager of the Grand
Opera House of Louisville.
Everything ie has managed in the
amusement line has been a success, as it
is a well known fact that he has not
one financial failure to his credit. He
never emibarked in an enterprise unless
1e fully weighed every point as to the
possible results. Col. Camp has not only
been a director, but he was an actor ad
stage manager for four years of his ce-
reer with Barney Macauley. He has th
distinction of creatiag the first traip
part on the American stage.
As a public spirited citizen, he stands
as one of the first in Louisville. No big
affair is started in his city that he is not
one of tie first citizens to be drafted for
the work. As aIn evideace of Isis popu-
larity, the citizens of Loui1ville elected
hum by tine largest ma 'jority of any can-
didate en the Democratic ticket to the
osition of city trea suer, N  1ich pos-
tion linc hesT for eight years, iii connec-
tion with the management of the Audi-
torium      s
Ie is a Mason of high degree, beinga.
Knights Temnplar, Ilad degree Masoa,
"'Shrmine," B. P. 0, E~lks, ''Rei-inaun'
i'i ighits  ouf  iPx'hiiiis  lloix'l  -\us': mm
audionce is "n' most of tile time, and
COn1-1 lienti f  Ias a good laugh.  Ott
13rothers, nearly as good as Weber and
Fields in their piie. Lew Iloom, one
ofictlehobestltramups maoups~ Iaveei 1
iere in a lorng time  nd plenty ofare
comedy. RovaI Mu n1al Five, they make
histrmillents sroxevervlin  but  toIk.
Yaiiinimoto Bros. Japanese aciililists,
giing a splendid display  of balancing
power. Dora Ronca, as good, if not bot-
ter, as when she was a star with tihe
Zingari troupe. The teolots, a hilarious
ao1 rldclever juggling turn. Edwvaid Gray,
he does not have to makeup to make the
audience laugh. The Kilnos, songs and
dances in a way that makes one forget
it is a song and dance act.
Popular Amusement Manager of Louis-
ville, Ky., Who Has Notable Career.
(By J. S. Shalilcross.)
There are few men in Louisville, Ky ,
letter  known   than  Col   Jaies  B.
Camp. For thirty ,ears he has been
more or less interested in Ilie ause-
ment affairs in the "Falls Cit.'  To
i    naie  helongs tie credit of bring-
il- tpie higget and greatest amusement
enterprises that as ever bec'n seen in
Louisville. It was his idea that prompt-

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