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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Cavanagh, Charles T.
St. Louis gossip,   p. 8

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September 21, 1907.
S     Actors Scarce and Talent Is Bady Wanted by Managers;
ST         .LO           U     I               Good Attractions at All Theatres-Interesting Professio
St. Louis Bureau of
The Show World,
etury Theat                                 BY CHARLES T. CAVANAGH.
Charles T. Cavanagh,
I'. L.OVIS, Sept. I4.-T'rc is an ex-  tional rows of seats laviog been in- at Haviin's; h'1e Joseph F. Sheehan
stalled behind the back rail of the lower Opera Co. in II Trovatore at the Odeon
__traordinary scarcity of actors in St. floor to accommodate the crowds.          Boston Belles at the Gayety and Chain-
Louis just now. There would be few     Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model, has pagnc Girls at the Standard.
Iliespians without employment this sea-  rad  a strong week at olavin's with           Personal Notes and Comment.
Clara, Joel in the title role wvith a face
'lc if they would file their applications and figure that looked the part. Victory  Gwilym Miles, for many years a famil-
cwith agencies in this city. There are a  Bateman. than xhom noone stands bet-  lenged    natonall    concert wor   al
umber of rcpcrtoirc and]onc-picce shows  ter in the memory of St. Louisans, had  opened astudio in this city for the teach-
a promirent place i the cast. ning of stage and church singing.
rganizing in this ilcinity, the progress  The High Sinks Burlesquers and Bob      TV. J. McNees, an actor with The Hei
which is being rtarded solely through  Manchester's Vanity Fair company sup- to theo loorah    company,   disappeared
l1ce inability of agents to secure people  ]lied the programs at the Standard and  mysteriously Thursday and no trace o
the Gaycty.   Business  at  these  tw    him has since been discovered, lie wac
icc search of positions. Walter Donald- liouses is of a capacity character      aman of good habits and Manager Harry
on illustrates the condition by showing                                          Riding, of the company, fears he has me
list of over 100 positions awaiting can-     Moving Pictures Attractive,        with foul treatment. His personal be
-lidates who can make noises like per-    0. T. Crawford put on is moving pic- longings and stage possessions were lef
rmers. For a town that has not been ture show at the Odeon last Saturday untouched at his hotel and in the the
''iI the theatrical map as long as some  and Sunday, with txo performances each   ator. He is a resident of Cincinnati
thers this amounts to something. But day.     ills sanuicd effects  cmlIiTsh the  whore ie has made hiI Iocn  with hi
ein it is remembered that St. Louis
is the metropolis of the southwest and
that there is not another city of size be-
tween here and the Mexican border, a
Ilistance of some fifteen hundred mile-,>
Ihere is no reason to wonder at a growy-
ing demand for actors and     actress -
thiough this tributary domain.   Th-s-
gentle exponents of culture are as mcih
of a necessity of modern life as sho 
and the brew of hop, two commoditie
with which the   inme of St. Louis ac,-
associated most freely.
His Honor the Mayor Pleases.
'Thec' 1irst engagement in this city
IHis tioncor lice Mlayccr ope-ned at Ih
Ccontniy  theater  last  Sunday  night
There waca large welcoming audiacic
and the show woic from the start. No\v
rbefore has St. Louis seen such tireles
and swift xvork onl the stage. The cc,--
<ici and fireworks comstitute the  crin
cipal attractions of the ecnrertainmet,
and were sufficiently strong to make tho
week's business excellent. Harry Kelly,_a
Madelyc Marshall acid Daic Evans or,
the indieiduals of most uorinence, bct
the daccing dolls.' which is a bette
wmde than 'pony ballet.' are the fouca
datioc stone, hculwarks and main arch
of the entire program  structure.
The Ma   of the Hour ha its second
ad final aek at lice Olympic. Witn,
cooler, weather the Icusilcess has been a
de~cided inmprovemonr over that of tie-
Previous week. There is no questionic-                    I
the enphatic    llt the Play has scored n
St. Louis, acid if it had not been fo
oe sexre xvarintn of the first part of
the engagement    lice  Broadhurst  playv
wuild have set sorace high figtres that
cmight not have been ecqualled again this
seasonl.  A  return  engagement befccre
cext sumer sotuld prove profitable.
Strongheart Wins Favor.
Edgar Selwyn and his company  hi
farig 'elli atcetGris serand rouse irn
Strecigeart. The as w staris inpersoic-
angl the Indiancollegeboystrictly alog
the  fhtes fixed by Mr. Edeson-a most
omcdenable thiegto do.  in vicixof the
fiaoly rotunded charcaclt  wich the liii-
Cor uiale of the sGcbject. Te compn-i
is adequate and ithe business gratifyi.l
The Grand is presenticng aseries of dl
grade attractions this season and trih
snc'ess is as commecndatory oflice tn~csu
uif their catrons as of the excellent juih-
icent of the managenent.
The vaudeville var is like a west-tic
gtha  fight on  a ptblic street: the a e-
stcerders are lhe priccipal victis. lea o
Columnbia and the Garrick are cannonc-
acing eac other witsl poorfl bills gkl
the other theaters in tocvn are contro-
otiing portions of their patronage to t  per
appetite  for vaudeville  thu   created.
Neither of the combatants are sufferiig
a     s    hcatch.
T1e Garrick billist uch stronger than
that of the previousweek. Te Romany                                    FRANK V. BUCK.                 Sykes Phot eCicagi
Troupe of operatic singers ate the lead-
ingnumber. Their selection. both clas-     Well knocto professional people in Chicago, FrankV. Buck, formerly with th
sic and near-classic, please all secpions   Western Vaudeville Managers' Associatio, has been appointed to the responsib
of the audience.  Harry CeurCon Clarke   positionofChicagcrepresentative of Messrs. Kaw    Eryanger, the NewYork th
presents his playlet, Strategy.  Maucie  atricalnmagc ates. Mr. Buck isamanof exeutiveforce and ery popular.
Lambert. who established a wide circle
ofSt. Louis friends wile she was help-
lag to make the World's Fair a     success  pictures themselves, and the program  in  mother andsister. Heis thirty years
by appearing in the Delm a    Louisiana  its entirety is one of the very best of age andins been on the stage for sen
production, has several songs and could tHe character ever seen   in tIis city.   eral years.
ccse several more if she could give a      rge audiences were present atall per-   Sol Lichtenstein, of St. Louis,has bee
the encores requested. Biy    Clifford. formances.                              engaged as musical director of Crus
Chren aScymc sn Caroh can smalerbert      avs     sth   lyi      hc    hisntoa        ra    f h     .M    .u
oreont heielassivs huoa  ThIrar-   Hugh  O'Neill and his company inaug-   Isle on the Keith and Proctor circuit.
ture. onthe Ellsolanro a abriht- Inlmetwateredbdeadnpa-                   P    t ann  , wTisoni farmere wih
son, with a thrilling bicycle act, and   uraed theireseason with a weekat S  -    eot e    ereiitewithtI
amus    in  a juggling  and athltic turn. bT rbanGardenin The Colleen Bawn and  Lillian Russell company last season
lazz IThe Real Robert Emmett. Many of the                                        min instrumentalist in The Butterfly. h
Stella Mayhew in Piay.           performances are give   for the benefit joined the Witmark forcesin New Yro
Stella Mayew is the most icteresting   of various Catholic parishes of the city        Has Stalwart Door Man.
personage on the Columbia bill, for  ae   cid audiences have been large and per-      The Century theater has a new doo
hade her first vaudeville appearance in  forcances satisfactory.  're  supporting  keeper in the person of Barney Wilo
this city thisweek. Of course she ade       company is headed by Grace Lurtong a  for many years apolice sergeant in th
,good. But she changed her songs for a   young actress of ability and beauty. The  city. He succeeds Frank Kober,cyhohct
play before the week was over, and a]-   company will tour eastern states, later,  resigned.
though It Happened in Utah     is good.    Forest Park Highlacnds and West End     Joe Pazen, press agent of West Eri
lice talented lady should stay in her Heights close their seasocs toccight. The Heights during the past summer, hc
original line. There are many who can    former hashbad Cavalle's bacidwith Em-   gone to Chicago to take a road positia:
act as cyell as she, butcaighty few who  mna Partridge as soloist, and the latter  he has been editor of The Ghost. tt
present acomic song with a small frae-   had Htarvest as the play in wvhich Thais  national organ of the T. M. A., bd ti
lion of her irresistible hmor. The rat- Magrane and her company appeared. It publication is said to have manifestc
ity of her talents necessitates their cul-  proved lice best play of her repertoire. symptomcs of locomotor ataxia.
turo. The Ellis-Nowlan Triohad abright  Inclemenct weather reduced garden pat-    Pat Bannon, the Wisconsin farmer wi
new acrobatic turn which was constantly  ronage to feeble figuresduricigtheiveek. devotes his leisure time in thexyinter1
amusing. The other acts. such as Wil-      The coming week wvill bring: 'c~ilton  tice show  business,  has  been  doir
liam Inman, Emma Francis. Mine. Nadji Lackaye in ltce American premiere of ociglily 'vork in the interests of Edgc
and the Eight Bedouin Arabs, were at-    Hall Caine's Drury Lacce success. The    Selwyn in Stronglceart. Although itcc'
tractive.                                Bondman. at lice Olymrpic; The College   be lice third v'isit of the Do Mille con
The Cowboy Gicl. with Marie Flynn at Widow at the Century; Arizona at the       ode drama to St. Loucis icnd the oppos
the head of the east. has done an ox- Grand Opera H-ouse; Fncle Tom's Cabin      hioci cave all the freshness of new show
cellent busiccess at flle Inmperial, addi- at the Inmperial; 'rie Mysterious Burglar Mrt. Baninonc Ices pushed his charge in
the very front of public attention.
R. Victor Leighton, formerly general
manager of the Al. Woods shows, is  act-
ing as agent of His Honor the Mayor
(with Harry Kelly).
Mirs. Jane Campbell, expert stenog-
rapher in the show line, will probabl
have charge of the typewriting dpartment
of the Donaldson Theatrical Agency. Ste
is Probablythebest known key nanipa.
lator in St. Louis.
0. T. Crawford, directing genius of
tesfilm exchange which bears liname
states that the volume of the filmc busi-
ness in this city exceeds all 'xPecta-
r tions. In St. Louis the moving picture
establishments seem to be elbowin each
fother in every block and the demand
s from outside on the supply houses indi-
eates that a   similar condition  exists
t throughout the southwest.
Friends Greet Performer.
t    Johnny Curran, of Ward &     Curran,
had his home in St. Louis before ie
went on the stage. Last Monday night,
when the team appeared at the Colum-
bia, a host of their friends were in thle
audience. At the close of their sketch,
The Terrible Judge, Judge Orrick Bishop
arose from his seat in one of the boxes
and expressed the pleasure Curran's old
associates found in hearing him sing
again. Ite invited the team to a ban-
quet in their honor at the cisic Mar-
uoetto Hotel.
It is announced that the Joseph F.
Sheehan Opera Co. will present four
weeks of grand opera in English at pop-
idar prices at the Odeon, beginning Sept.
1. Mr. Sheehan and his following will
Ict with a cordial welcome. di  local
mcccgement is under the ci,-lien oh
iessrs. McDonald and Piper of the  ol
Reis Mdusic Company, who have bees
ecineDtly successful in eandlicg sack
-oigagenco nts heretofore.
William . Brady, Wilton IaGtavesan
Icelatter's company arrived in  S. Louis
Linight and final rehearsals of 'Tie
ocgdman ere begun at ont. Bal
'time, lice disticnguishced surlier of lbs
P'lay, is expected to witness fte opening
ieformances. There is alarge sile far
Ice week at the Olympicand thte dian.
iai successof the American introdclin
Elae big Drury Lanesuess isassured.
icti Gressitt, iast year an ambas-
eder of Madame Butterfly., is hero i
iavance of The College Widoi.
TJhc bill at tue Globe theater (h-I. E.
lice, mg) was -Mae. Martil. evoa-
inp globe; Frank Harris, Hebr-ew corn-
'-wan; Bartell. female impersonator; the
wreat Benlont, head   balancing; Lth
tiesselenan iliustratd  songs;   Jack
Styles, Negro comedian;   new   coving
pictures,  Business good.
Ktaw  &  Erlanger Appoint Young Ctwl
cagoan as Press Representative.
'lie acnouncement recently ae that
ik V. Buck, formerly associatdcicith
rlio Western Vaudeville Managers' Asso-
ciation, had been appointed by Kiaw &
Erhangeras their General Western Pub-
licity Agent, caused quite a sti r imanl-
o.eias  i and dramatic circles. Mr. Bucks
seso is a comparatively yousg ad, as-
surned his Cecyoffice Sept. 1n cdish n
ie w cetrol of all the publicity ien.west
cf Ne   York,
tw. Buck was born in Dallas. Texas,
cweoty-ightyvears ago. He lived in the
vest until 18S7. spending a part of the
uime as a ranchan and in ether tYPi-
ndalestern pursuits. Tenyears ag r.
h huck came to Chicago and made isi n-
itial essay into the profession of enter-
cainment by acquiring sonce oirssiens
at the Wenld's Fair. Having cccl with
essinthisventure the olaloing sea-
srn he toured a circuit of fairs ith
group ofshows, visitingin the course of
icis itinerary the state fairs of Iowa
Kansau, Missouri andTexas. Mr. Bucks
season was most prosperous and he tr-
o  turned to Chicago enriched in both le
o  way of money aad experience.
e     Mr. Buck then left the hoi bnsiness
for a      period  and in 1900  warried AcY
Leslie, the famous theatrical critic ofthe
Chicago Daily News.  Forthe Theadirk
two years Mr. Buck    lar i au charge
at of the western office of the o Bol
Musical Publishiag Comipany, cad un-
derhisdirection theiagec  mate clme
a  for itself among  the  nuc   tie ether
e musical publishing firms thit existed at
the time. After aince'U Air Bt-seeed
i- his connection  a-ith Sol Blooci aind en-
s   oted into partnership with a  rm Car-
ts o  y, cvith thefirmnameofBuck&Car-
k.  ney Music Publishing Co.   1( 'IIceiaccs
eacinently successful, acid pc-- e1 nie
r- mcarket many of the ''hits'' cliar were
v, whistled acid played by thce livers of
is  popular  mcusic.  Eventually Air. Back
cas Purchased Carney's interest inc the firs'
and conducted the businessalceTh
I  McKinley  Music Comipany, whlich boil
is  been seekiag opportunity to c11luirge 11s
a. holdings, then  purchased  tle lushness
ce from Mr. Buck.
to In 1904 Mir. Buck became business mani-
cd ager of Ravinia Pank. cyhich ivas thee
in its incipiency andcwas underice ma-
co  agement of J. J. Murdock.    'Ible park
to  gained rapidly in popularity and grew1to
g  ho that -which Is now one of the Mast
ar  frequented parks in Chicago. At the case
Ill of the park season Mr. Murdock placed
c- Mr. Buck in the offices of the Westerni
1- Vaudeville   Managers'   .\sso,ielifon  as
S, booking agent, wh-iere lice ice remained
to  until now.

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