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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Fairs and carnivals,   pp. 40-41

Page 40

September 4 1907
W     1llb uyNhous-0wivesmaoking hustling
W rtparai ttios  to display, thei  best
ham, pies aid peach souffle; with  rit-
t-l f     ,mers c making tihe last "irvey of thir
blooded cattle and trotting mares; with
the childrens in stiffly starched ginghams,
that ambulation causes to break, bestow-
itg  saucer-eyed   appreciation  upon   the
preparations, and tite directors of the di-
rs fairs promising   the best premiums
I attiractitis it years  the outlook for
tatr scastot is toscate  its tile extreme.
town lasses atnd lads gaily garbed are
tIly avaititg hall opaorusity to swin
fin  dossn the Iinsipal s Itreet of tise
i_ \ttn to the  cotspatyitg blare of the car-
nsi batt d  atd the different hoyvilles are
n tmit   o111, f  watercarrying  possibilities.
itly tite carnival season augers wtell for
h, shDassmatss prosperity.
The National Corn Exposition to be held
in Chicago, ctl 519, ougt to attract the
attentiont of farmers evecrywh-Iere. A total
of $66,000 wvorth of irizes will be awarded
at that titme, $10,00  of the amount being
in cash. The prizes range all the way from
a 10s-acre farmi in the panhandle district
of 'Texas, $Sss pianos, gold watches, car-
tiages, farming   inlemenuts,  agricultural
and household articles on dowti to clothing.
J ie  Colored   Carnimal  Associatiolr of
J ar ksotliiIe, 1Fla., is mstkintg great Prep-
arations and looking forward wviti interest
tot he eek of festivities to co hid i
that c ity froti Nov. IS to 24, eotssnietsiorat-
lug the anniversary of William Lloyd Oar-
ite Georgia State Colored Agricultural
Inodustrial Association, which held its
ist fair its Macott iost successfully last
I;Il. is preparing for even greater things
Ihis fall, and tie second annual fair will
-. Aild fliom Oct. 30 to Nov. 10.
iradeecount , L. ' T., eeds  $900 more be-
-c-it can hold a lcutit  fair'.
lttskogee, I. T., is ialing ivery edeavor
I. hold the state fair at Muiskalgi-  tins
iall.  present indications arc favurable for
tI ultimiateI holding of a fair.
the Traveling Mvns' Association of San
itonio, 'Tex., hsave organized for the pur-
- se of obssrving Traveling M-ns' Day at
hi Interiatiotal Fair and   assisting  itn
r - way possible te miaageient of tl e
,r ii msakinig thc-i-veit ai sitteos. h-.L
I it-tt wxas elected president of the assot-
itt i ;  F. Illitt-, secretary. ansd J. F.
it tinsan , trasurer.  Saturday, Nov. 11 ,
,I is t-laOsn  as tue day wics xvili ne oi-
rxed by the traveling mscit it the Exixo-
This is the last season that Henry J.
Pait will give his fireworks display ott the
Il siti, ttic-re fsor tAtt--tt-niiti years lie
l   Sa hb xeit  at  twantta  n3cact, Nes
-I  ei Ibe advancetof rel i i-stt  n shas
Thcre will be intnse rivalry between the
exhibits of the Misocii and Kansas agri-
cultural sch'oios tit the big Inter-State fair
to be leld at Elm   Htidge, Kan., Sept. 23
to Oct. 4. At eacit colli-ge thtire is eager-
ne   t hat its display s1all excl that of the
otler schooI and Create more of ani limpres-
sion among the visitors to the fail,
'I'ligre NAil ite 5o  passis issaeud to tise
,tate house emplotyees for the Nebi-asia
sta te fair*, to ite held tit Lincolnt, excet
"frservices received aisc value rendered."
Preparatiotis for the fair and street car-
nival at Wtcbasisa, Minn., tise first sweek iii
October. are fast assumin1g form, and the
committee of business men      is engaging
some good attractions.
Clark, S. D., will have a fair Sept. 25,
2l and 27, and large cash prizes will pre-
vail in each department. The carnival fea-
tures will be free.
The   eighteenth  annual Western     Slope
Fair will be held at Montrose, Colo., Sept.
17 to 20. There will be special aiuseient
features and a race meeting.
Milbank, S. D., has arranged for a car-
nival Oct. a, 0, 2o aisl d21, atid thsere swill
be several free attractioiss, itn-cudiisg tl,
Ijre tos troupe tand tse Slayton JcibileSiing-
cr.The tsnisuttl county fair INviI taketplace
a t tite same timie.
Fort Atkinson, Wis., will have one of the
largest carnivalo  of the month, opening
Sept. 19.   The C. A. parker Amusement
Comtpany will furnish the attractions. Sp -
cial trains will run from   the neighboring
The managers of the Mandan, N. D.,
county fair, Sept. 25 to 27, have prom.sised a
seInt .Ot intise fotm of a gi-muit  Spaniss
Iuol tii- ft is titiouitet thait Felix SRob-
oirt, iatador, of Juarez, Mexico, 1as been
ngagd to give th- exhibition. 11, is to
brc.inog  -Nvn  buill-tighters  find  twelve  wNill
! lls  ti-t1   Al1len.  It  is   at  t    - c:
Msatl,  wh"at the Stat, Iluinant lHavSioty o!
tlie  u nil  States authorities intend to do
ithout it, Int they still pobably I- there,
or have their rep-esentatives, in atn oficial
Louisiana's state fair at Shreveport still
open Oct. 5, and    wtill last a week.    The
Parker Amuseme-nt Company       will furnish
the a ttracltionis  on  the "Gladivay,"  and
tiere will lie   a  moving   picture exhibit,
racing, stock   and  cotton  exhibits and   a
fine band.
The Richland county fair still be held at
Oliey, 1111., this iont. tte  cats beirg
Sepst. 20, 22, 22 and    23.  Th~e msanagers
promaise many new     and attractive amuse-
nsitt features.
The Webster county (Nebr.) fair will be
1held at Bladen, Sept. 23 to 27. The usual
exitibits of dairy and farm     products still
be ausemented by several carnival features.
The South Dakota state fair opened      olt.
9 with sis imnmense crowd present.        'It.-
amuissenint features   wvere  the best  evet
offir-  and included Joe Joker, the guic
liss is-cing hoise; the Three Aiestos; Dl1-
httleh & Mety-c  Lojett, the aerialist: P-
laid, juggler, and a cotsboy relay ua-t.
'Vito  Wnia. l\itittit  'titet fit hass ,--
(rai ft -v sTio  tan  a o ng list of secis
attrattios. The fairl opened Si-t. 9 for a
tntinager f7  I.  s   as close  the coit-
itst-t to  ftlsisit t;-  atiositit-it feaitucres
tsor th  Anoka, 'Mitis. strit fil Selitt 29
10 andc 21.   Fit-c fr-c exhllibitins st-lit It'
lh,    and th  Cash 'arnitl Co. will has-
a half. dozetn otseti attracstionss.
-Willmar, Minn., will have a street fail
Sipt. 19, 20 and 21, and all the amsusemnI
f-aturc-s  ill be fr-e. ani innovation due t
the lilt-ral policy of the managets. Amonsi)m
tt   ft-v eliows in tents are the   tutbri s
TrltitC   tl hicyle   acro L tiF  a-it: a a-
t!iaine~ I  nilsl and Ola Skratthult, .nter-
t in1er and( character sktecs.  Hiand con-
--tt day and evening.
1 p in the copplr country the Housghton
fair and carnital wsill hale some attractixu
featstures, inClUding Uuansinga, the arial-
it    t and a Ii  liot or aius-ints. -Man-
ager  John   MacNanari is prepared     to  en-
gage first-clais attractions.
Champaign     Ill., is to  have a  festial
sit-ii, atid ts', Fracst-is I,,-e Gitt-tter Sisos
listsj isovi 'ossied fist thte catisisat features
ie   still I,  serl free  ttirsctions and
a 11ozen shows    for which a small fee is
'Vie  Lachisisn-iLoos  Cousatsy  tsas  bees
cngagec to funisitow crntital atttactions
at the street fair at lariry. Ill., Sept. 16.
Ther    till be three free shoxvs and eight
pay ansusemesnt featuts.
Marlin. Tex.. still havo  a carnial in con-
1.etionl with its fa ir Scot. 16.  There wvill
he  many    free  vaudeville  features. horse
racing and the usual stock and dairy ex-
Brockport, N. Y., io planning many netc,
fetturs for its fair Sept. 25-2, and ie v
l- uiltliigs loose itt- c rectet.  'lTere wsill ise
fte vaudIeville features and band concert.
'rie West Mslicisis state ftil- still beglis
tit Grtandc Ilattits. St-itt. ii. Otot. if the ait-
tiactionts still I)( litesit  Dots's log aitt
oy cirtcus ani  Wild  West. Special prizes
are offcred for dairy products, stock and
farms Exhibits.
''e   'igo county   fair at Terre Haute.
Inil., iill open Sept. 16 for five days, and
in addition to a fine band concert every day
there will bt   many free attractions.    The
racing  and   blooded   stock  show  wvill be
Tihe Indiana state fair., which opened at
Indianapolis, Sept. 9. was attonded by a
tieo-ndous croId and it is likely to pros-
the most successful fair in the hsistory of
the state.   Special attention  stas devoted
to the display of blooded stck wvith prizes
of $6,500.
Plensty of ft-t aisst......ssots. lig  listilso
of stiot-.c t ine drivisez aidsleatddle co.ntests
siis  manyv tutor attractioins tire echoil,-
for itoC annual strect fair, anti stocks sliest
ft Adrian, MO.., Sept. 21-13.
'lhe fifty-fifth annual Illinois state fair
wtill open at Springfield Sept. 27, and con-
tinue eight days. closing    Oct. 5.   It is
promised   that the fair of 1907 will be
greater and grander than ever.       The re-
vised  premcium    list, together with    the
alddd cash premiims. is bringing exhibit-
ors froms ever-    s('ction  of tle United
Stau- atoiltii-co wsill lio tonv new ex-
1l1itvi  ant t- forticcrsiisl  fair. One of
thi  new ind iportant features of the
fair this year will be the inaicuguration of
tilt new  amiustmilio'nt grouindtis in "Happy
_ N
I         A ! lI          t T   w id  mu11,n  it-
wvill he contin d to this lnew location anl
already exc-iy available foot of space ias
been contracted for iY some of the best
and cleas st enteipises now on the road.
The great State fair of Oklahoma will
1   lid Oct. 5 to 16 at Oklahosa City.
IDuring the fait, people not only frolm
osi-i-s. ttart of the state but fromn all it-s--
tise "rent toortlisvstt ssill be its attenod-
atl( '  At Iai t qutistits of ads-ertisitsg
isoatt c  scitit fot tlie resourios and
ativaittages of Oklahsoimt as a resideoc
will be distributed tt the gathering.
The directors of the fair association
have decided that Harvey county, Kas.,
will hold ni  fsii this  year.  SOsc-cal
tinitgs comtinietd to maktie it isacislesobie
to hold the fair this year. but it does not
uiply that the Newvton agricultural so-
c-ety is to discontinue holding fairs. Next
year Newtoni will get into the game more
elaborat-ly and enthusiastically, and ant
eallt start will I- I utu
Marfibcn Counlt  EnIir mu~l Stock Breed-
Danbury Fair
October 7 to 12
One of the Bio Fairs.      Vrite forpri
leies to AL. T. Bulkley, Supt. Booth
anI Stands, Danbury, Conn.
cis' Astclation Colunia. litioit Coin
tv, Miss,., isas -t'to captitaiiz-ii at $5,iti
by H   emry -motl dser. D.  . i. Hatliorn
N. RS. Drutitmiond atd other s.
La Crosse, \'is., is all agog for lt
street fali and carnival planned for th
seek of Sept. 16. 'There vill te tC101
itsg  slttsss  astd  itre  fict-sos, 1lii
.s litgr  Hcrbert 1leiti   ---s ltfoli
Pic-sidi-tt fL. E. 1,OvaqteithaIlst his- lii
ii1g tiftoit s1tos.   Tte biuiness mlel
still illuit nahotev tiso streets.
Ealnko City 'Minn., has arranged for
five-day fai' tn  ctrnial beginningSelt
the. nminen11,t fuaturles.
Unique and Unrivalled. Funniest Thing Afloator Ashore
Perform, in a strikiniglv realistic manner all the fany
steps of itck and Wing Dancers. Southern Negro 110i-
dboiwts and ('locs at the will of the operator,
Caitchc'es eeriod'oti rli
the cradle to the grat
sells ate,.ight.
A genii schistlen andJi-
gers will bring dlown 1t
house.    h'ngietlb
Trs  it weiti piano or
graphopihone   Itisirreis-
tible. Great hit for fair.
conventiOls io resort,. A
Retails  50  cents, ald
worth theimone.
1Wi11 send samiple by ca
press prepaidilreceipf
:3.,  cents.  If  not  satistiet
we will refund ilte on011.
Write quick. as ntulibtr
of samples is limited.
One dozen lot e'lo'
orepaideto aln mtiEasta Of
]lect A r on It 1,,0 lit4 00.
Halfgrtslts itelt-l
freight prepid 1`3lt) oil
ftryigist shilointls at ltalI
Ifs5,  MU mut 5Ou1te Iiith Ile
ord er:  taanni    % fI~tle
paid oi arrival       11l
'itwio pieces of esitah
i-itten  musi  free  ith
each Jigger.
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