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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Bochert, C. G.
Merry vaudeville war begun by the Pittsburg managers,   pp. 37-38

Page 37

September 14, 1907.
BY      T   H   E   PIT     T   SBU      RG      M   A   N   A   GERS              RHODA ROYAL, General Director         CHARLES B. FREDERICKS, Business Manager
A HIGH CLASS                   USEM          T ORGANIZATION
Harry Davis Goes Into Court to Establish His Contract Rights
to Furnish Amusement to People.                                                                                      N
PiT  :,m 1I, I"'., slpt. 7.--This city w%;s and thle crolials ie n(  preat, t.Iat asp         RINOi RATERNAL SOCr
un1 11liotlly ill  ene  of the theatri- mnuch as ithe, tuality, of thel singing. A\t ti-                         IU3WCES       U
,i~lth  si-citrt      h   ieli     Old Cros Itoado at Blancv's is holding it"LS1ES                                         O      ~   TRALOI'I.
an Tmament for a few days at least Oln Crsatcd 1c atante 11roductonoi
ast we k. Harry Davis took the vaudeville  given a line presentation.                                       O
et noite court pnd almostosecur alrin in Prteal nl uhe sarwssolosddouafte 1118a- Im
5nctin  to prevet  th  openng  ~m,.ca of rthe seekers after out-door amuse-       O      f   c    a
he Duquesne   Theater  wihll  Advanced   monts, the size of the crowds nightly testi-
Vaudeville. Mr. Davis based his right to  fying to Manager E. E. Gregg's sagacity in
trvet                   n  n   thle stbItion of attraction features, alltO is D
prevent the opening of the Ducluesne on an  t  colo   d     atinfatrs         o\         ipa        o
the~~ opnn  of teuiuse    kping open despite the fact that Exposi-      Dsplay No. 1
Id contract made when he turned over the  tion  with Sousa is drawing largo throngs       A  picturesque  equestrian novelty. introdu-ing the fmus        ltRhoda
Alvin t, the Klaw & Erlanger and Stair   and that ill the theaters, including Braun's      Royal Black Horse Hlussrs in a distinct innovation       ntitld,    he
& HaNin people for bookings, and just after  lew Auditorium are bidding for public fa-     Gathering of the Garlands."
hiaviopeope forookins,       vo. The burlesques at the Academy andPa                                             I
he prevented the B. F. Keith firm  from  Gayety are far above the average, The
retting a playhouse here.                Bacloelor Club at helte     os     aig"~~Gun                  fteBt
rIn i bill ofhcomplaiontDavis states that  aheo  Clu.a the latterohouse having       "The Ganme of the Rome," the favorite pastime of Ill, sturd    sonls of
n Jun ,   of05, mlaind     tates tho  one of the mnost elaborate outfits on the        the South African Desert, requiring torveloi           i       p In al
a Joi- 1905, 1(,law  and Erlanger, who   road.
ondu  : a theatrical booking agency in New       Society at Nickelodeon,                 effort to gain supremacy in the friendly contest.
York, rid Stair & Iavlin, also  1tooking
agens, mntered into an agreement with R.  No better indication of the increasing      Display No. 2
M. Gulick & Co., owners of the Bijou Thea- popularity of the moving picture show and
er, and himself as lessee of the Alvin The- the low-priced vaudeville can be found than   The Plonondan Brothers. in ai         of  liu  unrhltic m    i uior-
ter to furnish attractions for a period of  in the following item culled from a local     ous gyrations on the H\ olving ldr.
ix years for both houses. Under the terms  society colunn: "Mr. and Mrs. William .
f the agreement R. M. Gulick was to act Smith, of 5713 Callowhill street, chaperoned   Display No. 3
s manager of the Alvin Theater at a salary  a nickelodeon party last night. Miss Flor-
f $5,200 a year. Both houses were to pay  ence Murrin, of Butler, and  Miss  Ma-          A  triple hounding    itro-heo-k-I  Itlnktv  ,xlilition  in  tonjutitIv
ertain percentages to the booking agency  Borckmann, of Washington, D. C., wore           achievements on the bctl of a runiing sttod- assistlI by their onnin-
hich furnihed them with attractions. Klaw  honor guests. The party of 14 visited lte,     pet. MeCree-Dnvenport Troupe.
& Erlanger it is claimed, bound themselves biggest nickeloteons in East Liberty ai
ot to book for any theater outside of the  downtown, making the rounds in autoni-     Display No. 4
Alvin Micu, Nixon and Empire, and the   biles. A dinner at the Schenley followed."
Gayety, if certain arrangements with the   The Royal, a dainty little  nickelodeon         Paul Brachard, the world's greatest contortionist ito a series of
Hyde .C  litman Amusement Companry  ere  owned and managed by George Weber at            amazing physical culture exhibitions.
tot litd up to.                         No. 915 Wood street, Vilkinsburg, a suburb
Signed by the Magnatesof this city, will open Saturday. and Mat-               Display No. 5
Signd bythe  agnaes.agel Weber says toe noay introduce vatd
The agreement. which is given in full in  lile at the house very soon. C. F. Big        Superb Quadruple High School display of Ouestrianism          by four
Davis  t ition, is signed by Marc Klaw, aman and a coterie of suburban capitalists      superb, perfectly trained menage horses, ridden by Miss Carrie
a. i. lil1langer, Ktav & Erlange, 1. 1 D. have annountrce  that they dill build a $ti   Norenberg and Htenri Potter. Chns. McGrath and Ltlu MeCree.
aink. Jotn H-. Havlio, Stair & Ilarlio, It. 0100 tolet rinik and vaudeville thseater itt
Bruisiton avenuo, in the Homewood district,  Display No. 6
lanI another combination headed by W. M.
Brinker has purchased the old Qul Vive           The Tnainanian Troupe on the revolving Devil's Wheel. The acme
'Iler skating garden in the same district        of aerial navigation, in which two young ladis assisted by the
ott announce the opening of the place as a      devil's disciple twist and whirl at a terrific rate of speed while sus-
The gvadevie hinougseefore snow fles          pended at dizzy heights only by their teeth.
list, of  $10,000.  The  concensus  of  opin-
it that tho East Liberty district is be-  Display No. 7
N tirtok1ed, btut this remains to be            An invertebrate artist in refined and amazing contortions otn the
Ii. G. W. Morganstein has just made the1 high        ire-Miss Amie Sutton.
ioal onnouncement of the Liberty Theater
nmng in Penn av-nue, and this is alsot     Dia    yNo.8
ot Aleotious house of the same kind, while          ay
harles Lease is alsto arranging for vaude-     Dashing and bewitching principal bareback riding by two of Eng-
i  a ctsen  .is Star F'amsiy Theater in     land's fairest queens of the arena, Miss Davenport and Miss Funtelle.
T- toli as-enlie. Wilkilthbtg, close to tite
1rushton neighborhood.                       Display No. 9
Two Good Vaudeville Bills.                A superb program    of astonishing aerial sensations, denoting unex-
(Irand--Ricci's BEnd of Forty, one nl          rnpled bravery and phenomenal training. The nicest of judgmint
the most ,laborate vaudeville offerings .f         illied with  the most wonderful agility in matty       eXploits of a
te oear, is at this 1oite, aid the till iii-     ietiliarly hazardous character. The Delno Troupe.
chidesloe Motor Girl, hightly interesting be-
-use it is so perplexing, Clarice Vance,      Di pla    N      0
still lt' splrele singer of Southern ballads  NS0
to etlaing her inititaile  and  appin-          tour horse Liberty and trick act, displaying thev-ry N   pittrle tf
Sfiately droll mannrle;- Elita Proctor tIts,   utiine education and mastery of mal. Trained         id lirslitOd by
nill 11ittl  tf stllat itnors and receiNitt     Nnerica's most famous horseman, Mr. R1hod Rloyl.
linm here; Fretd lBool & Co., i Bandhir-
itf Nt. 1., all clever od the comedy isL   Display No. 11
Whiitgsiere 11titouietnce telishoes tis-
ness--noever bordering otn vulgarity; Ju-     A marvelous and daring exhibition of 11ild West and Rough Riding
`11 Eltige, the naoiet a;o the nost per-      by John Agge, id whose lands the most stubborn and intractable
-. t fetm-itine 0110Ieisontor;  Citris Brutno    hos01sae stbut bellditogbrass.
!A Mabel Russell, a singing and dancing
..t thtat keet.,the auidiencee on the 0101  Dspalo1
o e; Caile Comedy Four is      orizontal     Display No. 12
Iar act that is the acme of daring; Lange's      A clever convocation of clown celebrities, single and en masse, ii
- .       ittasm  Four, a singing act replete  ith       antics and absurdities calculated to cause convulsions of merriment.
laughs; Earle & Bartlett, a rare Irish In,-
sWntation and a good soubret; Rowand &       Display No. 13
W. B. MERRIL                   Dugan, cotmedians wvlo have a real clatm
to that title, and Staley & Merten, a must-       The world's most wonderful acrobatic act, introducing ladies and
One of tire leaditsg tWseatiteal men of eat aet that seemed to please far above the     gentlemen in full evening dress, executing the most intricate and
tie counotry is W. B. Mlerrill, manager of average.difclfetevraeme.TneVnDesn.
he Alvin theater, Pittsburg. Pa. Ile is   Dugusne-Lee Harrison and his Broad-            difficult feats ever attempted. The Van Dienns.
man of great executive force and ex-   wvay Girls in A Morning Rehearsal. Mr. Har-    DisplayNo.14
remely popular among professional folk. risen is as much of a good fellow as in a
regular play and his girls pretty and full       Miss Rose Royal politely proffers the Arabian Aristocrat and tier
of viGi  Others en the bill are: Elite Must-    Floral Cort.   A unique Parisian Creation.
G.Puck, P. J1. MctNutty, H. M. Gulicko &  cal Pour. tlte most pretentious ususical act
. and HIarry Davis. It terminates with  presented ihere in many months; May Bel        DisplayNo. 15
his pa'-agraph:                          fort, sprightly and fullla of. brn1ns5lu
It iagreed between the iarties hereto  mor; George W. Monroe (Aunt Bridget).           Animated and artistic poses on the bare back of unbridled and run-
na- io furthe or ather compensatic shall  Caron & Herbert, a real vaudeville treat; Al  ning horses. Reno Mcree and Lulu Dnvenport.
epaill to parties of the first part for said Shean & Co.. in Quo Vadlo. as laughtale
ookiit than the compensation hereinbefore  as ever, and perhaps more; Caicedoua wire  DisplayNo.16
OtIod.                                  set that holds the audietnce spellbound and
On the day set for the opening of ethe  Kara, the most unique juggling act on the        Comic antics performed on the back of an electrified Mule, equalling
heater at the pesforuers and attache tof  stage.                                       the skill of the most noted bareback riders. George Crandall.
s-sDuqiqoEn'e swerc hauled into court to tell                     -
ho employed them, and few   could tell
uch of anything about the business, but       MANAGER V. B. MERRILL.
anagr MeileStolt put up the plearthat                                                          CAN    WORK     ON STAGE IN 30 FOOT RING
last &. Itlonger seec loot rnning -5 the- Grasduate of the Newspaper-lProfession IVio
ter, but that it was controlled and booked   Popularized a Pittsburg Theater.
Y th I nited States Amusement Company.                                                                                g
hortlr alter the opening hour for the mat-  Y. B. terrill, the mait who has pooi-
e the litigants agreed to postpone a final  larized the Alvin  theater  of Pittsburg.      N   ow       B   ooking             for      the      F    all
earing until next week. and the perform-  graduated from the newspaper business to
rs w-   ruOhled to the theater to give a be-  the theatrical fold by accident. After leas-
tell - trfirmance to an aw-aiting nudience  ing the Illinois Wesleyoan University ie he-
f gw,1,l size, Mr. Davis agreeing to allow the calme citv editor of the mloomington (Ill.)
tur.u' n  to operate that length of time  Daily L~eader, ando1 fromt there lie went to -of        W    inter        Season              1907=08
ithoir  interference.  Motth houses  got  Peoriaio and Chicago, of the sam  state
front-lage" notoriety from  the incident  for other papers. stbsequently becoming
nd lid record busirss. Mr. Davis also se-  managing editor of the Toledo (0.) Com-
ured a lot of publicity by engaging the  mercial, now  the Times.  A  receivership     Correspondence Solicited from Amusement Committees. Address
icci Rind late in the weeo and hauling it  ended this affiliation and Mr. Merrill be-
om  i1ago on a costly special train.  cause  ansager  of tise  Toledo Tract o                 CHARLES B. FREDERICKS, Business Manager
Consspany's anlunements  and  theCaio
At the Other Playhouses.          Hisl work attracted the attention of the
Lew Welch is making a treotendons hit  Stair & Iaslin people and ie was on the
ith hK crowds at flo Bijou in his clever  road for that firm six years, eventully r-         HE      ROYAL           IN   =DOOR            CIRCUS
ehil- The Shoemaker. presented here for  turning to Toledo to manage the Lycoum
e firs m tme, while Anna Day, a new star  and Burt's theaters of that place.                          Grand           Hous             CHICAGO
Pittsbrch. is msaking a host of friends  seasons ago sion R. IM. Gulick & Co. asked            6                    OllSd      g.,
When Knighthood TWas in Flower. At     Stair & Havlina to sens them a good man-
e Nixon the fourth mousical piece of the  ager for the Alvin, Mr. Merrill was or                           Long Distance Telephone Central 1577
ason. The Land of Nod, is proving to be  dered to the Smoky City and has sin e
e nost meritorious of all from a stage proven that the firm made no nistake in
adont. The equipment is magnificent    th-ir selection.

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