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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Browne, Walter
New York theaters reap big harvest,   pp. 14-15

Page 14

September 14, 1907 I
BillsInGothamWin Y       Playhouses  orT
NEW Favorand All NewYORK~ Even Many MinorTHEAiiERS
Nearly Five Score Theaters Are Doing Excellent Business
And Times Are Lively New Productions. Notably The
Rangers, Score Success-- Miss Harned in Anna Karenina.
News York Hiuihanl
Th 1  ho   lIrd,
1:8 Kniikerbo-ker Ileater ildg.
1Yalter Britone, Representlative.
N   EW   YORK, Sipt. 7. --Thilety-six thea-
i  it I I-r  a  bu t  six o f Itho  highest  rank,
half at dozen  urlesque houses, eight
it ficlass iatuello  establishments  and
half a shundle s of the minor older, all open
and doing itilarkable business Ona Mlanhat-
tail iland. Thirteen nII  plays produced
ant tln in ortant revivals within the last
Icihcr . Sci y' Thait's5 tilnge soic List
Old New York is scarcely likly to becoiei
It    tlit  i-il l  itt  itsti(   nitat  tis yet  1 e
AtyleaIlsi- Nick th i-~v is  icsn  nytastito. O
tant playhouses remain dark. Thiey are thie
Iitlig: Grand OpCILl Lilt  alite Garen
Music liall. TJhere have been sixteen new
plas produced in    lavish  and  extensive
S tyle il11 New YOrk alreadV this season.o O
if theI iha  lh  stamiina to make respet I-
able run.  Four luase proved utter fail-
urei ill-S  lt  1111rishllii-(.,aliiy led   sov the
h    bslu s  110nc  b i  tfs   ie  1 tl xt  e
11aI t I N, \\  York  has  nlo  Io -.-  farIt  <lis tis-
N ouW ,IIppealing Ill his nhiw o1one1dy 1 , N1Y
1Vife, att the Et pire Theater, New York,
John Drew    11nS SCOred  Lnthei   deciive
success. The play seems destined to ons-
joy a long run.
Ii the  matter   of   -tiaudIille, Father
Knickerbocker is indeed having at ga  old
time. Never before was hIlis ls tfor that
class of entertainment so liberally catered
Four new earnest dramatic efforts and a
frothy musical comedy claimed the atteln-
Lion Of Ite (ities tis week-I  Of Itete
Lien latestt effst ittl foteist Atm1ecan
playsliglt ustands pe-eminent. I  i T e
bingets , Augustuas Thotmas has tosen off
Ite iask of comedy swhich has recently
clothed iis work and successfully imbibetl
the old iinspiration Which enriched Ameri-
can dramatic literatlure with Arizona, Ala-
batma, and In Mizzouri. Another important
paroduction of the week is the draniatiza-
tion of Iolstoi's famioui hnoel, hAnnalKara-
ni"i  le'' iii the rapidly groint ransks of
women dramatists are well reprisenited by
capital works from the pens of itrace Lis-
ingston Furniss and Martha Mtoton. The
musical show, written around the person-
ality of to Rogers Brothers, is bright and
entertaining, but of the usual: and wsorn-out
The Hanger Lassoes Success.
Atmosphere such as iight make Shlaso
go way back and sit down. 'I'htrilling situ-
ations which make the audilnce sit up andi
giip the aris of their chairs. leart in-
terest wsttithich brings a Jump in th throat.
Stirring  titures  of  life.  real  life,  ihere
the hot blool surges throug  veins of unl-
sophistinted and undognrate man and
womaniolo,,IId. A  play of passs   Not a
1)1u111 IIssaL e of verbal popiuns. A broad.
aellI."thoest atselfo    the poetry of
m      ,anho  A sugges it  lItt tia  ex-
ists today in the out-of-the-way coriers of
this ctint     Melodrani, perhaps. But,
0h 1  uc. h exquisite melodramna! A  relief
frmi  thile Cu and saucer tollIedies of recent
times. A play will backbone and sinew,
and sentint which has too long been
stilled by tihe lilawkish so-called psychologi-
cal studies if Ibsen and MiNtrlinek. Suehs
is Thl ,ngillerl produclod last Miinda niglht
nit  W  ,II alhn k  th  lni r  tl. his  I it,.  It  has,  it,
li lts  u h1it   im01l till       it   i i ,
thi   or igii-s      am  ns ilsilti  il i
theoir  column  Of  n1lppa1Lt  rapid-lite  pI  us   '
ties,  inl  whichi  rIIgt  reatling  Is  tile  inal
co side tiosi  t  nat is   ullnil  c t  rill a
1, ilI yiti1 it0 sa t  i   Cii ftlg   tn   I   t11
usly co I idel, and weigh  i thle balance of
suibtr judginiint suu i woIk ts tile latest
mlou   ril e pol  Itl A u L ts  i llanis t lwo  in
I1,1  Lil  11thOII   U ftil 2Sa (Nsttis  L iiioiit sp li
failt to gritsp the true i portance of the
ploduction  1II  noticed,  too,  l1i  at ous-
irtsa cl   LIt ittattdnLyet  Lil Iltet
,less at D~istlill Ilauli lilt lirtluttilt
tot a tiesL diL(ist \Itoii ftlt tilt lInalitailee
of tile task imipod upn Iital i Stilie ocea-
stall. Tilt) aditiliit Ils UtiLlilng IuttLl as
Lill atllt.  Bat lit- seas  lertuas.  Sel;
that is to his credit.  \\t are all young,
Buli~tiu  tt N-t glow tilt Uf iL.
Illt L firstt wi, It steut lii Ldo Loina,
cl, iattlt  vil  lni  ttile t touI IlO
hte, U-IIt-d hIn iiiruruiftw Ull tisois Isis.
lia ~  ~    u      ofle  In uree  oe ofhsmn
iho IAh-seati iniliuc  ate in teott  Tflit
ranger, capturing one o(f thle mnurdrers, or
letrs lint shot. Thie Second ntIrderer es
cave1),s. Mlealitimec Mr. Osgood, fthe- Ameirican
betwe-l themis.  Tile  infuriated  diink-
muaddened  Mextennls  baseige  thle  adobe
\Nalled corial Ii which t11e Amrican1 takes
rfu  p Ii tile sutid at, lite  ,u tight
ilf Lllspltl  ititait I is doiiiit  lint
aussistance must le brought.  EslnlId, al-
tI ough faing to lt'  thLl girl w-Aiout a
IIIlultitor1,  after   de liicatel  counselling  self-
Iil11hter I iather than caPtIe, ILlutelllrs
-to  I   lixti  miles tiluri   tro p   ']'h   act
Ind i,  w  itii I  realiic t ai s  IhI o lit  l,,tihe
(tUrunken poun's . In his absence, during thle
t         ii   ,  It  is  l iscotered  tu t,  tnii  sutin
lsind11   tdried  isl, iarllid I pasLilt
. AN. lig  b li i to  I   Ithe  brother  of  tlhe  gil
liii i g r illures. i ii   nll  Esin d  r1etu ts,
1,tig, mIl L   in u  the.  Americ~an  troop's
I ill iti- blurdlr, Ile is confronted with
i     troublel  As tile daw1n braks tle
tanquisli  little parti are rescued
S  Alxi li potlic.  Esin nd,         is
ii li ulide arrlest for hiaving coss d into
lt Niul( t i   t rri tor i 0 h and  killd  i  maill.  Tile
[ti t  i  t  is  gin N1 ttovier  to   his  trial,  \Iiich  is
11  m101e   thrilli g tIhin  t he   pr -ius  aut.
i ~lituatly tLisiSpilll  that thil  s aill illan
IsI stlin  the  passpor t  front  tile  girl's
btwrwho arrIves alive and weoll.  So .
IL  is ta  'I"  llil .  AS  a  piodulti11n i th-
ing      t  lt1 it tilt seen il Now Yoik. To
add to th11 realistic eflect mniiiy real M i-
tatss q-, in  the  cat zind[ the y' speak  ina  their
I u-Ill  tilt    lss, i  tile  m11atter
-il Mn dril lin n  b     ttr, hlsetelt
]ll  pitu  of  hi  lilrvousnOSS,  Whith  was
I ita iali I ittle  unfor tu ll-ate,  Mr.  Famtn unst
Il  d t !he  paIrt  of  t11 hi e r u I  in  m agn ificent
1ml iaIl manner. ill t,11 s tile uality of
Iting   robust  anad  it  Itile sate  tIme  gentle
Hn trl  s   impathetic. Hais appiaiance is
x x     tllntoie and   there   is  poitry  ill  Is  st le
I It- akiaLndg. TIhIt re -st of tie ist was
tIl1, IMiss Maly Boland, its the heroine,
and Charles Lane ais the, Nillain lbeing wvor-
lty of tial co inte11dation. Others who
soure wIere Frank    Burbanlk. G eorge K.
Honery, liss Florence Autr, aid iiss Jane
Miss Harned as Anna Kareina
Tlutt Anna  Kalecnina, th translation liy
T. W. Broadhiurst of tihe pla   by EditInd
Gulitaud, dramatized from  Tolstoi's famous
Jutl ahievedastonte inas lof tsucess,
luIsi i, tro uce  ati  ill1  Hetatic Sitt re t it,-
ater last Monday night, \-a chielly e e to
the ex cellet acting of Miss Virginia cHar-
nolit in theo tit Ie role. S h scored a personal
triumll phi1.  'Te dram1a, outside of her If-
fotso r   ,ived sohmhat cull and weari-
sole. For those who liat    not roead the
noL _      it may be briefly statesi that Annia
is the  rife of the Czar's Minister of State,
aL trant for whom011- she has Its II  One
tronsky awakens illlIer the tender pas-
sion, whIich Is restrained for at whlile byN hler
devotion to hor child. Ili the second act
IIe con afsses her love for th th er mian to
her husiand, and a territly poierful scene
in S  les. Anna runs awiay wiith her lover to
I ttaly 1whlre both hie and shel awaken to
thlie  high  I  re  alities   of  life.  Duty  calls
them hiawk, and the( play oends in a tragedy,
it lailo  trili n  crushing  the   life  out  of
the hero, ine.  Th  pla y is full] of pretty
1wat-ttouching  s nethose  w'ith  thle child
Ian d its lo\e-lorn, despairing mother lbeing
parlticular'ly productive of tear's onl both
sideIs of the footlillh1ts. Miss Harned cer-
tailyk,: nlkes a distinct adaance fin lwcr art,
an  J i  ohnl Mason plays the part of the hius-
hand inhsms     finished 'style.ei Others
1ho scd Ire Albert (Grau, Robert IIt ar-
wick, Fran k D av is, Dlel De LewNis and Miss
Marito Curtis.
Rogers Brothers on New Territory.
From their sojourn fin Ireland last season,
the Rogers Brothers made a flying trip into
thec heart of Panama ait the Blroadway the-
ittor Monday. Surrounded ats usual wilth a
flittingl  hav-y  of  "pretty"  chorus  girls, bril-
liantly hued costuments and at hunch of mu-
tilatod  Joe  '.Iiller  witticisms.  no  doubt
.should have arison to thle mainds of the
optimistic. 1but the audience which prac-
tically filled the house,. should sit upl and
shart  01i the laughs with the whimisical
brtot her s. But alas, their predictions were
ats hadl as those of the ww~vither, for-caster
durling thle months of summr. Un~doubt-
offly the monotonous, unstartling first act
and the lack of novelty and originality of
the others caused the <10airtly of alpprecia-
tion  andt  had  a  evenot  It il  lin  1,  ,it11i  tt ,
11t,  I I   ii,  I -  1,1LL~  _ J
"lt  "il   '  Iit   iL 11i       i
iltS.  Ul1 \ a s  at  Llt II I  U t hI  Sct UI
It,  in  iin  'na.  t  I U  lii  rLIes,  0-
yietin I siit,  LLoU'il s a peltt  t I -, it i
non' ol: aiimill U'"""FlNNIt %st onal  1- t (
a goilld  onc Ili  a S aL  duct  III  wmtie,,
lio marionl  1tnly  -attg  woman,  anu
I  II  I tiCIal  1aLicipat, l Iltitl d " Li-
I till  Julet Ic 1 011.
,he I,- 1,0 L 01  trill  pliec  Is  not  p( rc-eptible  to
onI tit  saltrp-u y-U.  It atiteLplti  to  Ltll of
u   tig  nitrican  itnoal "nit ""ti  LU ol -
UiL, tile augulrs t ail Anin-an CtanUl
unuo         1-s noo gIt  "u  stui>  "eortr I   al
neUes  ,e il bungUes I1 untilivS is to
"1tu 11 d.U thU ~  ileii  illIU I  ittittt19  11 eUlU-
l - o eIe l 1 tile  ulalr Cltu s i Of n-
issuyr all .. U U Itcat 51iiitIL,  faiu iig
IttlliallS, tii Ltwo lull makers  stie the
-1iinlrtan lin moulding his pliai al aids
ilm n  tu  r e e ULIUI.  Ut  toisl  Li nI-
h ltttlo 4-t  5,t  uL  tilt p ill U   Uu L  the
aIti test Lt attrattitt and  itatiou, Miss
Stfiaily  LUlliUttlU a  til  Iltlutlng  ut,,  tilt
aI~Itlg   an.  Ll  a lt1 0         n s U t
AccmpIaniedi toll tae tunel aute atat. e
tiorg  Lyaekras tim,   tood , I acos ten-s
ouziiiti, the uretsu, io s1 ang athou he itlu
It nUili eath givL d iglt  itili  ildigh, na
iit,iugt  Ly ilttket  55dlt  Liitrt,  too,  Lis  .5til-
til IttdroI, it uamsanlilt a nt ALita
'The Los1Jo,  aI Play w iti a Moral.
ki  l to a n d L l   eill er, I  . lii  play Iby  tir-
Liit  oi l U d y upi I  ust  (t 11ays Lii  t l theas io
doi  pr  thigtita, lL S Li  aid  bittl   'at*,t a tI
wiW1an  itt 111unto thiip ht Lt tea
aisil b all ts oI  Lurden,   ine  iii It   11,1
'i  ri ltie  stol a r 1  l r  i1e a tis11ractl I
odern viellishl eNd.<l MfalunoMamiers
hulled Uto ihe lilt yi ait\ Durthiy Dit-
hull,  io one  Ut  hil eit  rtu e s t s lc -
11ntn ill News TUrke 'SL It.  Sile fiduln-
in a wuhitl ou pleaturt gatifin h.r a ex-
itse wih evert less  extravafgnrc, wnit
.Ir  husbandy  fling", with  frniedr,), laain  to
1era itlInt) tone  n t edt  I is  uittly
Xut 11 0  t111 l a iontLic   1 lti   ofti al  i ll tletl
Lis  lits  of  tltSS  u ll l U  s  ill  c I  UIiti
- ilt sriltg  hito S tFil  fill  it(  l  it ii Ji
lilt  hei  L-trsists u ltil  Silt  il lls  itr  j tlii .
Ili3 ll t  the 1111  1,3lit  i iiL ,  Dcr1111  Doi 511 -
mtill  in   tIll   tey  and ilt1 il s  hrl
ilont   till  n  m tltthu  it iliL lit  al l -
hea rit in e ly  lifLe he  Ihad  b , I  il
I by Dredtn 1tudtntl  a In luit- ulit 1t n
hr 11a1 ts all f ecIL t I  lad 1,- 11, sa til-t
ise bther  fiL  o  li  e Lilt  bei ome1  theii~
Uta L  pticin  Il  ii  it  Ilh w o  t fi'tl
IallCL  ilt palIU.  li  Liic i . ft ll  S lPH IUit-
se  ile  hes dlt t l e al  ctL ile It 1 I
lian  Lve  11er btlh araintr iiis toni
]OI adhe rsit ani se becomeis aie woan
31orto ntoa  bun it i n d iner inds , i , ot 1
tane Lt Cliloit  in 11hich Missl It
Geoge sLtrrd last stast, bat IL IS is sut
it    origlina l anld clti tadr il LIou illo
ta1i somel, m reii 1tt of  sust  I , ift  Publi
wll  Itcpt  a  pta  withl ae   oi ral  hiuli
uIslU   istike  hoe t o  the il ea tsili  ula  tl I
oftrf  of thLei Drlima  lithe pl is it wel
ILLed, espilly  worthy  Utof  ait,  - II  hititll
tion1 LU Mli Donneully, ilcin Nicent ier-
lill r h tilt name.s  OlI htt  Ilittiltil 'i Ilil
liui  I habui L lte  iil  t  i fot  ;L
riau a      bas thsoung brk suligh  Man-
ners;l Holr Coness asl wh11 doctor Nl-
liG oret aid la. JFrson, ut itis
ie Min on the Ciase- Not tile Box.
sctLribe on01 the p rtham as a rllik-
VscinccsIof  1,151rgeplutag of~iS  ellail
patron coef the newma oriina play  wl
Missd Greaey Lngtho  Furis,  w ich -
tionetd  it saonney at  ei Madison SiQuare
thatr, Wstiedyonesa nght, woiudldperhapn-
it btteri dtscribed  as han old-fationii-i
fartct Ut Lthi brand whiertin mixed upt ideni-
tili s pris ei  all  Lilt funl.  Tilt Manl 011  List
et is ot   differenst quality Lo tile dri-
nit Sersionl of at ipoPular nov-el miadt be
he samne athor ant called The Man on
heox, bat it eay be sidt at tone  that.
Ut i l a un j lly iu e tent IousC litte  icel fll
o funad liel to provei sucsfu"rllick
it ihre ats-set1nea  risitaltc cot-
tagL oil Lorng 1slandtill Lt StoiC tf hose
Mr oGrace, ai ngothrws Freptaleci-
zen h slos son 11  t hedioc snt cove
theater'i Iti Idali 011ghLts aiiii Lierhaps
i  oicitrec hat stole hlit owshi wsift's
iLanwni. To bolster li hit diciption i1e
hSsent fort a prlfeiionilal dtectti-li and 1
iti   a Slit l rasnil s  the  u ll t 'llirs  hs  ilrtitl
ase  is  it  isr  i ilt  liuts  f ll ilhei  to1
inti IS Ii  of111 it poua  novel ma1de fbiy
thirtamthoutnd dlar. Shle e Aal ro-
theBls , bIt it litge  hai tdtcte lthal
ieisI  asll, uif tprac entti u Ilitt D mpsey h1 ist
of1 failtand likils  t  proveiill succe s st.
hei the -ictim ofn an rl otiati fake,
tao i eLngt 'andi whe tkenstlI y a f oo  da
Mrokengup, to thll oi\ngne cottlage e cisi-
mns ta   los  tlie dltoit stock e lit to  ithe
himo dfucienc sluh  intulen is takn  ftes
till, hit  in  iis  invesiitil i onI.l  emtit   itl
hail Seto a istesi L d etec t-as e wsed-
f inirl  to  Ilto s Im  frhi m iIIs 1lf  a e .tt"
iamltl tel o lla  Of CorS l  huSlshity
Ionll  St m lid  SItt  letla  fillin thei  te i
wit tho1111 1l  lloin Se" las she cl -
tiel It ise ais- lnti t funat  th e e efo shall
ofrthe aoun   man to pos   asd :t btDmsewd i-
deute cieandau vieveh   hn t here is godda
th-oen prllxt), d wor to   Mr Longacrl e i
Sim  11n i  tsluin  tii  oLiu   ilian   flr  lit-
r:adil  isl i n   the d ne l  af h1  wish. d
I Liii  1111 i  Li ii1iii  iiig   Ii l plie
aceting and( attractive Stago victLures
tie inSst  a t tlei s  I  reilisti  rainston
JssLI I  is  lt  ilL II511 ]Ne a  i  ia i e t  LU  I, lut
conled  love sten.tit
Jameson Lee Finney, whlso is featured
Carroll Deimpsey, shared tilt lonors si
Iliss Elsie Leslie as Nell, and others in th
Cast weal   eil Molll, *1   t  essea
'flatlei 1(  t s  1ib, Fre  S  itl IIS,  C t ,,
Ble I erIft, William  Herbrt, Mar'y Ilampi
.Jeanott,  F,.-Prall,  J oeplane  1r1-- n  and  E
ltn Day.
The Spoilers 11'ell Received,
Reiwsritten and somseliLhat imlproved si
ts ishrt irun   oie BroI Ilay last sea,
Tho Spijulersb 15 Lx 11t lull aId Janses511
Arthur, wa5s tie offelilni at Blianey's Lin
ctlis Squallt tollo 511oil Moinday last, h
nitlotritala of tht ill iiithwst. elicellet
stageti ailt faiily ssell actei, itt wtl
rousing  reception.  It it  g o  itst I   cils
bu ie ervival islochiefly notable asintir
duinig a seiY   citvtr litt actress, iil,
Nina Moris to Nes aYork olaygoes'S
matdt a big    petrsonal succetss as Chesis
0t herili.   Ot s   iio srnss
sil  Mu's Glatis  Arn11o11  W~alter Lle
andtt Arthur Iols.
M. M. Thies, whose Wtine, Womnan ati
Songl, brought the littl  Circl theatert
Fifty-ninth street ald Broadwa ' into e
Slil ptrom~tinenice list iscul  atllt
'it lt same lt ace las't  Hi ,iI
piodution IS Acloss Lte ]'Ol' d. arml~
comedy taken from     the Germanll Original.
lier'n Grossn Tlch, b, Adolph Pliilipp
whu  plays tile llittipal part in it.  t
icnilul. shi  this   imss i -iii t t  stati n  E ill
;ii[  an  amous       1 1k I t      Isnlaan
All IxcIllnt and wi-I N  - 11i autor is
Jlliho  St  I  \l w '  I   i J 11  uring  i
vaudh  i l  i t                Iilth  Com-
mnin      Iseen i
Chin                                 si
It  is                         I it(tlon  andI
will  pito                          com
Tiwt nt-ill i  n      u    insuchw e0
kuit people as      'W. Ransome, N
Anna Bod statuesqu   Miss Siolet Da CO-
tta,  1.  R.  Neill,  Barne   irnard  and  itsl s
Ethel Jnnett are ell ellployed.
Tle  'ai  Den Brg    Liola  Comiptal
opened its fall campaign at tihe West End
theater last Saturday night with a fatl
god presentation o  Fltoi 's tunefe o1
opera, Martha.   t- Sighed inthie schaale
tile populat prices charged, I-o  might
most call it ves- god. 1Hautlites seeetI
liliely to get itLir money's w 1orth at deasi
flut Oh   it seeins all so old-fasion ed
would be so tasy to ie the     tok fs
tlise old operas, wh n played in EngiSli
Iewittei, so that the Isies sioulId no
so i oshy, trivial   unsuitable for sing1
purposos. It should be casy, too, dimtentsl
Svln opera singers some1 o1f tire rudimens
of acting". M\orec attention to tlige settnu
and effects would also ble anL advantage
much more is deianded now than   ilfi
tentury ago. Modern producers of old co-
ceies have realized thin. There is a fortune
awaiting the thanl Sio will mtodernize Sul
old ouras as Martha, shih would easiy
lond itself to such trIntn1nth  Miss Pauline
tilts  was delightful ais Lady liarriet her
'singing al e of i 'lll Last Rose of sum 1
mer" Ileing whorth the 'price of admissnll
As Nanc- Miss Jonnio Linden, a munch her-
alldc  Glermian  voenlist.  a  terribly  disap)-
pointing.  Shte maighlt get awxay with a
drami atic  part  all  ilit  but  slie  had  ll
idea of I-l Sorpolette-lik style lecessalt
nolr did her sinlling imlreIs one mnultS
or tTaniman. th tSnr has a prettY
voi, w Ahich  crmed hw11oever, to sil
- igns   1f petering out towiard the filluim
and he acts like ai    ama.. t -ur  -ltill
scIuitor ,, aPlunket did btter  and Loa
Catssav ant playeod Sir' TrIistoml inl comeoMl
tilnl i'Syle 1 Th  houii wS~ 1x1ollented
wIll drilled. Mr . S a N In lti Don 13r-g condtIhe(I
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