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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Cavanagh, Charles T.
St. Louis' mammoth theater scheme is still in embryo,   p. 13

Page 13

september 14, 1907.
Wm. A. Brady and Col. "Bill" Thompson Have Accumulated
$1 Towards the Vast Project.
St. Louis Bureau of
'I'h Show World,
('etu ry Theater.
Charles T. Cavanagh.
Sf. LOUIS, Sept. .-The advantages of
St. Louis as a site for a new theater
and the more or loss frequent rumors
 new play-horse projects here seem to
looe aroused the imagination and the lo-
eliacity of the enterprising WVilliam A.
oady, of New  York.  It happened that
1. Bill Thompson came to town about a
-',k ago and announcd himself as an
-iance agent of Protean capabilities, in-
.ocuch as he was authorized to represent
Inth The Mlan of the Hour and the Wilton
tlttaye companies here while preparing a
publicityceampaign for the tour of the No.1
Way Down East company. This announce-
nnt of t, rolonged  stay, in St. Louis
arted a rumor that Col. Bill was about
tecome a permanent resident of thecity,
:l charge of the  western   headquarters
.loic'h Mr. Brady was about to open here.
'to of the Papers investigated the treor
'ough the  meodium of its   Necc  York
O), ,.
Noted for her talent as a whistler, Miss
'live Greatrex is popular with vaudeville
audiences. Her whistling will be a dis-
loft feature of the band concerts at Riv-
erview Park, Chicago, next week.
Otrssaiewho interviecwed Mr. Brady.
The latter gentleman "made good" most
thoroughly as far as furnishing good copy
Sas concerned.  He not only outlined a
omendable plan for making this city a
tanagerial headquarters for his companies
huring the west and southwest, but he be-
tinle enthusiastically eloquent over the
notion of building a mammoth theater here.
lie prop'os-  to call for popular subscrip-
nos1of ot, dollar each to a building fund.
Il' states cthat if the people of St. Louis
cil contribute $'700000 or so he will do-
ote the balance and put up an establish-
ient to cost $1,0t'000 in which 25,000
feople can be seated. He does not refer
to the character or quality of the bookings
e has in mind. The interview was prom-
*ttntly printed with appropriate headlines,
I before nightfall Col. Thompson had re-
tived a score of applications for positions
n the new house staff. sei also received
01e dollar as the first contribution to the
'und. Further developments are awaited.
Ilkewise further dollars.
Interest in Caine Drama.
There is unusually widespread interest in
'he coming production at the Olymjpic of
lall Caine's  Drury  Lane  success,  The
tondman, to' Wilton Lackaye and his com-
cany. First performances are sufficiently
IftequeOt ile this city to constitute them
lOVelties in themselves. But to this fun-
laeoental is added a well established repu-
ation for excellence in the play, so there
a confidence that the occasion will be
le of the most important of the season.
There is no attempt to conceal the pride
tAd gratification incident to the feeling
hat St. Louis is gradually becoming a good
int for 1e-emier productions. Mr. Lack-
eoand Ill, company are expected to arrive
re during the coming week. William   A.
Brdy will be here about the same time
4 it is announced that Hall Caine will
11inext Saturday, to be here at the open-
Performance Sept. 15. It will be Mr.
ane's  first  visit  to  St.  Louis.
Thesunnr   gren o-aon is trdhuts oe,-r
Delmar closed last Monday. The Sulburban
brought a marvelously brilliant season to
a terionation tonight, and the others are
getting ready to lock the doors. One of the
cmost striking features of the garden sea-
son this year, to the professional eye, at
any rate, was the excellence of the adver-
tising and the general publicity promotion
of Col. Hopkins' Forest Park Highlands.
The department was under the direction of
Mrs. Emily Howard. Stronger or more of-
ficacious work has never been done in the
amusement line in St. Louis.
Tried to Swindle 3anager.
An ineffectual attempt to use the tele-
g-atlteso' streese  to  eivintole  te Actors'
xcuno or Manager bnort, ets legal represee-
tauive, was iaue uuting tie past ereet. A
ian who staten tnat h  was a "'Je com-
neman,' apptiet toe ref oct the score of
Oie illness of nimsel aol ccif-.  rc. alort
Luld  111111  to  eire  tie  LLo's  rulid  an  1i
ccould take caie of mini upon rececpt of
5iii  instruction to no so. 'fle Loan de-
parted anu late tiut venising, woucenc We.
enort returinc  to tes temiporiry ine at
te st. Jaltes hotel, tu ceeK tood ilm that
a  teospooni   message hal  been  receiven
itoi one of thee teegrape coipanies, ties
senuer of wlence  au explainecs tieat tile
stuce Ptevelton its uelecry by boy. 'tne
iiessage instructe for. Snort to irovso
tnee tee Ciesoit of es aloter usig  ilo
su)'  It ceses siged ''Aesors' I' uno  olcit
iurported  to leae been sent tront Nse
lOfet. dimr. Short dispatched a bell-Doy tus
vies offics of ti1e ticgriaih CoIIn,  el,
ciS infortied   tic 1  such Itesage ccai
leen receld  or toenoed.   A   steeiloas
'sport was inatc  by Oil ot uter compaii.
The next morning the applicant for aid
mado Is apolea'rince to  mecuee   it  tne
ud a  had becit neacd from. ise diselainiteu
Itcotnnection seitl tie te'ioleinone Imesage
Ind , eparts.
The   oiniiidoia will not be large enough to
110et the local friends of Col. Z acu Miuthall
isen his siaucgter, Lucitie, a lies son,
t, reach herie with tie horseiannip act
eca they have recently booked ocn tie
K eitc & 1rcctor Circuit.
Gteoa' ho. Cieopin, whcose cartoons in the
Star-Uhronile oit theatrical and loter sub-
Jocs are anciliar to must people of tle
show  world, has resigned his local posi-
Lion to jomn te Hearst staff in San 1ran-
Gossip of Popular Mlen.
Dick Recies, tiee assistant Lsasurer of
tie Olynpee Leater, lias confided to sov-
eral score of his intiemate friends that le is
to be narrle on the tentie of next Janu-
ary . with te exception of tle statemrient
thcat the lady is a resident of New   'tork
and "a peaen," her iientity has not ben
1rank Caldwell, for many Years advertis-
ing agent of tee Imperial theater, has
abandoned the Show business and opened
restaurant whicl seems to be one of the
eost prosperous here.
Quietly and without ostentation, Richard
Spaie', editor and publicity promoter, has
eparided his splere of intluence and will
'Ier the coming season in the triple ca-
pacity of dramatist, manager and impres-
sio.    A  White Blackbird is a two-act
minstrel farce comedy which Mr. Spamer
has written for Arthur Deming.     It will
have its tirst presentation at Mannion's
Park, Saturday, Sept. 14. After a week at
Xlannion's it wii go on the road under the
ccanagement of 1illians Ioss.  It is an-
nounced that it is booked solid for the
ensuing fifteen weeks through the middle
cest. Aftec seeig this c   nild of his geceus
safely on its S ay, Str. Spaner will ostr
tie Anserican Concoct Company     on  tics
route c1ichlie prepared for is during the
suneccer. 'fle organsizatiocn is composed ex-
clusively of St. Louis vocal and instrumen-
tal talent. It will open its season during
the first week in October in Champaign,
Ill.  Then, Mr. Spacner mas assunmed the
mcanagenment of tme Emerald stock com-
pany, which will play a weck at Suburban
Garden and proceed on a tour of eastern
towns. It will present Robert Emmett and
The Colleen Bawn. Hugh O'Neill and Bou-
lah Roseberri are to be featured.
Heat Keeps People Away.
The hottest night of the season came to
town last Sunday and made things inter-
esting around the theaters.    It was the
opening occasion for the Olympic, Century
and Garrick. The weather made it almost
impossible for  any  normally   constituted
man to stay indoors, so the various man-
agers considered themselves fortunate to
hold the actors and the orchestras until
the closing hour.   Audiences of any size
were out of the question.
The Man of the Hour was the attrac-
tion at the Olympic and it has caught on
strong with both press and public. Harry
Harwood, who Plays Aeldeman Phelan, has
been given stellar lionors in the reviews,
and the far-reaching vocabularies of the
critics have been exhausted in tribute to
what is declared to be one of the choicest
pieces of acting seen here in many sea-
sons.  The entire   company   is  generally
commended, especially Orrin Johnson, Rob-
ert A. Fisher, Bennett Southard and Fran-
ces Ring. W. J. Demsing made ace excel-
lent impression in the juvenile role. It is
curious to note that the critics and male
patrons generally complain that the third
act is weak and tedious, and that the play
lacks a feminine side; and while these sage
observations are passing current the mati-
nees are doing a turnaway business with
womccen crowding the   csts  and   finding
tieir'  princicl  ecteti mcnt  in  dole  sed7,
iitaolle  cutedetteteed Lieird alt.  'le  Man of
Ils Osc  IIr eve.. M~ e ltte~o t see'te.'i \%--a a.
Ithe  e-ir to tie lioorah served to ost-
the  Cciur y Sason.  it is vet  steerad el-
5sgeineevl of tie cuttuesy I ers, a taotitat
ries not scee to inetercere saeile ets dcraw-
ims  oers.  Mes SHclen Lae iae is the
Oust   neown  meOr ot the oginal cast
Stie   lliiag' es evetie e C ssn ipate.  tier
i,5 teklaS teerulesct as Cevea utees us filn great
ipocleient enSe has imeaue et ner art ou,-
e  Iee last year.   By atiour aelvy as a
p   rou vShe hFraS bnugI  tee scouary ceeda-
acre nu   Bate  s anon into a Psieine of
Joe Ol Ly.H     haIn         . Uie  inepr_
atite  ntee1leeenaractes p lis it  tire
I gorously ad morle,  e h 11 se pobal "
evUesl cse. Ir to ete lenentcr of toe Laces
0U    atly te ar' tiicd tetuoatC naSIgnetened
as ''nte a otners s h ulen ackay'' it fwue
coatyg prOtuallnmitetain e or prusit att of
al re   arrunt.  1aic Mroro  has succeed-
oeu GUY Bares Ps, ii tis leaning tutu of
450 Easy.   He has givete a hew enturprs-
tLa~Og ts tie c   anust, ti.lies It irure
i    ousey ald ioe aieity. 1H  prulasy
liois telas to te aesct of to anheiol,
thm it is at tite  mstritie   e a atetis tect-
Le-ptco sceat mae Mr. aosdts ork a wa-
iigae, atn is oarel-l oi  miloeuatte  te
p-i-Ioissiory  PIUllll  t1-eeevesciti tile
last550 Si's t 1f)c~ . Llosby seed tilels 5.
nestg g -MeManus, of St. Louis, erected
'ouewaer flute aced te  rano tiation  of
LuisS nalional nhioneK waeo lays file at
ioednoy.  It all t       mose  ec say of Georig
ea0 tht e   k Hs tmee waen-'' trtad out
lof the pas ate xieaLent .ould eot    lacd
titci, an eiy abot leavgemae  soe it-
tclip, to Macsages oireth ead to tors eay
quite a lot Uf  eal-loeanig  eocey aster tile
leouse eas 'hieO. 'lce prduscho r is a Sui-
less, an~d %Itel Pitriosi, cres pliays Pete,
is eceitled its occSmtll msis ure of credit
cor  ent daLe.  His makeup snt Portoayal
so tie   plat  brc utciert.  ine uonerpat
s eoceoieavbly above  the average or its
cess, tes adevis   tie  support  bei g
Thsreaudse  ILol Jeaie Carrecve aid  Ecmiel
Icteasoe. 'Klie  S&gs and  the eioos ace
sceecee-ndahle.  'fe  cleMaics  eoncetion
dicIte e pian' brougst a rtsnan ounber of
uotle eho teae aeciuired the  ari e snot
susotysbile  abit so itcic's Tis ib itself
las   no sill atioeniewit.
Vardevil e   ar is Bega.
aTe catocile esta is geoin id to ie oti
tie thse etetiety, for tes Garlici opcekd its
seassic of Klan' & Ereielgec soevaceee van-
elentce on  houlday atetio  cts the Cs-
eucnewthaust itre ace  oluOgtionO ceetl see Uci-
usually5 Secoceg bill. sotiLUIS Ncsk's bill of
look is sat islestien so clat colc be orodi
aitl ol.1it tile soun te  oueiCts ai out-
er ouritcail neit s a   el caioitns,
saot if tele Coluillo is asoeng so mtaitoaie
ce scel t elizs establishee  is cank.
r    eil cate cheuGa be 'his t close tes sma-
Sol seitieset a ticr of suggcetin onh lis
boles frt nhe, las bere sets    buitioi
e   atsl.  'ihe lgitime T bter otad thei
intorouceontie oeatgbucs cill h  ie oces
iwtot, llor'l3 to  onize that tters is a coage
ith ecditisat
'Ties il at tie arrioe ofs ceot recar-
able fer oet, as tlee   etc  but teo
lecs acts icet ie lesto  Tle bo er of titso
is  arbiec ofe t isetiig  xploits Tclhoiv
icesroether n ew etu  coas s  i tsat  in  of
jolin, atouht b e as riss    alced spe-
tactrccy as   is Isading eoutoftiter does
een.   It is anoutec tac t st the  ecec-
rlg's perfo acise lee uenc le coised  ie  a
dry-gooes sox by so trio of packes frcit a
loal dlleatmen'ct atoio', ancelaeet lee ex-
pects so get ut o f  le s x  itrilot  is-
iebieg acy of tioe  toils c   thciegs. 'he
oter ne feture is a seor-seotiog and
jgglcng tornt b the      telees siice and
lanr. 'There is coricng out of the or-
dinary in their exhibitio .  ethsogl e Mar-
dese  is the feature set for the creek, the
rea hit ikh ite audience is the club-
wicegicg of ties Mo  te, tecritc  is billiant
in the  perfectio  to bi o  hic  they  have
beault tieir fairly eli-keriew o ilutes
Sewond Oly to them is the singing and
dancieg of Catmell and     Harris.   Laura
Hsacris is noose gracetul and attractive in
an neat series of steps. 'To repeat, the bill
itself is rather ordinary, but i ismput on in
a   ay that makes it em one of tis best
that ever cane to tocwn.     Manager Dan
Fislell deserves all tism credit for this curi-
ous effect,
Acts at Ma      n Coloa.bia o Please.
'lse Colosbia  bill  eo ts  oter fen
was full of Covelties. Thers nere hve acts
Gew  so tie to n.   Toaring among these
eras the instruneental   playintg  of  P'aria
Chacibers.  His cornet solos had nerit of
a high order. 'The surprising incident of
his performance tas the      enthusiase  he
awoke among anis auditors, although his
classical selections night be supposed to
be eover thie heads" of an   average vaude-
ville patronage. A sinilar hit in character
was made by        Makmuri, a violinist, who
plays with   rare  expression  and  feeling.
Massias O'Connor, another necwcomee, is a
Gernsan coin manipulator without a supe-
rior in his line. His cnethods aire superior
to these of Clivette inasush  s they are
oer  simple and open.    MieRnic Soliginani
debut in vaudeville is eandicapped by a
sigte  thet is weak and unsgeresive. It
seenoed to suit the audince, heceevee, which
is probably the point in viep. The Three
Abdalsh  Brothers, the   only   other  nes
otes, have a typical Far East acrobatic
act, with no features out of the ordinary.
The  Murgonaster retue d to the Grand
and Ruth White and Gus Weinbueg see
cwelconmed as of yore. The Rocky Mountain
Express was the only melodera      in town
during the wveek and Manager Russell
profited accordingly at tie Imperial.   The
burlesque attractions see Williams' Ideals
at the Standard and The Trans-Atlantics at
the Gayety. John ce. Quinn, with the lat-
ter organization, proved a real comedian
and prospered in   consequence.
Next week sees the fareell perfornances
of Tie Man of the Hour at the Olympic.
His Htoner the Mayor will make his first
St. Louis appearance at the Century. Ed-
gar, Sehwyn cvill head the conepany pre-
senting  Strongheart at the Grand.      The
Cocehoy Girt comes to the Imperial and
Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model. to Hay-
bin's.  High Jinks at the Standard and
Vanity Fair at the ovayete will go after the
leurlecisue Toney.
Agency for Chorus People Kept Husy Sup- the Musiecal Conedies.
The following chorus People and others
have been   booked  torough   Arinstrong's
Amus-ment 1.ixclEange, 204 Schiller Build-
lng, Chicago, 111.
Isle of Spice:  Margaret Greer, Loret-
In. Macsonno, Lou Adler, Julia Di CycetLoc
Marjorie Blanchard, Edith Edwards, Mac-
ion Rae, Carrie Ward, Mary Orsh, Peasl
Alars, Clarence Clay, Hazel Jordan, Jeane
Peeri, Cleo Perri, Eeocs LaDell, Judd Ward.
All Marentette, J. J. Rose, L. E. Jerome,
R. D. Roberts, and Floyd E. White.
Yankee Regent:    Mildred  Baxter Ma-
rie Scherzer, Vera  Grant, Pearl Berger,
Gertrude Grant, Dorothy Steele, Thelna
Jacobs, Crystal Lewis, Laura, Castle, Flor-
ence Harbaugh, Louis Kleuge, Curt Karpe,
Clarence Steffy, George Carroll, C. L. Mooe,
and Augut Dres.
Burgomaster: Paula Leslie, Bessie Burcth,
Louis  Rockwell,   Mabel   Moran,   Elea-
nor Werdmssan, Viola Allen, Isabel Johliv,
Libbie Adams, Eleanor Ring, Florence Ane-
ksr, May Vance, May Scott, Harriet Hol-
land, Etta   Lockhart, Pfemsia  Lockhart,
Messrs McFarland, Rooney, Fritzner, Scott,
Graliam, Black, Yoder, Richards, and S. C.
Flower of the Ranch: Juliet Hart, Mur-
garet Davis, Helen Golatt, Janet MacDon-
ald, Grace Feltes, Jessie Buckley, Mabel
La Vote. Harriet Nolter, Anna Nolter, Ella
Davis, Ruth Addington, Alm   Hill, Edith
Gilbert, Lois Kelley, Marvey Smith, Maude
Irving, Margaret Holland, Ella Irandal, E.
H. Leonard, H. H. Adams, F. Pickering, E.
C. Starley, Toni McMahon, Harvey Lebo,
S. C. Sacdgran and P'. IV. Pollock.
empire: Villet Hcrlock, Tessie larger,
AlIma McCormack, Virginia Morris, Virginia
Hartzewit, Mcrtle Vaile, Stella LaBelle, Lol
Marlowe, May Stewart, Effie McGrath, Ma-
rie Douglas. Dolly TWest, Merrell Burroughs,
Ieuth an, Mabel Webb, Annie Hoffman, Jule
Itcgan. Bessie Evans, Annie   Jul, Ruby
1egccr, Mlehe Jarboe, Dorothy Bennett,
Rtalphc  MacKenzie,  Ernest  Sharrock, C.
A  vaudevillian of beauty and much
promise is Lillian Hart, whose imitations
of Rose Stahl as well as her singing and
dancing talents are making her faimtous
in the Western Vaudeville Managers' As-
sociation houses.
trawford, 0. Sampson, Blyde Briggs, S. Mc-
Shane, L. W'eddele, Arthur Cardinal and
Jack Williamson.
Time, Place and the Girl: Helen Carney,
Bonnie Clarke, Maude Platt, Gertrude Platt,
Birdie Paul, Elaine Carew. Trixie Vettell,
Ida Lynford, Bobbette Clayton, Grace Gold-
en, Carieo  Hubert, Marguerite Goulding,
Helen XVash, Stella Hilliard, Louise Dil-
worth, Dorothy    Hanbury, Olivette   Tre
Mayne, Lilliam Sonsterby, Ilma Downing,
Kittle Campbell, Irving Finn, Sumner La
Follette, Rupert Chidlow, Edgar Laird,
James Wood, Ray Van Sickle, Harry Dee,
Harry Jones and Harry Fellows.
Rocky Mountain Express: Mabel Blevins
Helen Atkins, Ella Cottle and the Diamond
Comedy Four.
Great Eastern World: Florence Standish,
Florence Gilmore and the Oriole Quartette.
Four Corners of the Earth: The Lyric
Comedy Four.
Toyland No. 1. Jack Dredner, XV. Cush-
an, Davi trving, louis St. Clai, Pauline
Decere. Eleanor Parkser, Ward Scsite, Jueides
Cole, Geraldine Porterfield, Evelyne Smith,
Laura  Schoner, Adeline   Schoeer. Della
Wells, Florence Moore, Clara Munchan, Net-
tie Northrup. Ruby Mittinore, Rose lirsch,
Edna Dee, Anna Confray.
Toyland No. 2: Evelyn Fox, Cathern Iler,
Love Iler, Garnier, Gillett, Tessis Miland,
The Bridges, Min. Block, Edith Clayton,
Mrs. Davidson, Nellie Turney, Ethel, Two
Stewarts, Jessie Brueine, Mrs. XValton, Flor-
ence Moore, Jules Held, AugustaBell, Ame.
District Leader Company:   Effle Tyson,
Frances Carter, Rose Temple, Ella Hanson,
Mrs. Coldwell, Min. Block, Edith Clayton,
Mrs. Davidson, Nellie Turney, Ethel Pratch-
et, Kittie Stone, Eva  Williams.   Men:
Thomas Tierney, Evens 'Wanderling, Wil-
liams Delaney, Bibson, Wilkerson Cochran.
Huntings Fool House: Mrs. Harris Hope,
Done. Cnnier. Robert,. Amber. Little. O'Neil,
1teinowce-ll.  T e-,  Heffmoc.  Ste s.

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