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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Young, J. Russell
Melodrama at the capital enjoyed in rebuilt house,   p. 12

Page 12

Septem-obet   4, 1907
Academy of Music at Washington, in Handsomer Form Macauley's Theater Is Packed to Welcome the Burnt Cork
Then Ever is Opened For The Season.                 Artists-Gossip of the Stage.
BY J. RUSSELL YOUNG.                            BY J. S. SHALLCROSS.
%lanhington, ). C., Bureau of
The S how World,
IRooM 50, District Building.
"I. Russell Young, Representative.
W\ llNUTON, D. C., Sept. 7-.The
iost notable event in the theatrical
arena here this week was the open-
ittg of the Academy of Music. This pupat-
tar melodrama house was almost entir-ly
destroyed by fire last December and it ias
h-en rebuilt, refurnished and returned tu
lIfe again in a most satisfactory mai, '.
'I:e sight that met the eyes of the large
rowd that attended its firte perferisa. -
ionday afternoon was one of surprise anId
Inattty.  It is hard to imagine what
e one in the way o1 reconstruction.
l'attager J. WN'. Lyon selected for the in-
itial wek Since Nellie Vent Away, acleait
nd   I ecvr four-act mtelodrama by UOwcit
Itails. The piece was keenly enjoyed. It
ts bright and realistic and at the same
iuie   heart-stirruig  and  thrilling.  Of
iursa Nellie tian't go away for aiy good
r-asoi and tihe mo e was a bad one. She
as wooed and wed by the son of one of
New York's money kings. A society lady
,,ho is in love with the young man seeks
revenge and succeeds in getting a pal of
ers, 'Ashley James," to help her separate
Ite young couple.   They succeed   for I
short time, but love wins out and ever -
thing ends happily.   The scene    is laid
lietly on the conitecticut coast near New
Iaven. Of course the slums of New York
at. represented. The play is exceptionally
1 a tcted and is proving   an   excellelt
01 wing card.
Good Old Drama Seen.
ajestic  (Frank  Wiveston, manager).-
Intmas' line old drana, Thie Count of Molt-
1I esto, is being played at The Katlylt
1u1nell Stock Company, and is beyond a
question of a doubt the best presentationt
of this dramIta that has been seen in Wash-
tllgtont for a long time. At any rate it is
le star attraction in Wabsingtont thisweek.
.%t every performanllce the sign S. R. 0. 15
in evidence. Although ftle nature of this
pilece causes the interest to center around
the chtaracter of Edmund Dantes, after
wards Monte Cristo, Ali"s   urnell, in the
role of Mercedes, msakes this part a far
more important factor than is usually tile
-ase, by her fine  acting  and  emotional
owers.    Site has never been seen at a
better advantage here and she is given
amiple Opportunity to display her real abil-
ity. Franklyn Munnell portrayed the chat-
noter of Monte Cristo and he did it very
,editabily, too.  Others of this excellent
-tipany who deserve special mention are
Wi. Jeff Murphy as Nortier; Harry C. Be1-
Icy, as Caderouse; W. S. James, as Vi II
tort, and Arthur J. Pickens, as Danglers.
Tie Gayety opened its second week with
h'e Bachelo'rs' Club, and the crowds have
teen as large as at its inauguration week.
There seels to be an    atiosphere about
this pretty little theater that creates a per-
pietual lurst of enthusiasm among the aud-
tnce. Every act, song or feature, whether
good or bad is loudly cheered. The Bach-
-lrs' Club is a conglomeration of frivolity
in tire burlettas and an olio.   The skits
n    Ill  but at tiles a little rough. The
I tun is offered by H-arry Hastings a111d
I   uldonf Margaret Ryan is a deci ded
Ii ith ber songs and dancing. As a muat-
or of fact, she makes one feel as thought
,h, should be in a better show.
Ordinary Vaudeville Bill.
chase's (H. Winnifred De Witt, manager).
its popular vaudeville house opened the
Ik with a bill of varied nature and con-
cidrably below the standard of the usual
a     1re o   ohis theater. This is because
inlch is attempted.  The greater part
tile bill is devoted to the presentation Of
n usical comedy in tabloid form, but tie
ii oid is almost too big to s     dallow. Tle
a  -t is by Josephs Hart and is entitled t'o1tY
Iikle'  Pets its Petland.  There are ten
loins in the cast and the act iuns a half
l0,iI'. Tite real hit at Chase's this wceek is
t -  lever act of Redford and Winchester,
tillid as j ugglers and jesters.  This team
utp to date and really funny and richly
orines ae mary encores accorded them.
Lasky-Rolfe Quintet, cellists and harp-
e, affords much  pleasure to trose who
Ih- good   uusic.  This uintet is taleisfed
-w  hoishe dI and they tie a unique set-
en- fors thew  ac. The music is ciiely clas-
tlh. It is needless to say one of the eel-
fa, gave a solo using the "Spriog Song;"
I cellists do.  rile remainder of the bill
iC ordinary; Harry Jolson, blactface moo-
,oUiMareena. Nevaro and Maretla, ac-
"; Frank  Fogerty, Irishe tontologist,
anld Gardner and Stoddard in Vaudeville
Frivolitres.  Every perferisaice is packed
tnd at the   Monday    matinee some were
turned away.
Laughable Burlesque Enjoyed.
There is a rollickihg, laughable burlesque
show   at this rejuvenated house this week
in Tise Nighst School Girls.   There is a
swish and swirl about this show that gives
life and animation which so neany hue-
lesqlue shows lack.  Tile singintg is gotod
ttnd the several comedians nsever fail to hit
the bull',s eye. Young B3uffalo, of wsestern
fame, is the star in the otto. Hie does
some remarkable rifle shooting. The Bijout
Comedy Four also add much fun to tse per-
Gentry Brothers' trained  animal  show
opene d htere on Noinlay aftertnooin to I-
ntain  to  s--it t1ll,1  ),a,  ic-ti  ott.-1-  by
ing better in the trained form o      ISVILLE, Sept7
entertainment could be desired than this I
show.  Several high-class human    actors  ,   his burnt (-rik art
have been added to the show since it was       by packed houses a
last here and that tisis innovation is ap-
precated is evident from the hearty recep- acr the fore part of the
tion by the public.                       gation is a favorite here
The parks all did well in the last week  all sold before the openin
and    <1iI rcorIl reakitig crowds on Lan ibm     of a v ida
1) al. 'the hi,i atttattin at Lutta laruk is i rittittul  'i-ii-
( If  and  Iii,  htnd  A  section  if  11  Mat  oi  the  Ilt nIlt  cIt
A well known actress of beauty and talent is
Lederer, wife of the manager of the Colonial theater, Chicago
The Girl Rangers, now at the Auditorium theater. Mrs. Led
name is Reine Davies, has an important role in that producti
to her laurels as an actress by her capable and conscientiou
rine Band is the attraction at Chevy Chase
The Columbia theater, which has been
closed for two months, will open Monday
night with Miss Fernanda Eliscu it Ruth,
Splendid New Resort is Now Being Built
at a Cost of $1,000,000.
Denser is to have a Coney Island of its
owno, and the plans, as laid oat by the
La    kesid e Realty &  A  miusesent Company
of that city, conempat air nvestn est of
$1,0 0 0, 0.  Contracts have  been let for
the construc on   of    a large  p avilion, a
thseater,, ascenic ralway, astroot tse cisutes
and other   structuress to  le  erected  at
Lakeside, just  st  of Berkeley lake.  The
resort swill open next sunmmer.
The company f s as already  built six cot-
tages, a fou-house terrace. hoas graded
most of the groud which will hr      used
in the resort, sid tas mado excavations
for the prisncipal pavilion. The paviion
sti he 190x100 foeot  A  rathebketler  ilt
be located in one end.
The Lakeside Realty & Amusement Com-
pany  as foared several months by Adrlp
Zaeor  Alert   Lewin,  Peter   Fredericks,
Jhohn Keefe, Godfrey Scisirmser amid others
The compatty haos purchased 160 acres of
land, including the small lke   sceet  of
Berkeley lake. Tise proposed resort still
cover fifty-six acres, not incluiding the land
covered by the lake, wthich is thsirty-seven
The Western Vaudeville Mansagers' Asso-
ciation svill hase charge of tise bookings for,
the attractions, and Kerry Meaghser and
lake  Sternard  still sensd  nit  file  good
handis tutu  ni'I ti thiistple'ndid Colotrados
olio feature. For the la
The College Widow, one
plays that come from
Ade. The production is
and a good advance sa
Toe season at the Ma
op-sued Sept. 2 stith a
saudevile   i1l rule hem
is oms the Klat & Erie
us proposed to make th
tinetly high class. The
ludes Leo Carillo, i
stories and  imicry;
tir   a thougit reader
really good act and e
the Holord Bros., "T
ehich is clever; Joe a
musical comedy; Lte
first appearance i Ani
one of the imost skihift
troupes inEurope, are a
George Quigley ore eot
and somewta different
Houghton & illosher in
cycle act orre good. Es
bill wtas roundly appla
Fran illaisg is gre
prospects of a big sea
Coneedy is A
At Masoic theater,
is the attraction, asd
rule. Colonel Sha,. the
ly pleased at the seas
week populae Dav'id H
at this house its a re
The Tiger Lillies, ams
shosv, is hsolding forths
this wseekt. Tswo breezy
ceplionally clever oils)
audienci.,, dailo'. Sos-ri
Al. G. Fields and   are up-to-date, thi -hIu       l m-l, all ill
iss wtere greeted   all, this is one o t   lnt si ho Ot he
thus far.
t Macauley's the-     The big spectacular melodramta- The Fou
week. This aggre-    Corners of the Earth, is the r    nti I  billat
and the seats score  the Ave nue. and wills its, tot , iictet.
esque scenes and big cast, tlh    td ene
ig dlay. Tue showt   are more thoatt pleased.   For   ,, 'tc week
and the 1,uriesque  Gel. Sadaw has The End of tiI T ail so.
(,oilpaiiiis a n declinied.
a Vhite City and its many feati  is still
drawving the people. Labor, Iil t - ti tht
lawrgest crood in the history (f the pak
Speclal features are presented this week.
Extra free attractions seem to 1,- hat th,
t)ico0ple scant.  As they are t      outteiso
ntunobers thc concessiotns are receir ilica l,
eal sare of patronage atd roer itig
rtunning smoothly.
Park Vaudeville Pleases.
Manager Wn. Reichian seetls to kno
what park patrons ieed and has, is usual
provided a feast of good things for the
current week.   Cook's Military Band ad
Elbert C. Kenney, as soloist, is the fre
attraction in the park proper, while in th
cozy  pavilion a big bill is pleasing th
audieices, and it cas be said that ever,
act is a feature. The great Henit Frenci
is certairtly a versatile genius and is get-
ting plenty of applause. 'The Five jug-
  ging Jordanss are good.  Orgerita Arnold
has a pleasing number and s, i       good,
The Bootblack Quartet have at 1 city at:
that pleases, while the wel-l- ni song
weriters, Armsttong and Ctark. in the musi-
cal comtedy, Finding a Partto     have an
act that is hard to beat. Th i-tire bill
is a strong one and in keepin iii Man-
ager Reichman's custoism of pit  i uitng on],
the best.
The   Crystal theater, Chris. \assman,
i   aagera is stilt pa-kitg tettl. inl. Nea
picetures atid stings are featured.
The Marvel theater, George 11uidelberg's
new house, is ding a turn-au-ar business
At the opening the People could sot be
accommodated. New songs and pictures are
the rule.
Manager Irvin Simions will open a nes
house in connection srith Dreailand.
W'onderland theater, of which L. Rosen-
field is manager, is featuring Baby Burh,
a clever singer. Busliness is good.
Lou Hipple and Isis Canine Circus will
play vaudvilleo this season.
George   Maxwell, of the Flying Max-
wells, is home. After a season of carnival
woeck Mr. Maxwell contemplates breakinginl
aewt act.
SaI Asch, of the Robinson Amsuisement
tompany, was in town for several days.
He ieports good business swith his aggre-
Circus Performer Dies,
Albert A. Crandall, a well knon circus
performer, whso has been with Barnutm &
iley, Hingling Brothers and Forepaugh &
ells shows, died at his home in New Al-
bany, Ind., Aug. 31.   For several tonths
lie has been in poor health and left the
Forepaugh-Sells show to receive medical at-
tention, intending rejoining them   in his
home town Sept. 7. Mr. Crandall was ii
5tars of age and leaves a wife, La Cran-
hill. the well known wire perfotrmer, and
two small children. He wNas a niiber of
t,  Elks, and New Alban    Lode No. 20
hld large of tile funeral.
Il'bert A. McAllister, an actor, died at
I  home of his mother, near- Floyd Knob,
Itoh , Aug. 29. at the age of 12 ,itis. All.
11str began tis tleatni 1 aeer ill
l     fiville at the old Harris ihater as
Sykes Photo. Chicago  treaSurer; later he joined the Barry & Fa
McKenna's Flirtation Company.      He was
Mrs. Ge(-frge' V.    also with the Frohman forces.   i. McAl-
I and producer of     lister leaves a mother, three sisters and
erer whose stage     tio brothers.
on and is adding        Prof. Charles Stricker and his mind-read-
s work.               lg horse, ''Keely,' is a special attraction
at Glenwsood Park this sweek.
Sins Brothers' Circus sill lie hsere lout
st half of the week   10. S'T  hilts are proisig soinetlit eigi
of those diverting    Forepaugh-Sells Circus exilbit-d in Net
the pen of George    Albany, Ind., Sept. 7.
not unknown here      Bets Adkisson is playing the     w s with his
le indicates packed  picture show and doing well.
ry Anderson   aeated             SAMUEL F. NIXON.
matinee.  AdvancedSAU,1-.N                        O.
' Ths souse Noted Theatrical Mantger ail Hlead of the
luger circuit tandt it      F-irme of -Nixon & Zimmnermnin,
e performances dis-
bill  tsis stk itt-    T  ixo nW sOj  tD   tares eo leroeure it
his original Chinese  Irlesentiog to itt readers on        po lo t
he Sa-Heras. nys-     of tsis issue lais adtrirabio nit ait al
uad materializer, a  Samur F. Nixo , the noted yelr.tit  ian'
so that scored aie:  ager and head    of the fion of 'ien s
lie Fln-ing  Bana              h   At,  Zlatimeriath, of Paladelpnid ittos taen
taxstOu & Co., in a           is
tgky hroupe    their  tre watsborn profeson rTterIndtt.
'rica a  d cotsidered  ore  His'fde
igi roiatic danci    eirh. Nixon is just     tcooring ftestiheef-
bisonsation Bobt fets of the railroad accident it Miners
ill cor-rsatioalists  Point, Pa., she, upon the  ight of Felt
from others; Mosher,  22, 1907., lio and Felix Ismas. togter  will.
a eoxelty acrogatod  a nuriber of an or  promient peison, e'
ry iem ber onh     ilnaes shaken tip by ise slittin  of lilt
buded, and Mandager   Pithi    cg e Flyer.
aty pleasd at   e  te  Nixon rested a    oertin of tae m-
son.                  noet  t lyi fArtantic City h ote and spei
Ill   abondt He hes ist returitedoil
.ttracive.          the guest of A. I,    ilongecr at Far, Rock-
Just Out of College   Ott a.
todhotises are tise   ]ts'iher0          FitW      .-s.
mautnager, is great-  1111 4   it fathet soas oise of t!i,' earii'
on's outlooka.  Nexl  setilcis of thsat cit.  At tshe  of ff
iggins still he seen  cigut, Mt Nixori is ont or tile, 1ii,tst ori
vsion of His Last il i is ile 111eatrical affairs ,1 1h Unt'itch
States s ]le'id of the Pit in   Nixon &
exceptionally good   Zinn''ris  batring accidett~i  seiiois
at the Buckitsgham illlies', he tieset msisses a tday at lisil-
burlesques and ox-   Olhnlpli'i office. Petrsaps iso other' malli1
is pileasitng lo big the iiiofession it itore uitrsioally aloi"il
-at  -esani nest' f's-  -)ti -1 f.-o  -c i~ titil-s. ion1 fsr sute-
: Li

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