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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

News from cities east, west, [and] south,   pp. 10-11

Page 10

Se      eibe      190
INEWS J~~FromAllSections Indicates FROM  Advices at Hand ItiSae  CITIE
NEWS Theatricals Are Booming andIIRJIV to Say Managers in All BigCTE
" ept., 7 , 1907.)
SiTl            ushered in the winter thte-
atrical season in Memphis, this dt i-
bSing  the opening performance of the
1i:''u theater with The Candy Kid holding
botrds. This week also marks the be-
ming of the windup of the summer sea-
ii out at East End Park, a resort that
s ienejoyed a much larger ran of business
ing the past season than at any other
...... The  iandy Kid is more of a melo-
o-Imatic p dietio th 1 it is comtietly, and
iioiubt Manager BFnjaitin Mt. Stainhack
I  I  i  iton  a  wise  pln1 ini  its  seletici.  it
ing this haracter of plas that crowded
IipreIty  ilayhouse all of last  season.
I lic F-editiondson is cast for the leading
le. 11 is nt so well known in tle soutli
lie is itn other parts of che country where
has appeared almost continuously, but
theatrically inclined public of tie Bluff
i  took kindly to Mi'. Edmondson. 'rie
- agemisetot was for one week, with usual
In an IterviewwithTHE StIOWVORLD
erelspoldenit, Manager  Stainhack  stated
t while in the east last summer hiet mad
rially strong efforts to get together a
0 --  f tle biest soos thait tie couldi, anti
et a   an resullt of  t  ie s toe was satisfied
nonttheg itsei  wsortion tdat the ptre
his house wouildi cioroorate him  it his
-tion that toe hits tein best boor, iig h I9
I    or   ver plaed. Foleorvina te han-
i taiy at ork, untilt it is nowi one
hlanId'sninest liayoiufses oith of the
t ill Open with      tpire.
Facelliestuaill throw ote  its doors on
-it of sept. 1, wiecht is several
i aticr toant Maknager Grayit  usually
 hnis houses toa  tthre is little ourbt
it siat it   sill toe packe  as a comp1-
It to the piopllar lessee and  oanager,
pecially as this is his last year in con-
mF ofi hl playhoise, the Klaw & Erlanger
'itrests having purchased the building, al-
Hi lih  tr. Gray, it is announced, will
iinain as local manager. The opening bill
- The iulipire. Following Isis comes tde
A. G. i ils aggregationn of i1rot-cori
n m   ane   mhi sitgers  any all-aru ad
k lait    tair   htsr foe    a nhmsber
ndf Fern   the Op blr i for the Lycnevri,
-I just to pa The Uire tipene  to ge
ri a   tra of hem is tot town. Find has
- '-istahliilriemphis for mtanyI years, anil
sthetit tioutt tlse ititis  popular' btiui
etc art, ist that comecis lien'o.  lie has a
"-,cdtfill holdi on  tlte  Itiltil'. anti Ias  nester
Ifailed to pltiy here to `. iR. 0.. loeitsg
_I iiireii a tremendouis ovationl.  it, t's
s-offuce of the Lyceum   this season Mtt".
,iunondson will again be seen, while genial
homias Dwyer will talke care of the main
fotckins Grand Opera ilouse, under ile
,rnl  management as is East Eud Part,,
Inot open until the iWhite City seasot:
'nes to alt end. The weather is so lot
I:t Manager A. B. Morri,o  fears it would
-ve a leavy financial loss to his interests
uidertae it, and as a result has dcicid
contiitnu  the  ark iuntil th  latter part
  ieptembilr and possibly until the earls
rt of October. The bill ot the boards at
1     i:st Eni Park for the wek eoiing August
1 was not tip to the standard. notwith-
iing the fact of its drawing fairly good
 i5ds.  For the week hsginning sunday
oItinee Sept. 1, hosever, te prograimi was
-nd einoght to wsarrant  lt  approval it
at with,.
Big Holiday Crowd.
The largest gathering ever seen at one
place at a time in this cits eas that of the
abor Day' Pienic at the Wlite City Mon-
-<i. Thousands of people were in attend-
snee andt hundreds were turned away from
ii. gates, so great was the crowd. Thurs-
,ts', Sept. 5, was "Baby Show" day, an
-'nual feature with the park management.
here wvere 1,000 prizes given, and in addi-
111 n to this, a souvenir of seine deseription
wsgiiciv to every child attending. Tle
.actions for the veck are far above the
rage. Francis Folsom    remsains for the
ird veek.   She has made good every
-,k so far and has a host of friends i!s
l    cphis. Thse real headliner for the we,'tc
r- the three Poirers, including Adolph
-cirr. The latter is ereiiitud with beit'I
only acrobat who does a double disb-
ition of shoulders on a sixteeni-iric bar.
toore and Dupre, well known entertain-
rs, also are soen in a neat tonI interesting
"t.   The  German    monologist, Charles
-liarpe, has a good lot of new stuff anti
i.asee.  The lusical Forrests, the Kino-
:one and s-veral othrs complete floe list.
airyland Park has closed. The splen-
 stocke company that has been playing
. good steed audiences for several weeks
n   ae its fareswell performance Aan-
linight, Sept. 2, and the pcopcular resor
1 an Closel, rateently for gool, uiltss somi
o nmes forward with more money to in-
st in the enterprise. The plays put on
uring the summer seaslon have proven ex-
ptionallv good, a number of them eosting
100 In royalty alone. it addition to this
xpense, earls production t1us ben elabo-
'-cely staged and costumted.
MANISTEE. Seot. 7.-Ramisdll. R. R.
Iatmsdoll. Mgr., Sis in New York, Sept. 2;
ifair business.
I'iiiu--audoville ant moving  pictures;
i-.  -usine ts.i
1Hi-Moving pichirls; t'11iness.
(Sept.  7,  1 i7.)
H   HARTY npreciation  and  enthusia
1t-ecd the op-ning of our theatrical
season, all the   houses  ting1 sood
Ision-ss, for swhiich the good hits wer
mainly responsibl. 'The wicathtr ,4ls Itti
ilsO bje thainlt'ei fr Saturday, Auig. 31, oin
si-hich several hosepsoIpend, was a de-
lightfully con1l day. Laboi  Day was rainy.
sellich prevented tll' peo1,  og to ts
beaches and drove them to the tcaters "I'
ale emns't.itauk theater (EIdwiard Trail,
lillageNe  Oene  Aug.    1 ssith  Richard
ale Is l'o'     g Fickne.   Aill. Carle,
'uponded1 Dilwipallv  b<y M       A , rese
\lice  liagemnar  anlo  t  wh"ie    ett` i
ant excellint entertainieit shtits is geft"""
the patro age  citeser-    SI n          t-
t ie great success ,  Ts  Iiii al  eli
'lte Broadwaia  theater (G.  C. Teller,
manager) 0popn1i tihli crrent season Aug.
:1, with Marie Cahill in Eilwartd MIltotn
liuys-  ani 1Silviot ,  isin  e utslm it  hlts.  Itac-
i-seig  lMary.  as iii  Iii'  1lit  I, .  i.  iurt.
Fugene Coiilis proed    l an -eellnt supoort
and the long-skirted  rus utme in for its
alwi-stted apprelation, pt. n, The Yir-
bM tjia Comtedy Popular.
'fTs'  Ali-ltir  (W.  C.  Fridiley,  Iiciitir'-c
presents iact l    xivn   Klin anii Cook's c-
tili opera Tl1l-c-  P-l P-ith i  tis wseek, sitti
i'hi-ri'iali Siiiip501 fi stitI, FI iliiee Jios-
5-oti Mi. Gattes is gittireit it tile opociiti
bouminess5.  Last -eek  ii it  T  oman  and
Song tuedlI  themii away. Next weeke Billy
TI. an in his latest fare. Patsy in Politics-
'Ihe Bijou (n     i-Ids, manag-'-r) has EN.
If.  Voods' itiiliamiatic otffer1in. Edna,
th Prett- Typowrit, sith several strnit-
olus epdIbs among which is atn    xcitint,
ic   I-liten  real   autoliles.  Edna
Browning pla s the leariing role. A Chorus
(irl's Tuk ino Nes AYork  i i ooi hi sinsse
weiith  its  first  local  1irioductien.  Soept.  9,
Thu Felly (H. Kirtima. miaiager) glves
its patrcans anothr, I of A. H. TA'oods' thril-
hlug prcotu'tis  entitled Co iet 99. hy
.iohne   Otis-i .  X  ruined  mill  that  is  trans-
formedi into a field of w5aving col-t is one
of the scirnic features of tte show. N-xt
veek: Shoo Fly Regiment.
11antc's thiiatr -Fik O'Hara, theyumg
Trish-Amorian  moredian-singer. is procuie-
ice Iis te   imomsanti phty, Bions O1Dtre.
itticcinelo a numlr of Thres  sogs srilt
bs filself  lice tolay in- a etrse play of
the cighitetht ceitmia  blur sidlle lccimglaili
IIt iibattil  Next ssc   Tbhc- Ailllionaire's
'Oeiti tinsas, th'lrillers.
Tile Columiha (Wharls N. 1Xiuiez man-
agelr.-This sweek sees the produltionl l l her
of Hal    eid'c s latest thriller, Thce Black-
nuailers of New Yok, un       the dlirectio"
of Auhrei Nuttenthal. The TAaliron broth-
ers, German comedians appcar in the lead-
ing role. Two- regular sized trollev ear used
in thle play form  onec if tce bigg-st fea-
tur s.
Payton's theater.-The stek ecmpany is
appearing this week in Jim   ilidsi, a play
foundedl on the late John TTay's poemi. It
it in four acts and the leadinig roles are
plaved by Louis Tcn iTall  and Mimssa Phil-
li p.".  Next  is-ek,  Mrl'.  P'a,-toi  Aill  produce
Phillips L-c-u. -'T'he   -al compaoy is
this seec producing Dvidast iggins'  e-Il-
known success. I-1 Yerk State, vhuich is
phsili   .ho patrons of this house li-
monsel. Next week the lomipany will be
seen in Then  oi'tm n Love.
'Tlue Grand  Opera   Hiotuse  (WilliiaT I,.
Grover. Imna I-ger) op-d    wxith  alvdsaned
vaudesille Labor Daa isiti mice, emnpisinse
the followin aits. Mr. &- Mrs. Jerry Cc-
]ltn in Hun cing for Offie. Edua iallae
iopper. UlrII's animals. T         e. C,  tields.
cecntrie c-mi i  juggle,. Nora Diys  siug-
loe   couswdiinne.   liata  a.   Japan-ls
'iriupe   Teimuln'ti   M intrels.  ixinsrn .  t>'
mcytie marvl:    .anis T. Miorton. miono-
lsgist, nd lue il Tiillanms Troup e of
whirling Cyclists.
Ifasi Mfany liendliner,.
Th  Oitrpheun1  ( Frank t illiolz. manager).
---Percv G. iWilliamts pimsIts for the in-
itial  bill  of  th  season  a  ir -tts gather-
ing if hteaIIlInes.  AInl. lutrnues-s and  'o.
in The SOnu    Birds. I- George   i. Iobart
and   \ilot  trbert:  Harry   cutn. who
makes his v'udevillo (1,1ut as t monolcgist:
the musital   lelts  fhe  Pianohbiends:
Ketic Barr,: cliekli. lie East Indian ma-
gliin: Till A1I res  i and Blanche Da--ne
inT Town   Uits   T oNi lt; illttte's  dog
'troupe:  thue  Il vile  I ( iari n  'I'min u   T n-
agination: the Ronne   Sistmrs and the I-
Shihert's ths-uter (w Parker. manager)
tenind with t  C-uth   lmtinou At't. ' I
esith  a  hen, list of saudselle features.
ITemne ec1th            'Foi n  e LiP  l ttle  nni-
TLady: O'Drin &    Tneel in   Click,  an ic
'tick,  -ulorted h  1-fil Tawruc-c  ,Tihn
Mtcu  ill'  Atl AX t1 4l, TTas terhuort
llr-iks. the itisslt  Flue --ue- Si'-tern: thil
Labrlkanes ,muul thir 1ie: Iref. Al!itnl
and his mounke; :Tcseph X1nsley. Taelst;
and th  ioseivrt pictrsa   fIln I      'I-
,ctt ,-flhii,io, eIf te memo elatit toc'othe at
iiehton oalh a sear ago.
The Ollple   (Niclk  Norton, managr
lins as its cfferinl to its Iatrois thii wck
C'tarhus                   Owls~i'  N-i  (s-s, tice-iitiug,
turOne1151 tuoIttaIls A\\ito Shite Alt- AWife
a I uui  Slo ruom  lte  ScldierI.  'te  tic  I. il,
nitua by Charles 1-rbirso, character cot-s
-Fian, and a numb..h1e)r nf first-class specialty
The  sar  (Elsi-ardV,(  Belmain. umiaa',r)
preesentn Teesx  oc, s Kniokerihnielker  r-
10squers in Aliuphs Misiaps and The A' 'l -
rival of Prince Nalli.   The olio lis two
lot utile  ctFs--Ibe Cpank Miitis iilhi-i
(Sept. 7, 1907,.)
BY J. II. IE).
 lN Nils fo fhe theatri Ital saon I
1'0)7 and 190S are ended  ith butia Fi
I-xception, the Pabst.  This theatl i
,ill pn its season Sept. 23. The etnt of
t'   lhe  sek was the opening of the Gayety,
Alilauill-'s new  burlesque house, uiler
tIt-         of tii Columibia Amusement
lu-uany uplating eastern A'hel attractions.
ltese StaliFlin The Chorus Lad is at the
Daliiason  f'inr a  seIek's stLnIt.  Without
dniillIt Itgis 1uyill io lg sesryweure it
Is leank' 1. 1In this pla  Mr. Forbes has
sonI-   or other striuck  a  ne5w note itt
tin    ' eriting.  III  Patri-il  o'lietn  his-  has
(1rawni1  a charactir wcort h iv of Miss Stahl's
talent. The work of Miss Stahl was ex-
-sl-unt and the work of the rest of the
ninilitltat'ny was admoirale.  Ailfred  Lucas
.es asutong and pleasing inii1rslnation
cf Patricia's lIver, and Ciles Shin e is good
as the fathI-r of tue chtrus lady.
T,'e ('ouonity Chairman is the offering by
iliucs-e'- . amuses tiglee of the Xlhuambira
tlis in-etcnul is pleinsig largesizd homuses
The enmusliiiatn is ai strong one and as usual
as dtot   ani lu       illm  T. ('batter-
thn Is  iuh.t. Iilllne i iti aoor  uaer the
au,ii wts  utso  xctonal   aod  as the
eoile " t'nree. ai lue  Xsison in also
s. th   . of braise.  [Iis  lao  is as-eli
alatuei  an shiis senra  toinl of clever-
TesO. be maur TItinger am ITh  op the State
imair attractiam t te Aelha Hrma.
As. ilmtetI &VT.anfille Enjoyed.
wTe' Sahilot ioIno pf its ulores utder the
a    nuspies of lTan  k- ietuger and soas gi-
pe Is first tosiiem- of''s-anTed Vaude-
virit. . T hiue abcra tutusiastic audience
seda there.  soragood Offering
andsi it pleasIt Ipon haeg  Socnia  maulences
1utits iau rsptos ofe initial built routld
hase cnui  nhi  strongee.  The openint bil
-onfrisom aoame AdiraIde Herman. Toy
L. lesc Eaies Maran, Mitts and alr-
,i,,. Lioule, l's I. Cafield & Carleton,
Itrty   fscantec as-ston h   S ra  . Cogs-
letl aui t  ftuor  iftures closes the per-
Mhoruiaer aohn Pth  iere. of te Bhou Is
poi-esmums" tocitbs psirons Thur Volunuteer
a    ety This pastirai   Optni ngas well re-
epi ihne slots of the raua ts familiar
ast sm ue  it piinnt  a soneng nierl anSi
or -enits slimri tbs Isyces of Ness Eneed sit-
lagers w hich  ate o prttec-sho  g  and s-
in   foe  oopamy   ias a     satisfactory on.
'flue Roln isctptone of the strongicst it-
1 i- Btinois wI I BarEi..  ArX'tiel is oing pre-
s-mu tllIt am ftle Nes  Stale theater filii ws-ekd.
t Emilan      a litais ii Is te  ofthe best
Qutuete  in a l i tcuhesur flri seon at
Aliltheel Thus  easonl. The Flcesque is
ton front  o  l  & AXdass. Danss and
Ii~kec.T i-iu  MrtcInli sinsginog turn and
Arled Pars faseshill e. .inma Held are
miatnte  of steit nthms- The Pony ab
1   r1 is thur feature. of illC company.  Thu
climi is ales thio tierag  h'.
Geta  Thit lAnspiious O enig
ucctalting of the Gapet    a . greeted
1s - tsc fai-tized't  audientcs  tuttiai, Sdpl.
1. blue ouspleng aituaetcms bceig Phil Sheri-
lialan soth call is aity Cpofts  The offer-
mo, uo.ioI alilds. The iu,     witteir
haskbtk    anltI the ims-ti  ll5 fartema i
sit tsori-ciine     ea i-elis rali  offi
htlial sketchl is emuhmtle  A   r Tlbl  lix-i'ti.
en   lii   exbl pintiolly st ronig of lsetuuilt
theatrsli    Talus  Thsoon msoiT an d nin
aitr. Lotoin -histitah tIme Gthais r it'
Quat,tte ausi Asnna ('hatujir in iltitatimus
if thul ices," Aua btI  a  s'F~. Tresple-
tor  nthr Fleek Cat-a"nd Persian  lancers.
a fatllrs of  sue lisf.  l R. Sumrs ins tin
Mianager of t    he mci Pous  anti as. B.
eTit~ us trasurerb.
st is Van     uce o t a ''tl'' at 1he
oh-sl Allis ehiarlititg sibiee poackedi the
t isssn  fi lue opesniune  ba'.  Th~e
itutlee n c th uslll is maulae runsort Conutor
th woi      C Fialdn,  idn  Ferrv.  Ite Frog
tamalt  Buss. laff.  Duiiess bias bseen
lanine ast   asrek alTh  s1aVer Ailoro
bat tiedscm  alsnthee strong  cilb for Slam'
Pair wk
Tile bosiess at ble packs is falling cff
rTsiroab  nseeins  to thor oenisg of tblue
thlaorial stsni.  Dictsris ilxtd Wet rit
Iwdian  Congeiss tas re1st  t irf  o Pab1st
Pareo.  2et1  I p hhs rhia ise -as cetinhui
for aeller oenc at Aondeland.
After a a'tr5' succ'essfmul summiner seasonm.
Manage  Bteetcc cftImr PMast AiXtelissi n B'
RTsorK hs annoutce  to dite ncunie (1ii I,T.
inrterds to t-Fe thIs tnuta' esat ocet fc
bsif wlnter eiseum . iunes  ova'au4l:i  atnil
bart    t te pau. This i    a ao' golF
tine. is   lllustatoe  bias tong r oreof  a
touomutom r'esort for stlegh cie pacti(,s.
TIe  isconsin Stair Fair opens 5,t. 5.
closig eto(t. 12.  i it is  emctedb Fnert it
&eill te or of blue muinet fairs ever  T intw
hire.  Great  prepErati   arc0 ice ls oe' brnhi;
ar  an tes Nes'rajstic is    s hoeesimsg
T ' WKSON. 5-it . i---.-ttlit  tIt. ,T.
F'eir., mime.) -F'e'r Atottem's Slse. Ci-mt. "-
Plrsifal: 'fhte Jaimets Pests, 4: btunisaus
Htearts.   "Wi 'fe-', fasmuilsy, C.
Ti.juiti (AV'h  ittuistiall. Isegr. )-onmes  11
hbttsitoniu  C,,miu'  tuis1uit it I Dlld'y. ini
iu-ittgittg  iiemit &  Aiiluumutiuct  reccstie
nipgh 1   &1- - i-irs sning arb tunl  -
.1t:  llbustrt itt FElm ,,     opo.  G flTNE
(Itotyes  siWuir E111 mis,m Igo'.) Cl"I's
ooliiil W. F, iMltl"rw Illuistrated soluce,;
Rne & 1uzl aorc-i'muut: DBusinuess tile.
Foicimill FC  , the  uts. had( FI ctiuns,
-,        lii   i :  ll 5tlN  IZ
(Sept. 7, 1907.>
Il  Anita, the Singing Girl, f, Owen
VVi'.is, a drama fall of thrills, th,
Aiiitoriutm hal a series of la- au-
iie !,  s Let week. Miss Eva, wio
o(l  1 t-  title  role,  received  due  - ,jit fol
her ajility, having been renitnre. lbrough
ber success in vaudeville. The tii is of ti
east are all Very capable and desere cred-
it, especially it. J. Spanierman, a' an Ital-
lan, and Mr. Fred Montague, as t     iulou,
Ither.  In  short  Anita,  the  (;i G  l
is a clean melodrama. There ar n, Ioo,
thirsty seem's.  Week of Sept.       Mr,
Ilorone Bindley in The Str-et Sina.r,
GAYETY-The Bachelor Club Buitsquerl
pened the second    N'lk   w ith  'rowefd
houses.  Tom   Coyne in the cllif ''lld
role   with    Harry    Hasting.     Ihillip
Apcl, Frank Manning and Dis EI    .h
the burlettas going at a livelv 11-   Mis>
Viola Sheldon and her superb      hi ius oi
wIell trained voices pleased  th: iudieni
very iuclt.
Olio Has Clever Acts.
Hill & Sylvana headed the 011 with aII
rxceedingly clever cycling act. T,   tiai
Comedy Four had many goocd         '  ant
liariolie., galore.  Gerrudei,  'I'l  -isti-g
Mlarvel, gave inmpersonsationi atilt ii i..tais
its avisl~ing art. The Six Lamcese .- Los-
sies its a series of dances and so,- o ithte
a test ortder pltrasedi, anti Frtitb AIhir0l
h"aci plety of notnsensec for the isll,r tiers,
Sept. 2, The   World Beauties, Slirearlar
the clebrated Lifeorana  by   Lyttn H.
Howe continued to draw big crowds. Nine
new numbers and      nine request numbers
wade up the bill. The Lendon Hiorse Show
at the Olympia offered a good sight to see
King Edward in his new toD coat. The
fine horses are features to be remembered.
The Land of the Mid-night Sun consists of
a journey from Christiana to Trondjem and
the country of Isen, closing with a view
of the Midnight Sun. Sept. 2, The Roys of
Company B.
BtLANEY'S--Lottie, The Poor Saleslady,
continued to please the audience and did a
land olliee business. Sept. 2, A Child of the
Vaudeville Draws Crowds.
LUKINS THEATEH-Opened w\ith vaud,-
ville, including Bingham, the  etilh.quist;
7 da and the FieryDragom; The iilue hAl-
burtnes with Leslie Carter air dioing sillini
their chartier chtatrge act; Cole &- C niets.
tings; Miss Georgette titto lee r,,,'itli lie
illustrated ballads; Jas. 1-I. iteQuitin aTli3
Monday night, Aug. 26, the emploes pre-
snted iMr. Earle, the manager, swith t beau-
tiful floral horseshoe.  m-ing pictures are
sery uoular inl the lower auditolitu, With
ilustrated songs between. The theater has
betn repainted and is now a cosy, attrac-
tie place.
Nellie WNent Away did well last seek. The
east was very capable wian  deser e credit.
Sept. 2, Broadway After Dark.
DAYTON, Sept. 7- National-Huilsiniesshas
Feen booming at tiis ppular risort. The
John Vogel Compan      hoilding the boards.
Quite a otniubr of iic  faces appear withi
this companiy, wshich   makes   it popular
Murray &    Mak, Otn the   cunn  cide of
Broadway, opened    Labor Da    ''r thre
days. A regular holiday audien, "reeted
them. Hailon's Superba. is undilinted
The New Lyric theater openied IpI in a
blaze of glory.   3iavor Wiright ilIe the
dedicatory speech welcoming    tx Hurlig
to the city and thanking him in Il1 namie
of the city for the beautiful pla -c that
Hurtig &  eaion haie provided. fl'e open-
ing perforisance included SCehinii & Grovini
in a European novelty act; Hiapp      Jackl
Gardner, Barry & Halvers. Chas. II, Brad-
shaw   &  Co., Mazut   &  iMazel, Lento  &
Laurence, the Two Pucks and the kineto-
The Victoria.-Gc. Ade's bilgit onceit,
The College TViidow, opened.   \IIendance
E. M. Hollsind in A Iouse of a Flhousand
Candl, was seen Tuesiay ans Xedliisfity
evenings, suported by a strong coipanY.
Duffalo Bill was entertained by the offi-
eors of the N. C. R., and in the afternooi
the plant was closed to give fte eplloyes
ani opportunity of seeing the wild West
sho -w.
Miss Ethel Eminger. laughter If oe of
Daston's prominent citizens. left last week
to join The Sweely-Shipuman company in
When Knighthood was it Flower.       Her
stag name will be Marion Mlanler
t th,  arik; 1Yhite City. Fairview and
TLakeside, busioess has been good all the
CANTON. Sept. 7       i-Grad Opern House
(F. C.  o is,  mai ge ).- Fra ttie  'illiams in
TI'  Titl, F Cherub   Aug.  li1.  lig  Iusines:
\l.  11. A ilson.  Sept.  : An  Old ii   Sis e,. ntil.
of  i.linte ,  XiA l  Ao  to. a ts t.  1tt:  etei l'on
11  T.  C.  12:  Good  Ielil),,  :!: The  Sul
Fu                     itban  eiFner. 1' .
Take Park I(1. D. HarrFs inamager.-
AWeek Supt. 1. Louis iAt'             S - Co  til
iamiltot & ("o.  ' Gus Aillianis, Rauses Si-
ters Tmt iooe, ani The Ozalt.
Marie teiiiiliff". last season witl' The Is"
of 13ou  1 1,  1  tle t lept  I'tto, jo1 i~ A   li
fot a Dat titis at file vtss  FcIifteii5-"
les  Allison, stage carpenter last seasol
at the Gutnd, will Ihae the stage this sea-
son at the i rasIit Opra IHtouise Alliance.
Ite  AX iitoriui.  ned b  t hil'  citv, ls
l....n  r    ht o in  th  T yric  mu m ntcoml-
pats  1  -     e -,_   ln I  t,, 1-  Sunda.
ni'lt  uIni , l I-c t-   1-
-    -S

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