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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

North, Tom
Tom North's gossip,   p. 6

Page 6

September 14, 1907,
A   NOT-HER    new   Pittsburg  vaudevill"-
A heater story has been punctured. I
noticed an announcement in a New
York paper that Oscar Hammerstein con-
t-noplated building a vaudeville house in
littsburg and that he secured a thirty-day
. ption through a Pittsburg agent on the
1frmuer Gusky store property on Market
Piteet running from Third avenue to Fourth
- 1liue. Mr. Hammerstein had offered the
iostoln store, which has a long lease on
ioe property, $200,000 for its leasehold,
'p5.1 investigation I found the psoperty is
,, two parcels. That at Market street and
Surth avenue belongs to Frank McCann,
ald that at Market and Third avenue Uo
I bert C. Hall, Neitler lot in itself would
ilarge enough for a theater and a repre-
ntative of Mr. McCann denied that any
Ition had been given on the McCann cor-
our. The two properties cost the present
-wners over $750,000 and at present prices
aic woti considerably more toan was paid
fr them, so that to buy the site and the
Iresent lease would require an outlay of
,1,000,000 aside front the cost of a theater
E. B. Kitchen, who has managed the
lera house in Berwick, Pa., for the last
-n years, has resigned owing to pressing
ilosiness affairs and Cyrus Smith has been
appointed in his place. Mr. Smith has all
Itb- requirements of a successful manager,
and will more than make good.
E. B. Coyle, the manager of the Char-
lroi, Pa., theater, has branched out and
-ome a successful park manager.    Mr.
oyle's park at Uniontown, Pa., has proved
a big winner, all due to this hustling young
inan's ideas and his excellent managerial
Hazel Park, Hazleton, Pa., is as neat a
little place as one would want to visit
Heautiful winding walks, plenty of shade,
bvnches, flowers, and other numerous ac-
,essories that make a park pleasant. Con-
,essions of all kinds abound, while a pretty
little lake in the center of the place adds
greatly to the charm. An excellent novelty
that other parks would do well to copy is
"floe old oaken bucket that hangs in the
"ell." An excellenot owell oras driv'en and
pure sparkling aqua pura is obtained by the
1d oaken bucket on the pole. It's good.
Haley is horne! Io fact Haley just got
lime from a six 'weeks' vacation in Bus-
I1.10,1  Who is Haley?  Well, I'm surprised
It ye!   Haley is te six-foot-three, two
Otlndrecl and eighteen pound manager of
ile Grand at Hazleton, Pa., and everyincho
iind ounce of that man means "good head,"
good fellow,"  and-well, anything   elsa"
hat's right. When Haley did get home,
lhere was I waiting at the door. From a
acation to an agent is a big "lep," but the
good has to suffer with the bad," so there
you are.
It was my first one-night stand of thi,(
-eason and my first night at the hotel ('.
I found it, incredible as it seems, for tlhe'
Indlady had appeared a neat, cleanly, cau-
ithus body. But as I knew nothing of my
predecessor in the apartment I decided to
iention the matter at breakfast.
"I found something in my room," I be-
an0 but the landlady interrupted.
'Then you must have brought it with
'' am quite sure I didn't," I protested;
for I counted all mine before I left New
York. But if you insist that this dollar is
inine, why, of course-"
Last week a stratger drooled ioto Nan-
ticoke, Pa., atod offered to buy thle local
paper. The thought of real money was so
tempting that the editor named a figure
and the stranger didn't haggle. He said
II,'d take it, and even wcent so far as toi
-ngage some local talent to write up the
news until he got acquainted. The town
was all keyed up and the big transfer was
to take place next morning; but when
imorning came the stranger had vanished
like the baseless fabric of a dream. In
the paper that evening the editor explained
to the eager populace: "That fellow just
wanted to stir up interest for the troupe
'At the Old Cross Roads,' that plays at
our opera house Aug. 26, and to get even
ith him I w1on't say another word about
the show coming."   Tvonder wiho the agent
was that "pulled" that?
Rudyard Kipling is to have the Nobel
literary prize this year. It is taking that
prize a long time to work around to Indi-
Walter N. Lawrence announces his inten-
tion  of forming an organization to be
known as the Madison Square Theatrical
Company, which will present the most im-
'ortant Lawtr'nce productions each season
The company takes its name from      the
Madison Square theater, of which Mr. Law-
'sice has been tihe lessee and manager for
the last three years.
Pearl Girard, one of the chorus girls in
',A  laskan, to' playiog at tle Ktnlekr-
I Ill, thn,,a r No Y'oth  'ilr, 1h, ho Iso,-
uppearid in ligot operas in the west as
leading soubrette.
John NV. McKinney, recently engaged as
business moanagie  for  Wright Lorimer's
pcduction of The Quicksands, has become
Ernest Shipman's partner in the manage-
ment of Mr. Lorimer.       Mr. McKinney
bought his interest from Mrs. DeMille
Rehearsals of The Thief have begun at
the Lyou  theater, N     l Yrk, with Kyrli
HB llow , a-d  Mag rt  fii  n in,  the,  leal-
Iile of the oldest and best known shoslmen in the world is Col. George
Washington Hall, of Evansville, Wis. He achieved fame as tile inventor of
the pop corn brick, which has been a delight to millions of children.
ing parts. The cast includes Herbert Percy,
Edith Oster and Leonard Ide.
Jane Corcoran is secring heavily in Ib-
sen's A  Doll House, under the capable
managenent of Arthur C. Aiston. Mrs. L.
E. A. Dunbar's lecture on0 Ibsen three days
aiead of Miss Corcoran's appearance ex-
cites a great amount of interest and the
lecture is invariably accorded a aram re-
eption. Miss Corcoran is ably supported
by Jaies Brophy.
Lillian Lee, who appears in The Follies
of 1907, appears in a role somewhat non-
000patlietic to her sex towadays. She is
styled "A W'eak TWoman," but the bntsiness
of her part conveys a very differert imoopres-
Ethel Barr-more will begin loer ntext sea-
,oI at the end of R-ptember in a ne  lay'
Helr Sister, written ln  collaboration  by
Clyde Fitch and Cosmooo Gordon lenox. It
is a three-act drama , and the scenes are
laid in England,. although the storo relates
to incidents that have occurrecd in America.
V. Herbert Keller has been transplanted
floma  Huntington, IV. Va., to Shamokin,
Ia., to assume the management of the G.
\     t o e ra  o  Ith'  ni too  as  the
o ain  mH00n        ie   \1srlio   Zi .. ero
in  tlw  sam0e  cit',  wohich  is, incidentally,the
best billed theater in Pennsylvania, not
even barring the larger cities. Mr. Sherer
is a marvel at the advertising game.
There is a handsome structure under pro-
ress of construction in Johnstown, Pa., one
.square west of the Cambria theater.    It
has a large sign stretched across the entire
front that reads: "New Majestic Theater.
Best acts.  Open soon.    Acts booked by
Hammerstein, Percy Williams and Keith
and Proctor."  Wonder what that means?
The No. 2 Gentry show had Johnstown,
Pa., billed "like a circus" for Aug. 27. I
got there Aug. 25 and saw the "flash."   I
immediately wandered "back to the dogs
a1n(d poniies" and started to rejuvenate some
"dope" for the papers. I could almost see
the pretty animals going through     their
stunts, bear the band, smell the sawdust
and11 listen to the leather-lunged red lemon-
ad crew, but I was brought back to the
''hall shows" again vith a jolt. and the
sohite top vision disappeared and all was
silent once more. I could not remain over
and visit, but I had the "flash" to over-
comte for Cross Roads, and I guess I did
it  Ask 'em!
Freto11ntl- you pick up a co1' of THE
Stii   wOTLtD, 01lnce at the h11 lines.
11ru,1 it lo -ne she, an! rntrk: Noth-
I8 ch p, fand  a,  mo; e  th "- ab',ut-
:tge   It  w. ul .. p..I   ar  tht    mp et
transfoniatha  ha aiken,  plu-  since  'Mr.
K-ellr's arrisal a lfew w-ek age. Mr. Kel-
Jer's position will not be a bed of roses,
as I (an testify by being present at an al-
tercation lie had last waeek' with the bur-
ness of the city. Here's luck, old chap,
lit I'll take mine seven days ahead of
0'oss Ro0ads. Mr. Ostler. the former man-
igcr, is nolw treasurer of the Grand.
.1es you good to get around to    Uncle"
.J,), G~ould, manager of the alt. C'armel, Pa.,
he-ater.  Hie is sorely a fine fellow, and
.akes an agent's visit a very pleasant one.
\\!it we had more like loim.
ti hae itrck too managers lately that
uer aothre inch single advertisement on
insertion (day before date of playing) In
th,' one paper, total cost fifty 'ents. Gra-
c ious' such expenditure Is frightful! What
size advertisement would these same man-
agers use in the Kansas City Star and Dal-
las News?
Kind o' goin' some when a theater closes
a park in the good old summer time, don't
you think?   Sherer and Kelly inform   me
that they turned the trick with their park
theater in Johnstown. Mr. Sherer is also
resident ranaglr of tie Cambria theater
ing  in  the  paper  this  work.'  10,1  *ou eer
 I.  aonsider  whait l110 phrase  'nothing
in the paper this w eek" means? It means
that in the week just passed no misfortunes
bave befallen one in our profession, that
no fire has wiped out a manager's worldly
goods, that the grim angel of death has.
crossed no threshold of a friend, that no
poor devil, haunted by the past or the
nfisdeed of another, has crossed The Great
Divide by his own hand, that many things
that should not happen have not happened,
So0 then, next time you pick up a cspy 0f
Tl'H-E SHOW WORLD and It do,so't us-
nou ce a tragedy, give a little pdanks in-
stead of grumbling because there is in
Another nature faker story: "A New
York child fell three stories, lighted n
the Teddy bear in her arms, and wasn't
hurt a, bit."  Listen!  You'ro  a press
agent; there is a che-ild back with the
show; you are in need of an idea for a
story; you see this "kid-fell-three-stor-
ies-teddy-bear-saved-life" article, and-
Wish I had a youngster-that is a che-ild
in Old Cross Roads this coming season
Think it over!
Johnnie was anxious to take part In
the public montbly exercises of his Sun-
day school, so his mother searched out
a short verse, which was. 'I am the
bread of life."   Vhen  Johnnie's turn
came, he created something of a sensa-
tion by calling out promptly and shrilly,
"I am a loaf of bread!"
The woman who pads her figure may
fool some of the men, but the r'st of the
women all know it, and if a ben had a
locomotive to play with ie would let it
fall and break it the first tiling, while
some people keep so busy scenting trou-
ble that they never have time to enjoy
the fragrance of the rose. Now. can any-
body send me the short poem beginning:
Over and over again.
No matter which way I turn,
I always find in the one-night stands
Some lesson I have to learn.
Miss Mae Murry. of Fascinating flora,
has been called the Fluffy Ruffles of the
Casino. It is safe to say that the name
was not given to her by her sister sing-
ers in the chorus.
A woman was watching a workman as
he put up new window fixtures in her
house. "Don't you think that yoll have
placed those fixtures too high?- asked
she. having reference to the curtainrolls
last put in place.
The workman, a stolid Germnit. made
no reply, but continued to adjust the
"Didn't you hear my question" de-
manded the lady of the house. "How
dare you be so rude?"
TWhereupon the German gulped -onvul-
sively. and then replied in tie, gntlest
of voices: "I haf my    mouth   full of
screws, und I could not spheak till I
svallow some!"
There was a young girl you could
By poking her ribs with a pickle.
At a church fair one day
They made Evelyn pay
By annoutecing: "A nickle a tickle,"
Will it be the ain of the tleatrical
trust to corral the original Florodora
The six "convicts" walking Broadway
1bck step. prison  striped, attracted a
great deal of attention for "Convict 999."
while at the same time down Broadway
-omes a cowboy band, six shoulder ban-
nered kids, and four mounted cowboys a
la the great and woolly, announcing "the
ireat Express Robbery." all of which
lads one to think that Broadway is fast
becoming a competitor of Chey ienne or
that Cheyenne has been ahead of Broad-
way doings for years past.
Dreamland, Luna     Park.  Manhattan
Beach and what is left of Steeplechase
Park, are jammed daily. while the real
thing Wild TVest, 101 Ranch of Miller
Bros., cannot begin to accommodate 'emn
at Brighton Beach.
Billy Single Clifford looms up like a
twenty time winner,    Just fresh from
European conquests, he advised me of
his '"starring tour" over the K. atd E.
advanced vattdeville time. I ofteti won-
dered if Billy is in on the McGowan
"photograph-of-the-company"   graft at
Urbana, Ohio, but I guess not.
Why Jessie Left the Village' How's
that for a title? Now, you rude things,
you can find out when the troupe hits
town.   The Life of an Actress is--oh,
well come on everybody, take a spin on
the human roulette wheel
I heard that lhiladelphia Jack O'Brien
load dramatized his fiasco with Tommy
Burns and has entitled the play    The
Double Cross. A playwright with a full
knowledge of his subject like O'Brien.
should be welcome.
Scientists are busy discussing the ques-
tion, ''What shall we eat?" While most
mren are thankful to get what tile cook
gives them,
A Columbus. Kan., girl graduate who
had been given the theme, "Beyond the
Alps Lies Italy," promulgated the fol-
lowing: "I do not care a cent whether
Italy lies beyond the Alps or in Missouri.
I do not expect to set the riser on fire
with tiy N0 MORE COPY.

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