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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Kinodrome making is an art,   p. 14

Page 14

August 10, 1907.
B  Tlf in Gieoton ma   1siess I        Corge K. Spoor
B ,words of a pionoeer arre lolted upoos
as authoritative, consequently thte'      Devices,     An
views of a man who has been         ott-
gaged in a successful film business for        Growth     of Ir
over eleven years, must be distinctly
worth while. The name Kinodrome to       tation that could not t)
the frequenters of the best vaudeville   shod methods."
theaters is as familiar as that of the            Sees Big Year
fanily butcher and baker, and while the    Whe    Sethe Subjet of
name of its proprietor, George K. Spoor, lusiness was broached,
may not be as familiar to theater-gos. "I tink it is the unive
in the business world it looms large for the film business has re
stability, initiative and doing what he  point this year, and tha
promises.                                will be a noticeable slu
Eleven years ago Mr. Spoor was en- think that will be the c
gaged in the news business at the North- onsuing year will be a
western Railway station, and retaining   ias ever been experienc
this interest, he launched with small picture business. Of c
capital, but firm faith in his own judg- may not be as large, tou
ment, a small film  business. Iis rea- much larger volume o
son for embarking upon this enterprise   and the ultimate result
is both interesting and notew'orthy, as it profitable season than I
evidences Mr. Spoor's judgment which     nessed. I gauge this fr
Ias proved such a potent factor in his situation. Erope, that
Germany. are two yeour
aI noticed." said Mr. Spoor. "that the  ica as far as the p0,
magazines that had   the widest sales
were Harper's, Leslie's, Munsey's, etc..
that gave pictures, and pictures only,
and that they were still on the top wave
of popularity after years of existence. I
mnade up my mind the that the people
warnted pictutres, arod if they desired
t1m in magazines, they would pay to
look at them when thorowsn on a screen.
I was alone in my opinion both rela-
lives and friends declaring that moving
pictures were but on evanescent fad. bot
so firm  was my faith in my observo-
tions that I determined to persist in thr
tundortaking desoite opposition. At that
time the film  business was in its in-
ception. the length of the film being less
and the cost of the film greater than it
is today. TVhlen we had a hundred, or ni
hundred and fifty foot film   in  those     /
days wse locked it up in the safe, and
were afraid to leave the building unro-
guarded. Now    soe have thousands of
feet of films. and in the storeroom  solo
stairs there is an armount in ois-ard-i
rolls that would have deprived mof 4
my brath ten years ago."
Operator with Each Machine.
The kinodrome is unique in m0n000  ir
ticulars, and stands alone in o.
ture-the   furnishing  of the  oporator
with the machine. When asked for th-
peculiar benefits to be gained from this
servica, Mr. Spoor said: "The advan-
tages of the service are myriad; it vas
inaugurated both for our protection and
the benefit of the theater manager. 'Ile
kinodrome is necessarily an intricat-
machine, and in the hands of an inex-
nerienced operator would be disappoint-
ig in results. besides working havo-
with the maelhine itself. In toe hands or
one of our meln, trained in our factory.   .
and uinderstanding every bit of the paorts
the kinodrome gives unequaled servioc.
Then, too. it relieves the management
of that much of the responsibility as
we furnish the film, noake the repairs.
and it but remains for the manager to
criticize the offering. Thie result is that
the danger is eliminated. better pi-
tures are thrown on the screen, and tho
manager and patron of the theater are
better pleased."
That the kinodrome service is condu-
cive to enjoyment and profit is denon-
strated by the fact that it has held forth
inthembestwestern housesforents, be-
ing found in the theaters controlled by
the Orpheuom circuit, Kohl & Castle, and     oe, of rto. lding
others. Offers of eastern business have  K. Spoor. the N inedro
been steadily rejected by Mr. Spoor,who  a pioneer in his field
does not care to open an eastern office, matters pertaining to
being steeped in work as it is in west- popular in social and-
ern territory, besides his other concerns.
The reason that both the east and the
west are anxious to secure kinodrome     concerned. They were
service lies in that fact that such care floor, and owing to the'
is manifested in the ianufactrure. The  their factories are  st
output of the factory when placed on     When there is an oppr
sale represents the labor of skilled work- the foreign situation, lo
men for a period of nine months. and is change in Americ'a a y
always contracted for long before the    the American pu5blic is
date of completion.                      am'sement in other fie
F Make Instant Hit.       eigners. So far there
Films Mlin                              in  the  popular
Beside the kinodrome, Mr. Spoor has abroad, and although I
mansoy other interests. the National Film  I think that beyond dot
Renting Company, the George K. Spoor see a great year in the
Company. ant a recently completed film
plasot. 'Orir first fino," said Mti. Spoor,      No Tome for Vs
"w'as plated ott the  market recently,    Mr. Spooristo  ounto
and was an instantaneous success. The fiv ye'ars of age. I to
negatives were splendid, the action good,  moving picture busne
arid the entire picture most realistic' and has nsver had or
When I think of the time when afifty'- sayd one two >-ears ag
foot imported film  was   cosidered  a  toed to spend thie wseek-
snarvel, and then consider that the first lout cit ronto his big
film manufactured hit our plant was over down, and he spent te
uo feet wi   a leth  d or silnlig to ne-  tih  repniring  the  0-l
lie that teIr Thig pictre indrst'y  E0ut drst-olorote  o
in Aerica   is rofkisg  r'apid sotries. sver. antd as e recat
The mrason that the initial offering of  ieer:  "the soon to
onr plant oas en   -eli r t ceived oos he-  thoils, mt I prefew r"
feeluse tof ththe took fit      eara-   il ceaen ottn tile  ot
vion. Instead of os-ing 000 pnadnt i  a tbltoro rp-,iTnt  i  o
foorrwo'eks. as' alloherl fiourt'monsthos, and  as-ith reeo loutorictohtg
theo resuilt asas noot io htalf-batked en-  into ouor fijc e.  It soa
-leavor. boil a full v--cqrrippcc  ln.  a  otemto'
pably moanaoged. Ilt' SamtOO  care enters  Bt Mr. Stonootdooest11e
Into each of otur furoms that is devoted  fcl"or'r; lot' Ionas a thn
to  hils  inoarofactoto  tof  ft,  binbou lto'.   l-lortor  thatt  ohcrooroso
kind toy oboservinog tis 1-tcat'orion  a' ''Ci~c tooe or fews -oai-s.-
feeI store thaot so- swill c-rjooy the far"ssiil sIep toot and lo't oot
vor of orat-ro, aondc ostoibhli) 0 sel~- blusiness. 'Ilo Ioursiroc'ss
Pioneer     Manufacturer        of Moving Picture          t oso n ornd th        iesdtP`
d    an  Authority      in    His    Field, Tells      of   theya re in the marketnfort e hestail
serv ice . The entire co(rner will beknoewn
under the name of Sans Souc-i, and is
dustry    and   Foresees     a Prosperous Future.           brilliantly illuminated.
Robert Lee Allen and Margaret Ralph
returned from  Lincoln, Neb., last week,
having closed abrief summer season wif
e gained by slip- 1 am riot here than when I am present.     theMiller Bros. stock company.
Whicl was a modest, but untruthful,
stat 'meoent  from  nn  unassuming  and
Ahead.            citnirnntly successful pioneer in the mov-  The Klein Optical Co., with office i
the tilnt-renting  ing picture business.                    Chicago and New York, have ready two
Mr. Spoor said:                                             very fine reels of films. They are: "Crok-
rsal opinion that                                           er's Horse Winning the Derby of 1907"
ached its highest        Kleine Optical Co.'s Films,         and "A Servant's Generosity."
t hereafter there                                                            * * *
mp, but I do not    The Kleine Optical Company, 52 State      The Selig Plyscope, 43 and 45 Peck
ase. I fancy the   street, Chicago, have ready the follow-   court, Chicago, have ready "The Matinee
greater year than  ing films that have met with success      Idol" and "The Bookworm."     They also
ed in the moving   throughout the country: "The Poacher's    announce that "The Onion Fiend" is in
ourse the profits  Daughter," sensational, 507 feet long; preparation and will be ready Shortly
tt there will be a  "Too Stout,"  comedy, 474   feet long;                   * *
f business done, "Looking for the Medal," comedy. 407         Albert Fuller has invaded exclusiv6
will be a more   feet long; "Croker's Horse Winning the    Hyde Park     erh a   n   v  excure
as yet been wit- Derby," 354 feet long; "Servant's Gen-    theater   Hewi recentlnew moding thatee
om the European    erosity." sensational. 780 feet Iong. New  at390-4 Cottg eGrea  renea   rht-
is. England and   ilos recetill o plaeod on tle imarket tre  lt  house  trove aventie an  ight
aoead of Arner-  'n st 1evn   i it Move,' cu.   dy.    l    the house is thronged. Severalshows
tt-r- irnduistry is  f  long, -Do" Aornht'" animal, 14     arc giver   each  evening and ew resi-
A'-t,,l~ttdents !in the vicinity have taken wrl to
the innovation.  Mr. Fouler announced
when Ite opened   the  theater that ie
would only produce pictures of the best
-lass and would cater to the people of
the vicinity. The theater is but half a
II-k from   Drexel and Oakwood boule-
Cecil Lean Explains Why He Quit the
La Salle Aggregation.
The Girl Qust on has already prov-d
-omplex one. The new play that Mort
Sioger will produce at the La Salle bard-
]-ox Aug. 19 has passed through a so-
i-s of wars and rumors of wars, but
tow seems to have reached a temporary
In the first place, two of the principals.
Mr. Lean    and   Miss  Holbrook (Mrs.
'-an), did not care for the parts that
were allotted to them    by  the urban
stag manager, so they declared their
intention of allowing The Girl Question
Istraggle on withiout them. When in-
I, stewrd. Ms. L.ean saild:
Itt all the La Salle prodicltions of the
past 'swo seasons Miss Holbrook and
tiyself had parts thst practically con-
I0"itted the star roles of the play. Nat-
urIlly. we expected that it The Girl
'ntostion we would find eqtoally conges-
iai characterizations, but when the man-
.oun-ript was submitted to is we decidel
that the parts were not as 'fat' as we
'xleted, and owing to the fact that t,
dIla v was late in delivery, our decision
woher announced   necessarily  appeared
ir'-tpitate. Yot hve Iy positive As-
surtto  tt noither Mrs. Letor nor my-
-Itf will appear in The Girl Ooestion
(000t plans as yet are not definite."
To fill tho  gap in the cast. Manager
Singer has engaged .Tunie 31eCree, of
C'   The Dope Fiend famo, to enn,-t the rol
S  C       originally allotted to  tr. Le-n. whilo
 Nena Blake, the girl with the whit-
horse, will be Misc Totlbrook's successor
Meoanwhile the roearsal of the othr
prineipals goes   mar-rily  ott. and th
choristers. with Nel W    oorn as cicer-
one, tare practicing all mannr of novel
,yra tions with which to ,soinod the L
Salle first -nigh ters.
GEORGE K.SPOOR.                    SykesPhoto,Chicago.   .T. J. Collins, of the \0-C t'-roo nVaude-
la4.ures ito ihe moving pisttrw' of Chicago is George                           itit,  departe-  -
m   t manufacturer. Although ot young mart, Mr. Spoor is    Iast week foor Geneva  1.. whr Ie Iopro-
and lie is g-nerally recognized as an authority on all sented t hill of unusual excellence t,
th,- mootion view industry. He is wealthy and is extremely   two enthusiastic udiences at tle Fos
business circes.                                            River Countrv Club. The bill included
Foster & Courthurno in a pleasingtom-
edy sketoi: the Trivoli Qotartstto in3
in ott the ground  feet; "Unlucky   Interference,"  comedy, repertoire of late sotg hits: the Kanf-
pre-eminence of 127 feet: "Prisoner's    Escape,"  sensa- tnan Sisters, a singing and dancing duo.
ill in  the lead. tional, 500  feet' "Dramoa    in  Spanish  Cowles Trio    novelty  gymn-tasts: Glen
eciable change in  Inn,"  sensational, 404 feet; "Drawing    Burt, the   funny   monologist: Esmer-
ok for thatisame   Teacher," comedy. 224    feet; "Getting  alda. in a tuneful xyloploone act, and
ear later, bec-ause  His Change," conedy. 320 feet.         De Camos' Dog.
quicker to seek                                                             * * *
ltds than the for-     "The Tenderfoot," Comedy Film.          General Manager J. AT. Nash, of th
has ben no de-                                             New   Majestic, tie $100,000 theater at
ity  of ricturT                                  131 West   Indianapolis, Ind., has announced tI
ma be mistaken.    The     Kalem         Ns  Yo I . s-  decision to devote the house to vaie-
bti next yecar will Twventy-fourth stroet. New  Yrk, an- vil       uigte Nash
filoo bssiess-'  osotoce tlsv loots- ready te long her-  s-ills dotting tloe comrinogoar Aro1
film business."   nnefilm.       ve Terderfoot' lo50 feet will not assume active contol otnotil Seol
acations.         long atd full of latgs.    "Tihe Tender-  tember 1, lavio t  Ed. Frihl, fomerl -
too01- .sot tt~~- foot'' is ato eastern young moaloo ihas  ass isttnt tmatoager of the it1,00 to s-
numa. Just thirty- fo"ianesrnougmnwo1 sporitln                         fthe Initial performlance. It i
Itis ibon in the  a desire to go west and grow uip wt ith       present  istetion ofoor   to
ss eleven years, the country. It.' has ato amobitiot to be-   te ndreset itektin  niaof ples durin
iti-at ioto-, IT(,c  -  rottoe a coas-rortocier aord is  aosy soonrk s-Pend ;I fews'weeks ito tod(ioltoiStttt
ocation. ~ ~    ~       ~      ~      on Hee-cm  cwuce  ndi  nes  ar  August to comnleote his arrangemlents fm
o, when ie plan- for the members of the ranoh.t     neaola  the opening.    Ite Aosrrti, is booked t,
end at Fox Lake    a pooker garte is started and the table,  the International MThenatpr company ol
-0t1mobile broke   are turned. TIe Tenderfoot tains all    the Tuolivan-osidintsrci          0
itter part of Ithe  the goiome and a girl ito te     rgai.
t inted tred     I s coolur es  conndRa telc,  00f Ta F h b tlah      * r     l    h
il-'oew'i.  and   lad rnouco. Otthor fins ready ore 'Heap  Tho    in   ieronred  orr i 2   ro onO
his  itation  T<on1  musmen  F~la  atte  Cornoyr o th a  fomel heJ  adane      e
kendto tt Intr-  Bath Iaju. ''lon                       m      the Orphseeono Los Angele  Onrsi
hlk sio n t vaen-  -L e  itha In Cooartm.''..T' Be t lof.'  trd Kltsoos Cityold rd satl ilt'is' pres
corfo tbtle  of-  'Cpltured  boy Red in  it ng  fte e cprsetatie  tof Ihe  Nor's fo  Rote'.
oailed wvork. thn  HoTbo hero ...' 'lt Pott y Express...' 'N ew  Cires. Ions assmed toe inat, ngtonont t
rIoitho d1-toc lHireth iton-'' ''BONos' Hotso' Cleaninog.'" tite SosIlis-ott &, Coorsiino 10000 o' tint11
-il odrippirig downsr  'Do.2 Stoirt.'' '' "Genotlemtan  Farnmer.'' Va. soticlias  foornmerIv Ion ioro Ps
s toon muchel for, 'Ras-awn  Slciorlobelle-"             Putrs-od-  Tite O1ymplia' o f Sooiot Be'to
* a *Irnd. otlt ho              Solisn-Cosilt  circil
th itoind to sortk  Proth ootool Rnti-lifse, oof Tatmpait Fla-., has boen cootitelo teoleo  I,,o se00100l
rroio  soifs artd  atounc0000' that tto0's Itivo  opoened tioeir  o-opotciis Isorensed oscr, 2000 0" sooo tei'-
1,ois  oott-ooitijor.  bo-oil  AtIti u ttto'eit  Il'a'e  at  thc  cornter  of  Iloaent's  formterly  itelod.  asold . it ]I(  S  t  --
be. ii It.titi I  'Tttpa ottoc Lofoovette streeto' a lootldintt  Insosetuss- It00 tbeeno aodded. Bo005 Scott
too's swann-0 tho  retolde, asith  a-arioots  depotroeroho  of  bon. tloe old sraagaer, still '0tI remOO
rusoslohras-len  poleaosure. Emodied ito it is one of the  ito c'har'ge of the theater's for0001000q

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